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Daily Happenings: 10/19 – 10/25

October 26, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main shrines twice a day when home and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.


10/19:  not sure I slept at all last night.  Very tired sore, throat off and on.  No interest in leaving the house so no driving to the out of town friend’s gathering.  Lazy morning.  Tried a new recipe for brunch.  Read 2/5 of a Smithsonian article to the boychild about the South and its issues.  I figured it would be a good tie in for the civil rights information he’s been getting in the classroom.  Spent from noon until 3ish helping the boychild clean up his room, his play area and doing housework.  Not how I planned on spending a large portion of my day.  Really tired now but the house will be roughly clean for my MIL’s visit.  Watched a couple of episodes of Agents of Shield with the boychild.  Baking chicken and sweet potatoes for dinner.  Chicken was good.  Broncos pretty much stomped the 49ers, wasn’t much of a competition.  More craft work before bed.  Missed greeting the altars during the day.  Miss talking with my best friend from time to time.  Could text her but don’t want to interrupt her hunting trip with the guys…though she might like an estrogen fix soon.  [grin]

10/20:  Boychild to school.  Tired as I didn’t sleep well again.  I did try something about 2am that a friend told me about, lavender (lotion in this case) to the ear lobs or behind the ear.  I can’t remember which. Seemed to work a least sort of ’cause while I don’t think I slept well, long or deep, I did sleep a little.  Will try it earlier tonight.  A little bit more housework.  Got the rest of the exterior decorations out but still need to hook up the skull lights.  Work.  MIL stopped by to see the library.  She’s here to watch the boychild while I work.  Lunch.  Back to work.  Home.  Tired.  Chatting with MIL, doing a little here and there.  So tired.

10/21:  Sinuses still abusing my throat.  Sleep was iffy.  A bit on the hoarse side this morning.  Called Hubby so that boychild and MIL could sing him happy birthday…with not much voice I didn’t join in.  Boychild to school, handed over the car seat to the woman kind enough to care for him this afternoon.  MIL took me out to breakfast.  Too tired, too emotional…many buttons were hit for good or bad.  Only time will tell.  She returned to Denver with gifts for the bestie…all but one that isn’t finished.  Work.  Pick boychild up from friends.  Dinner with another friend.  So very tired.  Throat still scratchy.  Hoping to sleep well.  No greeting of altars today.

10/22:  Very rough night.  Couldn’t think.  Seriously thought about calling my ex so that he could at least give me sympathy and tell me what to do but I managed to refrain…as it was almost midnight when I got this urge so I’m sure he and his wife would appreciate my forbearance.  It amazing me still how my first instinct is to reach out to him…all the nurses that I know he is who I want to call.  Chills, low fever, sinus pain and  pissed off neck muscles.  Was awake once an hour due to hot flashes.  Boychild was not helpful this morning either.  Got the pain abated (sudafed, tylenol AND ibuprofen) but I’m tired and feeling zoned out.  Work is going to be so much fun.  Laundry started so that’s some progress…though we still haven’t put away last weeks laundry…Work.  Home with boychild who forgot his homework at school.  Reading time.  Dinner.  Finished Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods.  DWTS.  Chills again.  Epsom salt soak for my feet.  Bed.

10/23:  Slept a bit better.  Neck muscles still pissed but I hope I’m on my way to recovery.  Still pretty tired, groggy even and unmotivated.  Laundry.  Cleaning up my desk a little.  Planning the craft/game for boychild’s school party.  Oops, no afterschool club today.  Got a bunch of movies as I don’t have the oomph to do a trip to Denver.  Didn’t eat all his lunch and was in trouble again today but he can’t or won’t tell me clearly why.  Trying to find new ways of dealing with him when he misbehaves and it isn’t easy.  He is smart and manipulative at times.  I don’t want to be a hard ass or an easily duped pushover.  What to do… Did show him the eclipse through the pin hole than had the whole discussion on what an eclipse is and how solar differs from lunar.  Soup for dinner.  First half of the Bronco game.  Boychild to bed.  Second half of Bronco game.  Get to sleep in tomorrow as boychild is on fall break.  Dark moon contemplations and tarot reading using a new to me spread.

10/24:  slept better but not only didn’t I wake up way to early (like before the alarm early) but I also had the cranky neck headache.  Made apple cinnamon muffins.  Watched the Lorax.  Took in recycling and ran errands.  Made lunch and watched the first Hobbit movie.  Got a call from the libarary asking me to work tomorrow and saying I can bring the boychild with me.  4.5 hours of him at work.  I don’t see this going well.  Laundry partially put away. Dinner and dishes.  Hubby’s birthday gift wrapped with help from the boychild.  Another  episode of AoS watched before sending the boychild to bed.  Hubby has been calling every night or just about every night before the boychild goes to bed.  Tonight…tonight it made me lonely.  I’ve done fairly well this time around I think but tonight I want someone else giving me some attention and TLC.  A friend volunteered to take boychild for a couple of hours.  That will help immensely.  Epsom salt soak for my feet.

10/25:  Lousy night of sleep, cough suppressant meds didn’t do there job.  Short tempered this morning.  Got the boychild’s costume for the pumpkin patch assembled and sewn and his lunch packed.  Friend picked him up.  Work was boring and long, did a lot of whispering to keep from coughing, plumbing issues, boychild dropped off with 2 hours to go.  Glad that was it ’cause he got bored fairly quickly! He spent the last hour pacing.  Grocery store for meds for tonight.  Threw some stuff together for dinner then we sat down to watch “Jack the Giant Slayer” which was pretty good.  Talked with Hubby…I’m glad he’s coming home tomorrow (even if he did bite my head off when I asked for a rough estimate of when, that really did piss me off) but I’m also a bit sad(?)…I’ve had a pretty good week with the boychild and not sure I’m ready for it to end…though this cold can fucking die already.  I’ve been really bad about greeting the altars in the morning for a while now…I’m not sure what the problem is…maybe it is just the fact that I feel horrible in the morning…night cough meds have worn off and the day sinus meds haven’t kicked in…then I get wrapped up in the practicalities of life…sigh.

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