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Sharing my Facebook post (with additions)

December 9, 2014

I started to place this as a response to someone else’s post but decided to do it on my own status instead. These are the only things I will say about this or any of this horrible mess of late…and I will not be pulled into a debate, heated or otherwise

…as the mother of a child (who had to have been a warrior in another life because his fascination with guns started showing up at about 6 months old) never buy a toy or allow anyone else to give him a toy that looks like a real gun. Period. Teach the child that upon seeing a police officer you place toy gun on the ground and step away.  (even that isn’t safe ’cause now assholes are making toy guns into actual guns)

As a female I’ve received flack from men. As a blond, I’ve received a bunch of crap from those that are not. Is that discrimination? I don’t know. Does it compare with what non-white ethnicities deal with? I don’t know but it doesn’t make it any less painful. And there is the key, you can’t not know what another person has lived through. Be courteous of all you interact with is the only solution. That doesn’t mean you approve of them or their actions.

There are good police officers and bad. I know quite a few cops and have ridden along when I was younger. Some cops hate blacks, some hate hispanics, some hate whites, some hate those from the “orient”, some hate those from the middle east, some hate everyone equally and some just hate those with an attitude. A better process is needed to weed out the bad but I have no idea how you would do so…especially with the crap they deal with day in and day out is enough to push some over the edge. Treat others with courtesy, especially if they carry a gun and have the law given authority to use it. If a police officer tells you to do something, do it, document it and complain at a time and place that is more effective and empowering than on the street. There the officer is the authority and whose word will be taken over yours simply because those in law enforcement are jaded because of all the crap they deal with on a daily basis. Is it fair? Probably not but that officer has established himself within the parameters of his job and you are an unknown to him and to his superiors. Cops are humans, not unbiased machines, with their own foibles. Enough complaints turned in about a police officer and something is done about it.  Sometimes in order to change the system you have to work with(in) it.

There is a difference between protesting and rioting. Rioting paints the participants in the broad brush that they are protesting against.  If you dress like the criminal element, act like the criminal element or hang around the criminal element, you are going to be treated like the criminal element. It is a matter of split second assessment that is the training one receives either through life experiences or in the case of cops, actual training.

Just my opinion, take it or leave it.

Other food for thought:  Today I stopped caring

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