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Daily Happenings: 8/17 – 8/23

August 24, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main shrines twice a day when home and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.


8/17:  Got up and packed up our stuff.  Child misbehavior ’cause several bouts of discipline.  Ended up having to retrieve my sunglasses from my friends’.  I’ve kept the same pair of sunglasses for a couple of years and now suddenly can’t keep track of them for anything.  Lost my other pair at Dfest…they never did turn up.  Took the boychild to get a haircut…which we ended up getting for half off due to someone stealing our place line.  Took the boychild to lunch and ended up getting his for half off…when one orders an egg burrito with potato in it, one does not expect a potato burrito with egg…  Drove home while continuing to listen to the audio book.  Fascinating the differences between Gnostics (which translates to insight NOT knowledge) and “Orthodox” Christians.  A lot of it boils down to politics and power.  Gnostics believe in the now has relivence and Orthodox believe that if the apostles didn’t say it or see it, it is worthless.  Reminds me of Recons vs. Eclectics in the Pagan/Polytheist community.  Happy to be home, some of my flowers that hadn’t bloomed yet are blooming and the lettuce and kale are doing well.  Grocery shopping. Paid bills.  Sorted schools supplies. Started putting away laundry.  Cleaned out the fridge…ended up throwing more away that we would like due to some fridge problems at ‘fest.  Sent the boychild to be immediately after dinner due to his antics and prepping him for school.  So much to do and not enough time.  Watched the movie I need to return tomorrow.  Not as good as the first two I think, MIB 3.

8/18:  Would have liked to be lazy after a rough night because of the boychild, but I don’t have the time for it.  “Moving back in”, finish putting away laundry and straightening up the house here and there.  Work.  Food.  Work.  Got home to a child with an icky eye.  Looks like he may have scratched something inside of it yesterday or last night.  Hubby has been dosing him with the stuff he uses when he gets something in his own eye.  He says it looks much better than it did.  I hope it is better by morning as tomorrow is the first day of school.  Sister called in a panic, she did something wrong and deleted 2 years worth of photos off her phone.  Spent a good chunk of my evening helping her.  I hoped it work.  I haven’t heard yet.

8/19:  Boychild’s eye still yucky so we took him to the doctor.  Probably bacterial pink eye.  He is now getting prescription antibiotic eye drops.  No school today.  Hopefully this improves so that he can go tomorrow.  Cat has a pus pocket on his head…the one that Hubby told me had healed up.  Doing hot compresses on it in hopes of getting it to break this skin so that we can clean it up.  We tried puncturing it but none of my needles would puncture his skin which is shocking.  Waiting for the third thing to go wrong with my day…  Laundry.   Pretty sure there is something else I should be doing, but damn if I can remember after the lousy night of sleep.  Work were I said my daily prayers usually used to greet my altars as I forgot due to the crazy morning.  Come home to no cat to be found in the house.  Hubby thinks he might have let him out accidentally…luckily he didn’t.  Leo just hides really well.  Dinner with one of Hubby’s clients.  Boychild late to bed but it couldn’t be helped.  Managed to get the cat cleaned up.  Just a good kitty.  Had to have hurt like hell but the worst he did was growl.  Never once scratched, bit or anything else.  Gotta try to keep him inside for a couple of days and keep the wound moist so it finishes draining.

8/20:  Boychild to school for the first day.  On our way, we saw a complete rainbow arching over the sky in front of us.  A good omen to begin his school year I think, I hope.  Laundry.  Uploaded pics to Snapwire to try my hand at something a little different.  Quick trip to school to put drops in boychild’s eyes.  So much I could do, so much I should do…can’t make up my mind so I sit here at the computer and clean up my email which is overloaded from being away so much over the last couple of weeks.  Tried to do a little bit of meditation after greeting the altars (rather late in the day but better then than not at all)…my brain felt like it was on a pogo stick, bouncing here, lurching there…nothing really accomplished other than a feeling of love returned and a reminder to read, review and use my new tarot deck which hasn’t been out of the box since right after I got it.  Picked up boychild and the meltdowns began over anything and everything.  Ends up that he didn’t eat hardly any of his lunch.  At what point does he start paying attention to his body?  The meltdowns were at least partially due to hunger!  Work.  Late dinner.

8/21:  Boychild to school with a melt down…not sure why he thinks he ought to always get his way as that is never something we’ve done or even taught him… Continuing to familiarize myself with the Mary-El Tarot.  Boychild is going to drive me insane.  I barely get 10 steps into the school when his teacher stops me to tell me that he wouldn’t do any school work today.  Not one bit.  REALLY?!  He lost his legos until I get a good report from his teacher for 5 days in a row.  He also had to come home and redo his housework that he did in a poor fashion yesterday.  We walk in the door to find his father already home so he had to listen to a second lecture from him on the heels of the one he got from me.  Laundry done, just needs put away.  Hubby says the cat is healed up well enough to open the pet door back up.  Tried to wash the dogs pillow…it didn’t survive the washer.  Garlic chicken quarters and sweet potato for dinner.  Rushed to craft night 60 minutes late so that I could see one of the ladies who has been pretty ill.  She is on the mend and looks to have decided that living is worth having to take care of herself.  Thank the gods.  She’s a neat lady, so I’d hate to see her go, call me selfish…

8/22:  Checked the cats head today…got more pus out of it…also some white chunks of something…hopefully that was the foreign matter causing the infection…depending on how he is by this afternoon, I may be stuck here instead of going down to Denver with Hubby.  OSO’s birthday is today.  I like to celebrate people on their birthdays.  I can’t help him celebrate his and then finding out that he’s taking a trip with his SO to the area where I have good memories  with him just adds to my upset.  Silly, petty but there you go.  Hubby took me to lunch but wasn’t really sociable.  Appreciated the time with him though.  Boychild did better in school today but lied to me about finishing his lunch.  Worried about my cat, not sure if we got him all cleaned up or not.  Hubby promised me he’d be ok…started driving down to Denver (Hubby working tomorrow), only to realize that I forgot our pills, so went back to get them.  Get to my in-laws only to find out I forgot the recipe I was supposed to bring down.  I found a very close replica of it on the ‘net.  Tired.  Grumpy.  And feel like a failure as a mother this week.  Rough day/week.

8/23:  Woke up at 7am by loud mouthed child.  Went to my bestie’s to “help” with trimming of bushes.  I got one trash can filled when my shoulders said no more…so I did more standing around than anything.  Hubby didn’t get home until almost 8 and made the mistake of informing me that he’d be working again on Sunday.  Pissed.  So very pissed.  Put the boychild to bed then spent the evening chatting around bestie’s hearth chatting.

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