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Full moon meditation

November 6, 2014

I’ve been ill for the past several weeks with a sinus infection and whatever else decided to come along for the ride.  Very low energy.  Most of my spiritual practices have gone by the wayside during this time.  All the energy I’ve got is spent on taking care of my son, going to work or trying to get better.  Today being the full moon, I figured the least I could do was try to meditate on Isis.  I never know where my meditations are going to take me.  If they are spiritually related or the meanderings of an overactive imagination.  Today I sat down on a chair in front of her shrine and shut my eyes.  I did a simple opening meditation that I do before all my rituals.

I immediately fall into a dream like state where Isis (dressed in white, no jewelry, but the beads in her corn row braids) is bending over me and picking me up.  It is not adult me but child me.  From there my vision splits, with the adult-sight very strong while the  child-sight only gives vague impressions.  As I try to slip more into the child-me, she stops me with a shake of her head and her finger.  So I just watch her cuddle and coo over the child-me, tapping me on my nose, counting and tickling my toes, playing finger games, and in general checking over child-me all the while whispering nothing that I can quite understand but it feels loving, so maybe sweet nothings.   After a time she turns and holds out child-me to adult-me.  I’m not sure what to do, so I look at her and then the child blankly.  I see a infant with short golden curls, pink skin and blue eyes cooing happily away.  She chuckles, somewhat in exasperation, then turns child-me around then places child-me into adult-me’s chest right over my heart chakra.  Formerly my image of my heart chakra is a jeweled frog.  I now see an image of that frog imposed on the child’s forehead, which then disappears.  As it fades, the green of the frog spread over my inner child, who finds it very funny to see its skin turn green.  The baby laughs and laughs, then looks outward with a joy, a happiness, a curiosity.

I am then returned to the here and now, still tired, still ill but with a dull ache over my heart center and third eye whirling/a bit disoriented due to the (quickness of the meditation?).  It will take some time and energy to ponder this one.  Beyond giving me back a happy and healthy inner child, I’m not sure what to make of this…though green skin and hair to match would be awesome.  🙂

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