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Daily Happenings: 1/18 – 1/24

January 24, 2015

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Been trying to greet my main shrines twice a day when home but usually only get it done in the evenings…been getting a bit better at it but still not completely steady… and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.

1/18:  boychild is a PITA in the morning.  Hubby to work.  We ran errands, had lunch and did some clean up around the house.  Boychild is outside enjoying the warmer weather.  Loaded up.  Picked up fondue pot.  Swung by my parents’ to say goodbye.  Drove home.  Unloaded truck.  Cut up pork.  Made dinner.  Boychild to bed.  Nailed down our Pampered Chef wishlist (this did include some long distance arm twisting).

1/19:  got to sleep in and I slept pretty well.  Bit of a tiff with Hubby this morning…I tried to make some suggestions to help stimulate his business.  He was not happy with me…my intention wasn’t to upset him, but to poke him into making some changes.  He says I’m nagging, I say that we need to make some sort of changes as this barely scraping by is getting old and beyond stressful. It is a constant struggle that hasn’t gotten better over the last year and a half.  I can’t take on more hours at work so…   I swear my child tells me “no” more now than he did as a toddler…with worse results.  Read the Griffin & Sabine trilogy.  Rather odd.  Watched The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe with the boychild.  Couldn’t decided/agree on dinner, ended up ordering pizza just to have something on the table before boychild’s bed time.  Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow…and I’m having to bite my tongue or walk away to keep from starting a fight with Hubby.  I need to hibernate until this is gone…cause realistically, how long am I going to be able to keep my mouth shut.  You can stop laughing now. Then there is the boychild’s mouth…it is gonna be rough.  Read some.  Watched a couple of episodes of “The Librarians”.  Downloaded a new email app.

1/20:  very little sleep last night.  Participating in the latest polytheist penpal craze.  Read.  Laundry started. Search for birthday party ideas.  Work.  Read part of a chapter to the boychild.  Lit a candle for the Ancestors and their Caretakers.  Dark moon reading.

1/21:  Not enough sleep.  Spent part of the morning hunting for birthday party ideas.  Not really coming up with much. Laundry.  Connected with a fellow Zeus devotee.  Meditation.  Read a little.  Unsuccessful grocery store trip.  Picked up boychild, had a (finances caused) meltdown then got him through his homework.  But no time for Noumenia.  Work.  Too tired to do the noumenia…will do it tomorrow morning once Hubby leaves for work.  Started reading the BA devotional on Hermes and was reminded of the fact that he also deals out sleep and dreams…will include a special prayer to Hermes tonight.

1/22:  Slept better last night, not perfect but better, thanks Hermes.  Noumenia, offerings:  prayers, water, incense and candle; omens were very good.  I feel pretty good about it.  Found another magpie feather in my altar drawer, one I had forgotten about…wonder how long that spirit animal has been trying to get my attention…It is odd mostly because they don’t live at this high of elevation.  Enjoyed homemade warm bread, butter and cinnamon sugar.  Don’t look at me, Hubby is the baker. Read. Laundry.  Grocery store.  Boychild. Work.  Craft night.  Trivia Crack has me in its clutches…the fault of the ladies at craft night.  Finished the book on Newton.

1/23:  slept ok…but didn’t resist the temptation to crawl back into bed when Hubby suggested it.  Last Wednesday during a very boring day at work, I ran across a book on Egyptian myths and beliefs.  So I flipped through it and then did some bibliomancy…”what do I need to know”.  I ended up on a page that talked about offerings which lead to a page about permanent representations of offerings.  I took the book home.  Skimmed it and looked through the pictures.  Altars were carved with offerings on it so that the gods would always have offerings.  A bit of sympathetic magic I would think.  I’ve been trying to find ways to decorate Isis’ shrine/altar.  While I can’t carve the bookcase it is on, I can stitch/craft representations of gifts, wishes and what not to leave/decorate her shrine.  This gives me some interesting ideas to mull over.  Boychild.  Housework (and arguments).  Tried roasted cauliflower for dinner.  Was surprisingly good.  Spent the evening designing the start of the altar cloth, a tree of seasons.  No return emails…did I really piss people off this early in the “get to know you” process?

1/24:  Got up earlier than I wanted to ’cause I was sure that our guests would be here early…they ended up sleeping in too so got caught in traffic.  Once they got here we ate and chatted.  I don’t think we did anything else until after the boychild went to bed.  Then we played Cards Against Humanity…by the end it was decided that we all were going to hell.  Had a great time was sorry to see it end.  Really need to get some of those cards…and expansion packs…or make up our own…or something.

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