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Mary-El Tarot: VIII Justice – Ma’at

August 21, 2014
The card behind today's revelation

The card behind today’s revelation

So I bought this deck (Mary-El tarot) while at Dragonfest.  I didn’t want a new deck.  I have plenty, many of which rarely get used.  I’m sorely trying to let go of the things I don’t use.  So I didn’t want a new deck and the price was way more than I usually pay for a deck…yet it grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.  The deck called to me and I have a suspicion that one of my divinities was the force behind my purchasing of this deck.

Yesterday I was reminded of my need to familiarize myself with the deck, so I’ve been reading the book as I make my way through the deck.  So far, I’m loving it.  The only card that doesn’t make sense to me is the Hierophant as I just don’t understand it.  However it is the Justice card that rung my chime for me today.  This card was one of the reasons why I bought the deck.  While the artist says this is Ma’at, I see Isis with a feather from her wings representing ma’at or truth and her connection with the heavens and a snake to represent her connection to the underworld.  Now I do not like Justice at 8, but at 11 for no other reason than that is what I’ve become used to reading through my years of working with Tarot.  8 is one of my favorite numbers so in this deck, with this image it is starting to make sense to me.

Long have I talked of getting a tattoo on my arm of a feather.  For me, it represents my role as messenger for Zeus.  Yet I haven’t done it for many reasons but mostly because I felt I was missing some part of the meaning it should hold for me.  Because of that I couldn’t decide how the tatoo should look.  After Isis smacked me with her clue-by-four, I also started to see it as connection to her but that wasn’t it completely it.  Something else was missing.  Reading and looking at this card brought what I think is the final bit of meaning for me.

As I read about the card and studied the card, one of the things that came to me was I love how the feather of ma’at was drawn.  This reminded me of the time that Ma’at (the goddess) had smacked me with her own clue-by-four some years ago telling me that:

There are many layers to ma’at.  What is true for one, may not be true for another.

 To thy ownself be true.  Know yourself, accept who you are.  Only then will you know freedom.

This is a direct quote from the journal entry (a couple of months before I found out I was pregnant with my son) I wrote after that meditation…and after I had to get my then High Priestess to help me reset my third eye chakra which was whirling very painfully from the meditation.  Heck, I still have a very physical reaction in that spot upon remembering that meditation.

Reading the entry on the above card, brought this all back answering other questions I’ve always had about Ma’at’s mythology.

“…know thyself, create thy reality, become thy greatest potential, ground wishes with action…Within her chamber…Ma’at weighted the heart of the dead; if it was light like her feather, like Truth, the heart, seat of the soul, would go on to live in eternity…If it was heavy it would be fed to the hungry monster, Ammut the Devourer.  Would it be that Ma’at is Life…and Chaos is the undivided source of life?  That in her scales the soul which is lighter than a feather is separated from the heavy flesh and sent to live on in Eternity…And that the heavy flesh it was bound in is fed to Ammut the Devourer, who is chimera, like the earth, like the grave or fertile soil, a place where all of our bodies go back to? …in the 8 you conquer your self.  It is time to settle down quietly and go within, and to pass the last test which is to know yourself, all of yourself in truth, all of it, good and bad…look in the mirror and honestly see the person within with no embellishment or flourish…when one sees himself clearly he sees the outer world clearly as well…8 is an internal process of reconciliation where one is purified and transformed…”

Yep, this was the final bit of meaning I was missing.  I now know what I want my tattoo to look like and all the reasons behind it.

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