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Bizarre morning occurrence

March 9, 2015

So I’m not a morning person and suffer way too often with bouts of insomnia.  Since the start of the full moon, I haven’t been sleeping well.  Throw in the fucking time change and I’m hosed.   Stumbled around this morning getting my son ready for school then went back to bed.  After my husband took the child to school, he joined me ’cause the lucky stiff doesn’t have to press a time clock.

Any way about 10:20, I found myself suddenly sitting up right.  I’m bewildered, my husband is bewildered.  He asks me if I’m OK.  I slowly tell him that I gotta get woke up so that I can get ready for work.  I then ask him if coffee is ready.  He says no but I can go make it.  So he gets up.

I go down to the bathroom and I’m sitting on the toilet, wondering why I’m up when I don’t really have to start getting ready for work until 11 at the earliest and why it was such a panic.  I then find a memory from early last week playing in my head…shit.  I have to go into work an hour early today and tomorrow.  I hadn’t remembered this all weekend or even towards the end of the week. I had completely forgotten about it.

Make of it what you will but I think my guides were looking at for me this morning.  Blessing and honor to them.

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