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Daily Happenings: 11/23 – 11/29

November 29, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Been trying to greet my main shrines twice a day when home but usually only get it done in the evenings and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.


11/23:  Didn’t sleep much last night…maybe 2 hours?  Hubby made chorizo and bean burritos for brunch than ran to the grocery store to get the missing ingredients for lasagna.  We prepped the ingredients before the Bronco game.  Assembled during half time, then started cooking after the game.  The extra screaming I did was not kind on my continually grumpy throat…but hey we won! Boychild chose what he wanted to make for grandparents and Dad for Yule.  Boychild and I also did a noumenia ritual before the game and smudged the house with incense to hopefully bring in better things for us all.  I find myself constantly wondering if we are doing enough for our child.  So many other parents have their kids involved in extra activities and we don’t.  Partially due to money.  Partially due to schedule issues.  Mostly because I’m not sure he can handle it.  He gives us so much attitude in the afternoons that I really don’t want to have someone else to deal with that…but I wonder what he may be missing out upon.  We didn’t go any where and didn’t really do anything today…not even play in the snow…should we have done something extra?  Played a game?  Built a snowman?  Or is the quiet Sunday (ok not so quiet with us yelling at the Bronco players or refs or us arguing with the boychild about his chores) a good thing?  I don’t know.  I see conflicting things that say “computer games are good” or “children don’t get enough unstructured time” or “children need to be involved in more xyz”.  How do you know what is right?  Is something we have or haven’t done ‘causing his issues or is it as I’m told that he’s just a typical 7 yr old boy?  I don’t know and I wish I did.  So much I should be doing, me and my continual minor sore throat…screw it, I’m going to go veg in front of the tv before I haul my butt to bed.

11/24:  in case you were wondering, I’m tired of snow…today I’d like to hibernate at home instead of being a productive member of society…Boychild was adequate yesterday and today we had a really good morning.  I hope this is a continuing trend.  Slept…ok last night.  Ended up putting on the sleep mask about 1am(?) which manged to shut down the brain gerbil so that I could sleep.  I really need to keep a list of things that I can do to sleep when I’m too tired to think.  A little more sewing this morning.  Some stitching.  Some graphic design.  Work…boychild misbehaviour.  Lunch.  Work.  Home.  Found out some sad news today, hoping everything turns out for the best.  Neighbor kindly used his snow blower on my parking spot today.  Read the Grand Jury testimony of the police officer in Ferguson.  Honestly given the tensions in the area, the unwillingness of the suspect to not only move to the sidewalk but to actually reach in and hit him, the size of the suspect, I can’t say I blame the cop for shooting him.  Anyone who reaches in a vehicle to hit a cop should expect to get shot.  Refusing to lay down even after getting shot and continue to move towards the cop after physically hitting the same cop is only going to get you shot more. I need to read more witness testimony but it sounds like they didn’t agree, not even remotely and in an area like that, reliable witnesses are rare as they are more than willing to paint law enforcement in a negative fashion.  The whole situation sucks.  Are there issues between cops and gang areas?  Yes.  Can they get out of control?  Yep on both sides.  But I don’t think the answer is rioting, burning or more violence.  I don’t think that solves or helps anything…MLK would agree.

11/25:  Miss the days where I slept through the night…every night, without fail.  Found a tutorial for quilted-looking ornaments but don’t have the necessary supplies.  Woe is me.  A little more graphic design work.  Candle prayer.  Started work on yearly calendar.  Long boring day at work.  Weather still sucks.  Steak and sauteed brussel sprouts for dinner.  Finished calendar and was able to order 6 of them for 60% off.   DWTS.

11/26:  Didn’t sleep great but at least we got to sleep in ’cause boychild has no school.  Laundry started.  Bread broke up and drying for stuffing.  Mom and Dad are on their way to see my sister.  My sister is at a funeral for her ex’s mother.  I’m fretting about money and gifts and…  I’m tired, weary, stressed and close to tears.  I need to get on macapause to try it out but don’t have the $35/box to spare right now.  I so hope that it will regulate my emotions a bit better.  My biggest fear is not being able to get the things that the boychild needs or even wants.  Can’t think of a single toy that we could make that he’d honestly play with…legos and action figures are his focus, along with books.  Books I’ve got covered.  Clothes he needs and toys, not so much.  Then there is Hubby.  My hardworking Hubby would be completely fine about not getting anything but that would make me feel like the worst wife in the world…after almost 25 years together there is nothing I can make that I haven’t already made him…  Pie crust made and chilling.  Laundry started.  Stitched a little.  Watched “How to train your dragon 2” which we enjoyed.  Work.  Dinner.  Assemble and bake pecan pie while Hubby dries the bread I broke up for stuffing and fiddles with the turkey.

11/27:  Another rough night of sleep.  Got woke up by my son, who I yelled at and then when I couldn’t go back to sleep, found a thanksgiving note/drawing from him.  Nice gesture, bad timing.  Got up and started work on the turkey.  Stuffing made, turkey stuffed and popped into the oven.  Today Hubby is doing most of the work.  I’m tired with no motivation.  I got the veggie tray ready for munching.  Laundry.  Turkey only took us about 4 hours…we were expecting about 5 or so.  Hubby took care of the garlic-mashed potatoes once I got them cut up, made the cranberries and browned the rolls.  I made the gravy.  Boychild insisted on using the china, so he helped me set the table.  Everything was delicious.  Hubby out did himself, the turkey was fantastic.  I’m not a fan of turkey skin but I had a hard time limiting myself.  Pie.  Game of Sorry with the family.  Iron on patches on the boychild’s pants.  Turning one of his favorite shirts that he has out grown into a pillow for Yule.  Sorted freebie books into a pile for boychild and a pile for his young cousin.

11/28:  Slept in.  Hubby to work.  Laundry.  Boychild worked on his dad’s gift while I worked on holiday card prep.  Sorted give away piles into:  get ride of, try to sell and possible craft usage.  Watched Hercules with Dwayne Johnson.  We enjoyed it.  As a writer, I often write about plausible tales where one can see how the myth may have derived.  It doesn’t lessen the myth and vastly helps my logical side come to terms with the myth.  I see this movie the same way.  My son enjoyed it and even Hubby wandered in to watch the last third of it (he rarely does that!).  This gives my son a hero (who became a god) to emulate (never a bad thing) and someone to call upon in the desire to improve himself.  I will foster this for I think my son will need a divinity like this in his life.  Leftovers from dinner yesterday.  Boychild misbehavior equals early bed for said child.  Wrote a review of the movie as requested by the editor of an ezine.  Weeded through a spiral book of spells/prayers some have some interesting potential.  Others are either asking for trouble  of one kind or another…these were tossed in the recycling bin.

11/29:  Slept in. Sold a couple items.  Late breakfast.  Went and cut our own solstice tree.  Stupid newbie mistakes…no real good plans for how to get it out of there once we got it cut down.  A sled or two would have helped slide it around greatly…or so we theorize. I’ve never worked so hard for a tree…starting to understand why Grandma’s tree always looked so wimpy and sparse.  If I’m lucky, I won’t get a migraine out of it…and the boychild was a PITA.  Not the fun time with him that we were expecting.  Tree is in place and…well between you and me it looks like a large fluffy green tumbleweed.  We are going to let it rest overnight then see what trimming we can do to give it a more traditional shape…but it probably won’t change much…but hey, $10 for a tree is better than none at all which was the other possibility…’cause our usual $40-70 from a tree lot wasn’t happening this year.  Hubby left to go help a friend.  Boychild fits.  Late dinner.  Cruising pinterest.  Stitching…got to get the co-worker’s ornament finished before Friday.  Not the best thing to be doing with irritated neck muscles but what the hell.

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