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Daily Happenings: 12/7 – 12/13

December 14, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Been trying to greet my main shrines twice a day when home but usually only get it done in the evenings…stress has taken a toll and if I can’t approach the shrines with a grateful heart, I don’t want to approach at all… and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.

12/7:  woke up, threw our stuff in the truck and went to my parents’.  Had breakfast, helped decorate their tree.  Dad gave me a pretty (lab created) emerald pendant on a silver chain.  Very pretty.  Very surprising.   Boychild talked me into staying until Broncos’ half time.  I now remember why I don’t like to do this…the last leg home, one can’t hear the radio announcers on the am station because major power lines are too close to the highway (causes squealing).  Boychild was pretty well behaved all weekend.  Walk in the door and he puts on a bad attitude that caused problems for the rest of the evening.  Hubby gets home, we talk/argue before I give up and go to bed.

12/8:  Boychild to school.  Motivation low…didn’t do much.  Ran over to put drops in the boychild’s eyes.  Work.  Home, eat, help with homework, Hubby late, making me late to work.  Work.  Home to dinner and a very talkative Hubby.  More talking/arguing…not sure if we are talking past each other or what…it started with discussion about this weekend and went down hill from there. A little more work on my sister’s gift.

12/9:  Boychild to school.  NO motivation again but I got shit to do…laundry started, a little bit of stitching, not going to get holiday cards done…can’t spare the money for stamps even if I found the time and oomph to get ’em made. A skirt I had ripped right below the zipper (thanks hips) is now repaired, minus zipper, plus elastic waist band.  Don’t judge…that was hard enough.  AddingAt least I have something sort of dressy to wear to a holiday party now.  Work.   (Don’t tell Hubby but I brought home some more books for the to-be-read-bookcase…I can’t help it.  They were lonely.). Trying something different on the boychild as his eyes don’t seem to be getting better.  He said while it stings within 30 minutes they immediately started feeling better which he never said with the other drops. Smothered baked potatoes for dinner.  Stitching.  Sister’s gift done…now if someone would pay their invoice so that I can buy her kids something and mail it all off…

12/10:  Boychild cut his hair at some point, not sure when but I had to fix it…looks better than it did but still silly, Star Trek silly. He’s lucky I didn’t take pictures.  Having a morning full of doubts…doubtful I doing well enough by anyone in my life…my child, my husband, my friends, my family.  Lack of money is making me panicky…bills start being due as of today, gifts still to buy, I need groceries and PANIC!  So little money on hand…how do I decide where to put the money first?!  We all need to see doctors/dentists for one reason or another.  And…I just feel overwhelmed and I don’t want to bother anyone else with it as they’ve got their own problems…  Putting in a couple extra hours at work for coworker.  Picked up boychild…who got teased ’cause of his haircut at school…serves him right…Hubby took him to the barber while I got ready to go back to work.  Home to spend more time on my feet cutting and packaging the deer.  Glad to have the meat but really don’t like the processing part.  Squeamish…and game meat kind of stinks.  Everything done except the ground meat.  Tomorrow night the antelope.

12/11:  So much to do today…so of course I didn’t sleep a wink.  After boychild went to school and coffee, I spent way too much time puzzling out the best template for a craft I want to do, but I got it done.  Laundry finished and mostly put away.  Presents boxed and waiting to be wrapped or shipped. I may not wear that skirt this weekend.  I find myself reluctant to “go there”.  Gift basket planned for party.  Cake baked for a friend.  Chili going on the stove.  Boychild picked up and tested our patience to the utmost… Craft night, taking the cake as a birthday gift…not as chocolatey as I would have liked but it was a nice recipe I decided to try. Help Hubby with the antelope, burger meat and sausage meat.  Another late night…hope I sleep.

12/12:  boychild was in not so fine form this morning…I became a raving lunatic despite my efforts not to do so.  A strong willed, mouthy child is really not a good combination when mixed with a tired, blue and stressed out mother.  Really I want to cry, go to bed and not come out…like ever.  Instead I need to finish projects around the house and pack.  I should stay home this weekend while Hubby goes to Denver but if I do…I’m not sure I could pull myself out of this funk.  There will at least be distractions in Denver.  Someone called looking for money…sorry don’t have any to send you…threatening collections.  One of the things that happened this morning is the boychild fished a very ugly peacock out of the trash that I had thrown out yesterday, pitching a fit.  It was the final straw for me, I snapped and very childishly mangled it before throwing it away again.  Fuel to the fire. Sigh.  Bad mommy.  So after I settled back down, I fished it back out, took it apart and and redid the tail and a few other parts.  It is still ugly but looks better than it did.  Two buttons sewed back on to shirt for tomorrow night.  We will be going casual so the skirt I fixed will go back into the closet.  It is another option at least. Packed…hopefully didn’t forget anything and balanced the check book.  Paid a bill.  Still no check in the mail.  House prepped for the weekend.  Recipes picked out for party.  No idea what I’m forgetting to do…  Picked up boychild…who has homework ’cause he didn’t get his packet done at school.  Hubby got a some money so we our mortgage won’t be late and I can actually get him more than one gift for Solstice!  Drove down while listening to “Life of Pi”…very boring book.  Inlaws were only expecting Hubby, so boychild ate with them and we had dinner together…was very nice.

12/13:  Took the boychild to see Santa, helped him with some of his homework then took him to buy stocking stuffers for tonight.  Dropped him off then went to Cabela’s where I proceeded to cuss out my husband…boring or expensive wishlist.  Didn’t get him anything that I think is nifty but I think he will like it.  Got one more gift for the boychild which he will be over the moon about.  Got ready for the party then waited for Hubby to get home.  Had a good time at the party.  I ended up with a nerf bow set so that I can shoot the boychild.  😉 Niftiest part was lighting flying lanterns.  Boychild’s lantern didn’t go very far (over the wall and onto the side of a highway) and he was rather disappointed.  Found out later that he was wishing good things for a veteran.  Hubby told him it probably didn’t go far because there was a veteran passing by at that moment so it didn’t need to go far.  He didn’t get to bed until after 11:30…latest he’s been up in a long time.

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