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Daily Happenings: 10/26 – 11/1

November 2, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main shrines twice a day when home and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.


10/26:  Tired, headache coughed a lot as cough suppressants didn’t work.  Boychild was yet again up before 7, this time for body function issues, but he took care of things on his own which was nice. Quick breakfast then on to our first movie, Meet the Robinsons, for the day.  Was just starting to look for lunch when Hubby sent a text saying he was in town and wanted to know if he could come by to see us.  🙂  We were happy to see him.  Wanted to just hang around and be with him, but he acted like I was in the way so I walked off and ate lunch, did some crafting then the boychild and I sat down and watched the second Hobbit movie.  Had a hard time coming up with dinner…especially since Hubby was more interested in telling me tales of the unsuccessful hunting trip.  Damn we needed that meat.  Our freezer has never been so empty.  I did warn Hubby that he might sleep better if he slept on the couch…trying different cough suppressant.

10/27:  Again the cough suppressant didn’t work, so coughed a lot…so tired but I appear to be mending despite the lack of sleep.  No time for a movie this morning.  AoS.  Got ready for work and ran him to his father’s job site.  Still no working plumbing in the library.  Long day.  By the end of it, I was making stupid mistakes.  Dinner with Hubby.  Verbal vomit on my best friend.  Shot of fireball before bed…doubt it will help but what the hell.

10/28:  Rough night…between my coughing and the boychild’s imagination scaring him (something about zombies), it is amazing I got any sleep.  Gargling with salt water did manage to take care of my cough long enough for me to fall asleep…during the 4 o’clock hour…only to be woke up before I had to get up by a complaining child.  Did prep work for boychild’s school Halloween party on Friday.  Work…at least they got the plumbing fixed.  Dinner.  AoS.  Boychild goes back to school tomorrow.  Sleepy…and still have a bit of a cough and a bit of a sore throat.  So tired of this cough.  Soaked my feet in epsom salt…mostly to warm them up.  Finished a book.  Going to bed early I think.

10/29:  Woke up after 5am hacking, so went downstairs so I wouldn’t disturb Hubby.  Snoozed on one of the glider rockers until the urge to cough stopped then moved to the couch.  Some issues with the boychild this morning, tired enough that I didn’t keep my cool.  😦  Boychild told me no witch costume this year (last several years he insisted upon it), so going as red riding hood.  Will dress Hubby as the wolf or the woodsman, his choice.  Researching blog on Freya…who has some interesting similarities to Isis.  Updated my Thankfulness blog. Started hunting laundry. Got my ballot filled out…on the ones I couldn’t decide upon, I drew tarot cards…how bad is that?  Pick boychild up from school, argue with him, help him with his homework.  Work.  Dinner.  Really bummed that the sound amplifier we got for Hubby either doesn’t work or just doesn’t fit his needs.  Packaged up meat that Hubby bought…our freezer is so empty that we have to actually buy meat from the grocery store at their high prices.  Ugh.  Assembled boychild’s Halloween party favors.

10/30:  Still another rough night…woke at 4am-ish coughing, didn’t fall back to sleep until sometime after 5:30…to be woken up by Hubby at 6:30 and then the alarm at 7:05.  Ugh.  At least there is no where I need to be until 4:30 today.  The rest of the laundry started.  Painting Rosemary’s finger.  Craft pics blogs.  Looking for excuses to sit and stare at my navel…today’s drink of choice mint teat with honey and a slice of ginger…in my coffee cup from earlier ’cause apparently I’m lazy.  But not so lazy to miss out on having lunch with Hubby.  Boychild, school to after school club.  Read while he was there…started the new Anne Rice book, Prince Lestat.  Not impressed so far.  Dinner then pumpkin carving.  Didn’t do much coughing…until I started getting ready for bed.  Fuck.

10/31:  Finally fell asleep 1-ish after a coughing jag that was so hard, I though I was going to puke.  Woke up a 6am, boychild up at 7 for school.  Peppermint tea with ginger slice and honey.  Orange juice.  Then caffeine. So.  Damn.  Tired.  Pumpkins outside and lights ready to be plugged in.  Solar lights charging.  Hubby made the stand for the skeleton game.  I feel good for a while then go back to feeling exhausted.  Room mother for boychild’s Halloween party at school.  A disorganized mess but the kids seem to enjoy it.  He didn’t eat his lunch again…so he’s had a ton of sugar and nothing healthy…and I’m suppose to let him go trick or treating?!  I know I need to let it go but at the same time, how do I convince him to treat his body better?  We did end up letting him go trick or treating but he didn’t get to have any.  Only got 2 trick or treaters.  😦  Garlic dish for dinner.  Start the pumpkin seeds.  Boiled them tonight.  Let them cool and dry over night then roast them tomorrow.  DTWS.  Cup of chamomile tea with ginger slices to hopefully stop my coughing…which also means at dark thirty I will need to pee.  Sigh.  My spiritual practices which were slipping when I got sick have totally slid off the table.

11/1:  Still a rough night but a bit better than some.  My coughing is still bad…major coughing jag about every 2 hours and it can take up to 2 hours for me to fall back to sleep after one.  Muscle spams, sore and pulled muscles making coughing painful.  Hubby said he didn’t like our new alarm…aka my coughing.  Slept in or tried to no thanks to the boychild.  Late breakfast.  Hubby off to work.  Boychild lectured as he is slipping into old patterns again.  Laundry put away.  Talked with my sister…her ex is violating the terms of the divorce and his probation but she is afraid to doing anything about it because every time she tries, something goes wrong and it bites her on the ass.  I’d really like karma to come back for him, I really would.  Neighbors are giving us an old cast iron fire place.  Needs some work but hey its free.  Soup for dinner.  RANT ahead:  it is really galling (when you and your spouse work very hard to stay within a budget, to pay bills on time, to put a little aside for a rainy (rarely), etc.)  to see a family member (who can’t make their bills on time, rely upon others to pay their bills, have excuses upon excuses, etc,) get to take trips, go to concerts and such.  It makes us angry, bitter and resentful.  Handout after handout…it is so hard not to scream “are you FUCKING kidding me?!”  My body hates me.  Nothing works.  I do ok during the day but the nights…I wake up coughing every 2-3 hours…coughing so hard I gag.  Nothing I take helps.  Setting up a humidifier didn’t even make a difference.  So frustrated….and tired.


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