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At the table

January 21, 2015

Contrary to what some believe, I do not always like to share my experiences.  Often I do so due to some emputis other than my own.  Sometimes it is because in writing it down, I find some more understanding of what had occurred.  Sometimes it is because others need to hear the message.  Today’s meditation may be a little of both.  I decided to meditate after advising someone else to do so…I “heard” that I needed to take my own advice.

I find myself at one end of a U shaped table.  The table is filled with who I some how recognize as divine personages chatting as they enjoy a meal. I’m given the impression that it is a Noumenia meal. At the bottom of the U, I see Zeus, dark long curly hair with a dark beard wearing an indigo colored tunic.  I feel like a child who was suddenly allowed to sit at the adult table during a holiday meal.  Part of me is trying to listen to the conversations around me and part of me is kicking myself as I have not yet done my noumenia ritual.

“Daughter, why are you not eating?”

Suddenly all the chatter stops and everyone is looking at me.  I stutter “I was trying to listen to the others and…”

“Come sit with me.”  A place was then made for me next to my spiritual father, who proceeded to fill my plate with tidbits and encouraged me to eat for “you are partially responsible for the meal, so you should enjoy it”. Which confused me as I had done nothing but was given an impression of…energy transfer, due to my thoughts, intentions and something else which didn’t stick.

After a time, I recover my composure enough to look up from my plate to find the goddess on the other side of me smiling down.  My lady mother Isis.  I blushed and stammered a greeting again mentally kicking myself.  Who else would be at this table, sitting next to my father if not her?  This time her skin was fair, her long hair brunette rather than black, tumbling over her back  and shoulders in large curls.  She wore a white dress with an elaborate Egyptian style collar and a small circlet to hold back her curls from her face.  She chuckled at me.

Then Zeus asked me a question, which I felt more than heard, understanding that he wanted me to discuss what is on my mind.  I hesitated as I suddenly noticed the silence and realized we three were alone.  So I told them, my worries, my fears, my wishes, my wants…touching on a variety of physical, financial and spiritual topics.  When I wound down, I was enveloped in a hug by Zeus and then Isis joined on the other side…until I was compressed between them and their love…popping right out of the meditation and back into real time.

I came out feeling at first amazed and then kicking myself for not asking them all the questions that I had when I had the chance.  Feeling rather self-center, I carried out the self-care instruction that felt like was in place before continuing on with my day.

I still haven’t done that Noumenia ritual…hoping to have my son join me since he crowed about yesterday being Noumenia.

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