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Daily Happenings: 11/16 – 11/22

November 22, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main shrines twice a day when home and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.

11/16:  Rough, rough, rough day.  Woke up with a swollen eye.  Ran to Walgreens to get something for it but the pharmacy wasn’t open for suggestions.  Back to the inlaws and posted on Facebook.  Got told that it looks like an allergic reaction and told to put warm compresses on it.  That took the swelling down.  Boychild had been allowed electronics before he finished his homework.  Bad idea.  When I go to sit him down to finish his homework he starts pitching a fit which continued when I made him fix the many errors that I found.  By this time I’ve become a screeching banshee (which continued off and on throughout the day).  He wouldn’t cooperate and I missed the first half of the Bronco game.  Loaded up the truck and boychild. Stopped at Walgreens (where they told me cold compresses and regular eye drops) and went to my parents’ house.  Dad gave me a sinus rinse kit, a fancy felt heart ornament that had come in the mail and a similar paper one he had cut out while messing around. Waited around until 3, gave up on Hubby and headed for home while listening to Prince Caspian.  Got home about the time the sun was setting.  Unloaded then went to the grocery store.   Something finally clicked as he behaved at the grocery store and through dinner (where he asked about sex and by the time I finished with the age appropriated discussion which included condoms, he declared the whole thing gross and sickening).  Made cranberry applesauce with the mushy apples I’ve had sitting around.   Boychild pitched another fit ’cause he wasted too much time in the shower and couldn’t get a story. Hubby home after 9pm.  Eye still a little puffy.  Aches a little too (especially by the temple) from the skin being stretched I’m guessing.  The eye itself hasn’t bothered me.  Will take some benadryl before bed.  Hubby thinks I’m being a bit ridiculous.  I’m protective of my eyes, it comes from wearing glasses and then contacts for so many years.  This has never happened before and on the heels of my sinus infection, worrisome.  Not sure why the day was so overwhelming for me so I’ll blame it on hormones.

11/17:  Rough night for the boychild.  Woke me up from a dead sleep complaining of a bad headache, got him ibuprofen but it took me well over an hour to get back to sleep.  Unpacked a bit.  Worked on updating my Thankfulness blog.  That blog was an experiment for me, trying to give me a more positive and thankful mindset.  Not sure it has done anything other than add one more thing to my to do list.  I’ll finish out the year but doubt I will continue it beyond that.  Trying to get back to greeting the altars twice a day.  Trying to find a madonna statue that reminds me of Isis.  Looked at Hobby Lobby over the weekend with my mom but nothing that worked without having to buy a whole nativity scene.  Mom suggested a Christian store to me…which amused me to no end for some reason.  Work where I developed pre-migraine cursors…managed to not get a migraine but had a doozy of a headache from about 2-6. Boychild liked the applesauce but said it tasted better warm. Splurged tonight on sweet potato brownie in a mug.

11/18:  Woke early, to find that the boychild did too, so I got up to explain his homework to him as last night he wouldn’t listen ‘causing no end of arguments with his father.  I have to say that the Common Core method of teaching math seems to make things more complicated than necessary and it so poorly worded that people with a BS have to scour the internet to figure what in the hell they want, so that we can find away to explain it to the boychild.  After breakfast he started mouthing off so he got his consequences along with no snacks for the school day since it was snacks I was trying to discuss with him.  Checkbook.  Ibotta.  Laundry.  BA BoD meeting minutes posted.  Work…which went fine until a comment from a certain person blew a good day for me.  I try not to let it bother me but I work hard and hate it when called to task by someone how isn’t even my boss.  I sooo want to lash out.  Dinner with a side of child temper tantrum.  Talked with heartsister via phone…need to call her more often ’cause it is enjoyable to talk her ear off.  Spent the rest of the evening looking for gift ideas.

11/19:  Two lies from the child before I’d even have coffee.  Sheesh.  More gift idea searching.  I got plans for one person and for the miscellaneous gifts.  Laundry.  Chore Box for the boychild.  First time in a long time, I exercised.  Watched the second Sherlock Holmes movie (with Robert Downey Jr.) which was good.  Picked up boychild who, among other things, couldn’t find his math homework…then had to take him over to the playground where he left his hat.  Got home to Hubby, rushing the child out the door to another job.  Work.  Came home to the boychild trying to get homework done ’cause things at the job site ran REALLY late.  Not happy about that but what can I say…other than kicking Hubby out of bed in the morning to deal with a child who went to bed late.  Starting to panic.  I can’t find any gift ideas for anyone that I like.  I don’t know what I’m going to do.

11/20:  Average morning, did get the spelling homework done.  I’ve gone back to greeting the shrines twice a day.  Hot flashes made sleeping rough and both eyes were goopy this morning.  I have no idea what is going on with them.  The 2 parts of the only gift I’ve thought of is made…need Hubby’s help with the 3rd part.  Using fabric scraps for two gifts.  I’m tentatively assigning them to two people…unless something better occurs to me.  Picked up boychild from library program.  Took him back to the house to get his math homework done and when Hubby got home we went to his school’s art show.  After that I went to craft night where I finished the hand sewing part of one of the gifts.  Came home to find dinner just getting put on the table.  Sore throat again.  It is mild but I’m rather tired of it.  Used the sinus rinse kit that Dad gave me.  Wasn’t too bad…definitely easier than the other method I tried.  Paid some bills.  Stitched a little before bed.

11/21:  Another not so good night of sleep.  I mean I slept but I woke up still tired.  Sinuses maybe effecting my eyes, don’t know.  Doing what I can.  Hubby’s blood pressure meds maybe off or maybe it is simply our inability to stay financially stable, I don’t know.  I mean it isn’t like we spend money frivolously.  His sleep cycle is fucked to boot.  Paid the remainder of the bills for the month.  Have money for groceries but not much beyond that.  Spent the morning trying to find crafty gift ideas for the boychild, Hubby and grandparents.  Not finding much.  Stressed, panic and fighting tears.  Holidays are food, good times and giving gifts…and I’m doubting my ability to do the latter two and still make our bills.  Trying not to think about it and “keep moving forward” but I’d rather climb into bed and hide under the covers until oh March or so.  Grocery shopping…which does NOT help the stress level.  Local store closing…went to see if they had any deals.  Not yet.  Picked up boychild, had to play “where’s your stuff” followed by “let’s throw a fit”.  Volunteering for an hour at the school’s fundraiser at the local craft fair. Boychild kept asking me to buy stuff and I had to keep telling him no…even after I repeatedly explained I didn’t have any money to spend on anything but gifts and not much for that either.  More items added to the chore box because room wasn’t clean for bedtime…which caused fits to the point that we just walked out and turned out the light. Can’t remember if I greeted the altars this morning or not.  Cleaned off the main shrines and the altar.  Dark moon ritual to ask Hekate to clear the spirit of negativity residing with our home.  Offering of beeswax candle.  Then house and Hubby’s van smudge with rosemary…remainder left outside to finish burning as Hubby complained of the smell.  🙂  Stitched one length of floss before bed.

11/22:  Slept in.  Hubby to work.  Trying hard to stay level-headed but the child is making oh so hard.  Late breakfast.  Laundry put away.  5 pairs of jeans to patch.  Ugh.  House is cleaner but I’m not in any better of a mood.  Boychild did do an extra chore for a toy.  Hubby home and isn’t going to the next job ’cause the first job took too long to finish.  Glad to have him home but I wish he’d do something on the house instead of clean the van or the workshop (which actually tends to mean moving crap from one side to the other with a side of floor sweeping).  Watched Maleficent with the boychild.  I enjoyed the story but at the same time thought it was a bit lacking on content in some areas…in others it explained a few things from the “original” story. Stitched. New recipe for dinner which went over well. Hubby asked me why I was so easy to rattle today.  My response was “today, try all week.” and left it at that.  Don’t want to guilt trip him over our money issues…well part of me does in hopes of motivating him but I’m trying not to go there.  More gift work with Hubby’s help.  Price book for grocery store in phone.  Not exactly what I wanted but it will do.

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  1. November 23, 2014 6:31 AM

    {{{}}} this can be such a stressful time of life. i remember trying to raise little boys, with no time and no money and anxiety through the roof. i think you’re a warrior for doing it while battling headaches and common core, neither of which i had to cope with.


    • November 23, 2014 11:40 AM

      Thanks Suz…your comment brought tears to my eyes. I don’t feel like a warrior…more like a very wimpy banshee with cussing issues.

      I think about marking these posts as private from time to time…and then I get a comment that really encourages me to keep trying and keep posting. So thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

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