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Daily Happenings: 2/1 – 2/7

February 7, 2015

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Been trying to greet my main shrines twice a day when home but usually only get it done in the evenings…been getting a bit better at it but still not completely steady… and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion. 

2/1:  Today I’ve been with my husband for 25 years…not that he has bothered to acknowledge the fact.  He left at dark-thirty to help his dad build something for his grandfather in Wyoming.  Trying not to be upset about it…maybe they will be back before its too late.  They didn’t save me any coffee this morning, luckily my heartsister offered me coffee and breakfast.  Hung around the house until noon when a friend came and picked up her PC.  Then had lunch and ran some errands (unsuccessfully).  Came back to the house to read.  Got a text that grandfather face planted and had to go to the ER.  He has a broken nose and some stitches.  Vaguely watching the superbowl while I finish my book.  Leftovers for dinner.  They left WY about 6:45.  I might see Hubby for an hour before I go to bed.  Granted the lateness isn’t his fault…but I still feel…sad.  And his “Oh by the way, Happy Anniversary” in a very off hand manner, just made me I feel so special and loved.

2/2:  Got up this morning, got ready, loaded up the dog and left for home.  People from states that do not typically get snow should have to have a designated driver before entering the mountain corridor.   Work.  Lunch. Work.  Home to…no dinner.  They had a late lunch so didn’t make dinner.  Since at least 3 of my meals over the last 24 hours have been leftovers I was rather looking forward to a real meal…least they could have done was picked me up something…  Internet issues.  Listened to the 2 Cellos CD…a lot of it seems too frenetic.  I like rock music done on a cello but not the frenetic sounds that these gentlemen do on the faster paced songs.  Did ask Hubby if he had even planned something for yesterday and pointed out that his rather casual statement about it felt like it  he was saying it out of duty and not feeling.  He apologized saying that wasn’t how he meant it.  I left it at that.

2/3:  Hard to get up this morning…spent a good part of the wee morning hours caught in a dream that varied between work and like I was in an episode of “The Librarians”.  Rather strange.  Boychild to school.  Doing some general cleanup around the house.  Laundry.  Started new book “Letters to Juliet”. Internet checkup/upgrade by a tech. No check.  Work. Hubby fixed the fan on my video card!  No more noise!  I think he may have finally got tired listening to it.  No check for Hubby because the accounting office decided they didn’t want to cut the check last week…so we get to wait another week before he gets paid as they only cut checks on Thursdays.  Stress made finding dinner difficult, having a child made it necessary.  Left over soup with some game meat added to it.  Full moon.  Colored a lotus mandala as an offering.  Tired and stressed.  Not sure if the pain in my jaw is something serious or from clenching my teeth to keep from screaming in frustration.  Could be either or both.

2/4:  didn’t sleep well.  Woke up at dark thirty (dreaming about OSO…can’t decide if I’m glad or not that I didn’t get to finish THAT dream) and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Woke again at 6:30…alarm goes off after 7.  Pffft.  Forced myself to do a short cardio workout.  Winded and some chest pains…hopefully just from being winded.  Will need to do a lot more of those as I obviously need them a lot. But not today I think.  Check book.  Laundry.  Read. Snowy weather.  Not cold yet but rather icky.  Work.  Home to fried chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and cream gravy.

2/5:  hardly slept last night.  When Hubby came back from dropping off the boychild, he drug me back to bed.  Read.  No motivation but I’ve GOT to make it to the grocery store.  Laundry.  Grocery store.  Library.  Boychild who is overly tired from his ski lessons…  Craft night.  Watched Centurion.  Not bad, but not great.  Too gory.  Storyline could use some “fleshing out”.

2/6:  Another crappy night of sleep and to top it off I think I may not feel well.  I’m so tired I can’t tell.  Blog written for FTO.  Laid down but there was no stilling my mind.  Read.  Sadden by the find near CMC.  Picked up boychild.  Watched some Agents of Shield with him.  After dinner, I’m wide awake…the troubles of being a night owl.  So worked on some crafts in hopes of tiring myself out.

2/7:  Slept better.  Made the boychild some fancy pancakes…I couldn’t even finish mine…chocolate chips, oatmeal, wheat flour, yogurt…rich, sweet and very filling.  To think the child tried to talk me into putting syrup on them…  More craft work.  Check came in the mail finally…so at the very least bills will be paid on time this month.  Bought overdue Christmas and birthday gifts.  Packaged and ready to mail.  Hubby spent the time, while the day was warm, trying to remove the ice build up in my parking spot. Helped the boychild make bookmarks for his valentines.  Prayer sheet for Hestia up at Oaken Scrolls.

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  1. February 7, 2015 9:21 PM

    My friend, from the things you described you seem to be going into a depression. Something ain’t right here. So, sit down and do a Fortune Telling session.

    Something feels weird to me. Maybe I’m just splitting hairs. But idk. Or better yet dont do it for yourself, have a friend you trust do it. Pero Ahora no. Take a month or two first. Just trust me on this.


    • February 7, 2015 9:40 PM

      Hmmm there maybe some depression in there…our long term financial issues definitely have me panicked but February is always one of my worst months. By February, I so tired of the seemingly endless snow and cold. Getting only a couple hours of sleep a night doesn’t help. Neither does Mercury in retrograde.

      The last reading I did was at the dark moon. I was warned that it was gonna be rough, to go with the flow, to live in the moment…eventually things are supposed to work their way out.



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