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Daily Happenings: 11/2 – 11/8

November 9, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main shrines twice a day when home and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.

11/2:  Again with not enough sleep thanks to my coughing.  Hubby made breakfast.  Boychild issues.  Pork roast in crockpot.  Roasted pumpkin seeds. Neighbors gave us a cast iron wood stove.  Hubby spent  part of the day cleaning it up.  Can’t find any reliable information on the stove or the manufacturer.  Borrowing a nebulizer to see if that changes anything then using the leftover meds from when my son had bronchitis. Bronco game…they didn’t play well but then the zebras play calling didn’t help things either.  Dinner was good.  So tired.  Hubby came up and cuddled with me while we waited for my next nebulizer treatment.  He fell asleep, while I, despite being so tired, couldn’t.  The side effects from the treatment (nervousness, jittery, feel like heart is racing even though I don’t think it was) took about an hour to wear off.

11/3:  I did manage to sleep until after 5 but again woke both us up with my coughing.  Never did make it back to sleep.  Tired but chest feels a bit better.  Just wish the cough would go away.  Boychild to school.  Hubby took him in my truck and then put gas in it.  Oh yeah, it snowed a couple of inches.  Yuck but I am starting to worry about the lack of moisture.  Should be 4 inches or so in the yard that doesn’t melt but what’s there will probably melt off when the weather warms up.  Working on my wishlist as my mother requested it.  Dad called…I freak out less when he calls…as in I don’t automatically think “what did I do now?!”  He wanted to give me suggestions on my illness (neti pot, he swears by it for allergies, colds, etc.), ask again about what he owes us and then upon hearing about the woodstove…offered us his that hasn’t been fired up in 3 years.  I think it is too big but we will examine things closely tonight.  Ironic, we go from not having any to being offered 2 within days of each other.  Work.  Lunch.  Work.  Tired.  Bed early.

11/4:  So woke about midnight dreaming that I was trying to shelve some really dark (as in evil) books but they didn’t want to be shelved, so they made me cough.  I was so tired that I was coughing and it became part of my dream.  Took me a while to convince my head that this wasn’t actually happening.  Fell back to sleep to wake about 2:30 coughing.  Couldn’t get back to sleep because of said coughing.  About 4am, I ended up coming down stairs and laying on the couch so that I could cough and not feel like I was disturbing everyone.  Fell asleep at some point only to be woken up before the alarm by the boychild and aching hips.  Can’t win.  Used a clean child’s teapot (‘cause that’s what I had on hand) as a neti pot today.  Boy that was uncomfortable.  Sinuses didn’t like that at all.  All those years of swimming, learning to unconsciously keep water from getting up there, now I am purposely pouring stuff through.  Just seems wrong. Will see if it helps.  Started laundry.  Bit of a headache which I understand happens if you don’t keep you forehead above your chin or too much salt or too warm of water or…I did boil the water, I promise!  Will buy distilled if I decide to keep torturing…err irrigating.  Work…long boring day…not a lot of coughing which is an improvement.  Dinner.  More tor-igating, which didn’t go as well as earlier in the day, “dried” my nose the “proper” way which did seem to prevent the headache that I got earlier.  Hoping this gets me some sleep tonight.  I feel neither elation or disappointment with the elections.  I look at it with weariness and doubt.  We need change but I don’t see that happening…I see more of the same which is sad.  I have no confidence in any elected official especially at the state and federal level.  By that time, they all seem to be crooks and thieves, doing for those that put money in their pockets, forgetting about the “common” people.  Sigh.

11/5:  Coughed so hard after going to bed that I had to sleep propped up which never goes well.  Woke up at 5:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep until my son’s alarm which promptly sent me into a weird dream about getting arrested ’cause the officer didn’t want to immediately deal with the paperwork from the accident I caused with an animal control vehicle.  I never hit them but ’caused them to drive off the road…  So slow going this morning.  My days are ok but the nights are killing me slowly.  Really can’t afford a trip to the doctor’s with the holidays coming up…just don’t know what to do.  Feeling very blue and teary eyed.  Working on blog on Freya.  Posted some for sale items, 2 claimed.  Laundry.  Posted some older works on Oaken Scrolls.  Picked up boychild, helped with homework, work, home.  Sore throat…hope that is a good thing…glands aren’t swollen so maybe my sinuses have had enough.  Ran into my doc tonight…she said to wait 3 weeks before calling for an appointment.  It has only been a little over 2 I think.  Getting a fireplace from my parents.  Nicer and newer than the other plus it comes with the stove pipe.  Worked out where it is going to go.  Trying to figure out how to do the boychild’s yearly yule ornament…

11/6:  Best night of sleep I’ve had in a while…not to say it hasn’t had its problems but I’ll take it.  Spent the morning and part of the afternoon trying to design the boychild’s yule ornament.  The more I work on it, the less I like it…so yeah, hating it now.  Still pretty low on energy….forgetting to eat doesn’t help with that.  Laundry.  Boychild to afterschool club.  Read.  Pick up boychild who has melt down for various reasons and pushed many of my buttons.  Tried discussing it with him. Didn’t go well.  Gave up.  Blue.  Craft night rant.  Home to find that Hubby made a dinner that he knew I couldn’t eat…felt like a payback for deserting him to to to craft night…more digging and planning yule ornament but too tired to chart.  DWTS.

11/7:  Slowly getting better…so what does my body throw at me INSOMNIA!  Didn’t fall asleep until about 4am.  Working on ornament ideas for boychild, family, friends and co-worker.  Boychild’s cross-stitch chart designed, and while it isn’t the castle that he wanted I think he’ll be pleased.  Read some.  Finished up laundry.  Picked up the boychild.  Got rid of the old tv and someone is supposed to pick up our old vac, so a little more money for the vacation fund.  Grocery store. Watched AoS. Chinese dumpling soup for dinner.  More digging for charts, this time for a co-worker.  Ended up weeding out some magazines.  Not sure what is up but I’m in the mood to get rid of stuff.

11/8:  Overall a pretty good night.  Still really tired though…food… I haven’t eaten yet today.  Damn I need to get better about that.  Boychild’s room rearranged slightly, books weeded out with the remainder in storage placed on his shelves.  A couple of boxes of books are going to his young cousin.  Posted sale items to Craig’s list.  We really need to get this stuff sold and moved out of here.  Vacuum sold.  Potatoes at dinner were a fail.  Started the gift for the coworker.  Stitching couldn’t hold my attention so I did a few other projects…or at least tried, didn’t have the materials.  Got Rosemary’s finger in the jar (late Halloween project) but gave up and went to bed when the printer wouldn’t cooperate.

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