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Daily Happenings: Aug 31st – Sept 6th

September 7, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main shrines twice a day when home and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.


8/31:  Started the day with not wanting to get out of bed.  My wonderful Hubby made French Toast at the boychild’s request before going to work.  Headache came on not long after he left.  About 1pm, I motivated the boychild and we took in the recycling.  Then picked out a new notification tone while waiting for the rain to stop.  Chewie was getting annoying.  Currently using a bird noise.  Cleaned up the flower beds, removed the rhubarb and put down some cat deterrent aka orange  peels in the garden bed out back.  Came in to relax while working on the grocery store app when the boychild reminded me that we hadn’t planted the wild rose.  So I did that, spreading some epsom salts around and under it.  Grocery store.  Come home to find that Hubby mowed the law while we were gone.  Maybe the second time its gotten done this summer.  The grass was pretty tall.  I figured he was gonna leave it until the seeds dropped…  Pan fried crab cakes and lemon pepper roasted brussel sprouts for dinner.  Found what I sincerly hope is an error on my grocery receipt.  Chopped up the rhubarb and froze it. Stitched.

9/1:  Started out my morning with a cup of coffee, the boychild and legos.  Greeted altars together.  Hubby stayed home today…to work on the camper.  I admit I was pleased but irritated that he was spending his time on the camper and not us or the house…bitchy aren’t I?  Bit the bullet and weeded out my closet.  Even if I weighed less, I wouldn’t be able to fit well into these clothes.  My body has changed since I had a child and many of these are clothes from our time in the quad if not before that.  Some were given to me and I just never wore.  All were still in my closet because I hoped to wear them again at some point but this baby belly isn’t going to go anywhere without surgery.  It is time to face the facts and let the clothes go but it hurts my heart ’cause of the memories attached, it hurts my ego and the “Scotch” part of me hurts from the perceived money loss.   I kept two to attempt some seamstress fixes so that I can still wear them again. Sending a couple of items to my sister (including my favorite dress damn it).  The rest I put up on FB to see if any friends are interested.   The rest I may either try to sell or take to a consignment store.  If I keep them around for too long, they may end up back in my closet.  Need to go through my shoes…another day.  Re-bagged some aluminum cans to take to Denver.  Put away a few things on the camper while Hubby gets it ready for his hunting trip. Cousin called during dinner to claim some clothes…my internal money grubber varied between irritation and pleased that someone would make use of my clothing.  So finally watched the last 2 episodes of Warehouse 13…I held off watching ’em ’cause I hate that another one of my favorite shows has ended.  Hate it.

9/2:  I was a mess last night before bed.  Dreams from the night before, combined with cleaning out my closet, general fears about aging and  probably hormones turned me into a sobbing mess.  Hubby dealt with it in his usual style…that is to say without sympathy or cuddles, just lectures.  Sigh love the man, but he has no understanding for ego issues.  Ended up having a doozy of a nightmare, where he was murdered while my son and I slept upstairs.  Somehow the murderer posed him like a statue on top of a bookcase…balancing on the balls of his feet with knees bent while looking upwards smiling.  Added to the horror of loosing him, was trying to figure out how we would survive without him…monetarily, physically and emotionally.  It was an exhausting dream (especially since I fell asleep only after 2?am).  I was woke up from by Hubby asking me a question in his sleep. It is pretty rare for him to talk in his sleep and I couldn’t even tell you what he asked, even though he asked me twice.  I was just thankful to be woken up from that dream.  Laundry started.  Pinto beans cooking on the stove.  Added some sausage to it this time.  Will be froze in meal size packages to use when we have Mexican food.  My hot flashes seem to be returning…not sure whether to up my vitamin E intake again or just suck it up and deal.  The time I had without it was great but only lasted a relative short time…  Exercised.  Work…crammed a 6 hour day into a 4 hour day.  I don’t think I stopped moving all day.  Dinner.  Packaged up beans.  Catching up on the DVR.

9/3:  rough night of sleep.  I figure the only thing that I have changed is that I ran out of vitamin B and haven’t picked up any more.  I’ll pick some up today and hope I go back to sleeping.  Fire in the house across the street…watching the firefighters kept me occupied for most of the morning.  Continuing with laundry.  Finished Size Sexy, the book that gave me the nerve to clean out my closet.  Part of me is still traumatized but a growing part of me is relieved.  Mixed up some natural peanut butter with a little bit more honey than originally intended.  Oopsy.  Picked up boychild.  Work.  Home.  Grocery store. Tired.  Posted prayer on Oaken Scrolls.

9/4:  another night of not enough sleep…chilly today…really disappointing after the lovely day we had yesterday.  Stretching exercise routine.  Tired enough it is hard to focus on any one thing, so I wander here and there.  Laundry is finished but needs put away.  Little bit of vacuuming.  Read some brain candy.  Craft night where I painted something for my mother’s birthday.

9/5:  another night of not enough sleep…  Managed to pick up a used Dyson vac for $20.  They normally retail for $250+ I believe.  Packed for Denver.  I’m even packed early…which only leaves me time to wonder what I forgot.  I’ve also been on the edge of tears all day for no particular reason that I can discern… Packed the boychild up, drove down the hill while listening to “A Wrinkle in Time”, and met up with a cousin to give her some clothes.  Boychild’s cold kept him awake last night so he’s so tired he doesn’t feel good.  Picked up some cold meds and chicken noodle soup, dosed him with benadryl and popped him into bed.  Heart-sister came over and chatted with me for a couple hours.  Saw Hubby briefly as he passed through running hours later than he expected.  So no time to really say more than “hello”.  Gonna head to bed…hoping to actually sleep tonight.

9/6:  Didn’t sleep well and the boychild’s coughing woke me up early.  Spent the morning running errands with the boychild and my heartsister.  Had way too easy of a time spending money…even with resisting a lot of the things I wanted.  Mostly got gifts for the housewarming basket and things on my long time “need to buy” list.  Got some good deals though.  Harvest festival for lunch.  Late afternoon-evening at a housewarming.  Saw a bunch of old friends there that I haven’t seen in a long time.  I find it distressing that even after all this time, I find being at the same party as our exes rattling.  I have a hard time NOT giving her the cold shoulder and being “only” friendly and polite with him.  Evening we watched a movie and I put the boychild to bed with cold meds and benadryl.  I went to bed not long after he did.

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