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Daily Happenings: 9/7 – 9/13

September 14, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main shrines twice a day when home and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.


9/7:  Boychild slept fine but cough just doesn’t seem to be budging.  Breakfast out, errands, packed up and headed for home.  Stopped for dinner.  Got home just in time to watch the game.  Boychild to bed at half time, more benadryl and cough meds.  With all the talk of that virus going around that is sending children to the hospital, I’m starting to fret a bit.  He doesn’t wheeze though so I think it is just a regular, painful chest cold.

9/8:  Didn’t sleep well, fucking ear worm.  Up at 6:30, ’cause of the boychild’s coughing.  He said he didn’t sleep well either.  Fed him a hot breakfast, packed OJ, dosed him right before I took him to school.  Cut my finger on the glass from the frame for the boychild’s rainbow birds painting. Grocery store.  School to give boychild more meds.  Work.  Lunch break, brief hello to Hubby, back to work.  Home.  The problem with having friends in the medical field is they unintentionally prey on my fears…tonight is gonna be rough on me with all their warnings about the virus that is sending children to the ER.  Hubby promises me that the child is fine…Delsym cough suppressant tonight.  Listened to Hubby chatter about the weekend.  My worries this morning aided me in forgetting to greet the altars.  Full moon prayers in front of her shrine.  Harvest moon covered in clouds, no get to see.

9/9:  Boychild slept through the night but woke me up before the alarm with his coughing.  That cough seems to have taken roost and nothing short of a scoop shovel is going to get it out…according to the child.  Feeling lazy today…which is different from feeling unmotivated but not sure how to explain it.  Laundry started.  Witch sticker is on the wall in the kitchen…taking it down may be problematic though…I didn’t notice the patch of drywall under the broom…not sure if it will come up or survive the removal.  Work.  Trying to find an Isis statue that I like…unbelievably difficult.  Also trying to find an anniversary gift for Hubby.

9/10:  Laundry.  Balanced checkbook…ouch.  Didn’t realize it’s been 3 months.  Got my Memorial Soldier bell pull finished and hung.  Also got boychild’s rainbow birds framed.  That’s two more things off my crafting to do list.  Picked up boychild who was pitching fits left and right for some reason.  Work.  Developing a sore throat.

9/11:  My day started at 4:45 when my son started complaining about his belly hurting.  I sent him back to bed.  Again at 5:20.  When the alarm went off I told him he was probably hungry..middle of eating breakfast he complained about eating making his belly hurt worse.  A stint on the toilet did nothing to help…then he puked…and complained even more about his belly.  So I took him to the doctor’s.  To save time, nothing was wrong with his belly but his left lungs was not doing well so they did a nebulizer treatment.  He felt a bit better so they sent me home with rented apparatus to do it at home.  After being home for about an hour he says his belly no longer hurts.  Only thing I can figure is that his lungs were pulling on his stomach muscles…he’s doing well enough that he is driving me crazy…not to mention I haven’t been able to get anything else done around here.  Did manage to get the new vacuum figured out.  Like most vacuums it doesn’t do well on the “rental house” carpet that we still have in areas.  Got distracted and forgot about it.  Need to try it on some of the “taller” carpets.  Craft night.  Picked up mom’s gift.  Looks pretty good I think. Late dinner.  Prepped Mary-El tarot journal.

9/12:  Boychild had no issues during the night.  Physician’s Assistant cleared him for school saying that he must have a good immune system as there was no sounds in his lungs at all.   He was very pleased to be able to return to school.  Will keep the nebulizer over the weekend just in case.  Put away laundry, salad bar lunch “party” and then pack our bags.  Continued with audio book as I drove down the hill.  Hubby and I had dinner with his pledge brothers. One of which I don’t think we’ve seen since our wedding.

9/13:  Inlaws took boychild with them to see his great grandfather.  I ran aluminum cans into the recycling place, then went to my parents’.  Gave mom the cup and saucer that I painted for her birthday.  Had lunch with them both, then mom and I went shopping for a dress for me.  Didn’t have a lot of luck.  After she went home, I tried one more place and got something that worked.  It isn’t the elegant, pretty number that I wanted but it is nice enough and in my price range.  Waited forever for Hubby to come home.  On our way to dinner, he told me that he didn’t get finished and so will have to work tomorrow…which means there is no point in me and the boychild sticking around.  When over to my heartsister’s for some chatting before stumbling home to bed.  Very tired.

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  1. Angela Garcia-Saunier permalink
    September 17, 2014 9:26 AM

    Nice to catch up with you! At least I know what’s happeining in your corner of the world. Take care of you!


    • September 17, 2014 9:45 AM

      Yeah now you know, in probably too much detail, but writing it down gets it out of my head and helps me to move forward. I find blogging easier for this than journaling for some reason.Take care of you!


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