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Daily Happenings: Sept 28th – October 4th

October 5, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main shrines twice a day when home and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.


9/28:  Got to sleep in with Hubby.  Managed to get in some relationship talk before getting on with the day.  After breakfast we tried to go help unload HeartSister’s Hubby’s truck but they had to go help another friend with car trouble.  So we went and ran errands instead which was nice to do with just the two of us.  The talk we had while it wasn’t much and in some areas wasn’t enough did seem to “settle” something in my head if nothing else which made for a more enjoyable time together. Loaded up and headed to my parents’.  Boychild is short of sleep and bratty.  The choices he has made over the weekend, including lies and bad behavior has NOT made us very happy with him.  Went to lunch with my parents…Hubby ended up carting the boychild off to the bathroom for a “talk”.  No idea what was said but he behaved a little better after that.  Headed for home.  Continued listening to TLTWATW.  Ended up stopping the book right before Aslan returns to the witch.  No way to get through that scene before we got home.  Fed boychild his lunch for dinner then sent him to bed early.

9/29:  Didn’t fall asleep until sometime after 1:30 when I got up and put on a sleep mask.  For whatever reason, that often helps to settle my mind.  Woke up for the final time at 6:15, figuring there was no point in going back to sleep when the alarm goes off in less than an hour.  Boychild dropped a full bowl of hot chocolate muesli on the floor, so one of the newly covered chairs already has a small spot…despite the scotch guard.  Ah well.  cleaned the best I can and resprayed them with scotch guard in hopes that they just need more?  Tried a moving “meditation” I read about and all it did was upset my internal equilibrium to the point that I my stomach was unsettled all day.  Hot flashes made me downright nauseous. It was a very long day.  Boringly quiet not to mention HOT at work.  First snow of the season here in town.  Worked on some sugar skull silhouettes for our upstairs windows.  Need more.

9/30:  Fell asleep sometime after 3 I think.  Woke up before 7.  Boychild unmanageable this morning  or more likely I’m tired and pissed at the world today.  Client calls Hubby to say she has a check for him…I start to think OH we can pay the remaining bills now…then I hear her say “but don’t cash it until Thursday”.  All the other subs were paid last week.  Hubby scheduled several payments today because she promised him a check by today…we also have car insurance due tomorrow. !@#$%^&*  Laundry started.  I need to hide in a book today until my bad attitude withers away.  Instead I get to get ready for work.  Work.  Home to an empty house.  Clean up my desk a little, enter things in the checkbook, work on laundry…and wonder when my husband and child will come home.  Answer:  just before 8.  Got some leftovers into the boychild then sent him to bed.    Late but very tasty “Lowcountry Spicy Shrimp”.  Quick and tasty!  Very garlicy too.  Realized as I was heading to bed that I never greeted the altars this morning.  Had an odd thought as I was going to bed…what if Hearth Goddesses, in my case Hestia in particular, are the goddesses of menopause.  Fire is an element of transition.  Hot flashes are the body’s method of transitioning from “mother” to “crone”.  It is one of the major markers of menopause.  So I prayed to Hestia as I went to bed that if I got more than the 3-4 hours of sleep that I have been getting nightly of late, I would write the story I have outlined that she is a character in.

10/1:  Looks like I will be writing a story today.  Slept enough that I actually dreamed…not that I remembered the dreams ’cause when I woke I was thinking about Hestia.  Boychild is trying to earn enough stars so that he can watch the latest Transformers DVD that I brought home.  Tarot. Spent the remaining part of the morning and part of the afternoon researching and outlining.  This is gonna be much bigger, longer than originally intended.  Had problems with my truck when I went to pick up the boychild and go to the grocery store.  Came home, made a mess on the floor, scrambling to clean up, eat and get ready for work.  Was in such a stressed out tizzy that my son came over to me and put his arms around me.  Hubby got home and I yelled at him for making me drive a broken truck for 4-5 years.  He gave me the same excuse as always, time and money.  I yelled at him about the time and money spent on some of the other stuff he’s got.  I yelled at him for making me turn down the vehicle my father wanted to give us. Work. Felt guilty for yelling at Hubby even though everything I said was true.  He’s leaving for a hunting trip in a couple of weeks and I’m afraid I’ll be stranded without a working vehicle that I can drive.  Boychild to bed.  Corn dolly with chest cavity filled with flowers from the garden.  Dropping below freezing.  Hubby put a box over the lettuce but not sure they’ll make it through the night.  Did discuss the truck situation a bit…I heard a lot of the same excuses but I was promised that something will be done soon one way or another.

10/2:  Slept better last night.  Blog on Hestia written.  Arrangements made for tomorrow’s field trip to the art museum.  Finish up laundry, cleaning off more of my desk.  My son colored two sugar skulls (stages of making Halloween decorations) yesterday, one of which had a note apologizing for “making” me yell at him.  Not sure which emotion was stronger, the heart melt or the guilt of letting my stress get the better of me yesterday.  Having trouble focusing on any one thing which means I’m not getting anything done.  Ran over to see what a friend’s daughter has put in her freebie pile then came back to eat lunch.  Craft night.  Some prep for the field trip tomorrow.  So focused on writing that blog this morning that I neglected the altars.

10/3:  Up before the alarm thanks to my son.  He was worried that he wouldn’t have enough time so he woke himself up early.  We were ready on time for our ride.  Spent the day driving down to Denver, at the Art Museum and then driving back.  Some imperfections in the windshield glass made me sick to my stomach.  The wonky angles of the newer section of the museum added to that problem.  It was a long drive back but I enjoyed both the museum and the company.  Very tired though after not sleeping well last night.  Hubby took us out to dinner to a new place in town.  Pretty good food.  About time.

10/4:  Slept late and having a lazy morning.  Got off my butt and cleaned the bathroom.  Vaccuumed.  Caught my son in a lie which effects the well-being of our pets.  This totally blew all my plans for a fun afternoon with him.  I’m angry.  I’m sad.  I’m disappointed.  Put away laundry.  Got some old sewing projects finished.  Told Hubby that if he was going to insist on doing firewood that maybe he might want to get rid of the gas insert that he’s never hooked up and get us a wood fireplace.  He liked that idea…a lot.  Started reading “Shit my Dad Says”…some of it is funny…and some of it makes me shake my head.  Missed greeting the altars again this morning.  Sigh.

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