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Painting the Greenman

October 30, 2014

I associate the archetypal greenman with Zeus, specifically Zeus at Dodona.  I have a couple oak greenman throughout my house for this reason.  Recently at the yard sale of an acquaintance, I picked up a resin greenman face.  It wasn’t in the best shape cosmetically but physically sound.  After talking it over with my husband and child, we decided it needed painted.  Hubby sprayed it with a base coat and then a green top coat.  The green is shinier than I would like but I think the coverage of paint is better using this method.  I then set out to paint it with outdoor acrylic paint.  So out of my comfort zone as I’ve never done this.  When I got stuck or needed encouragement, I’d poke my heart sister.  Below is the result which now hangs in my dining room.

Taken immediately after I finished the ladybug.

It isn’t perfect but overall I am pleased with the results.

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