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Festival/Daily Happenings: 8/10 – 8/16

August 17, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main shrines twice a day when home and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion. This is a continuation of the special edition of my weekly “Daily Happenings” from last week.  I didn’t keep a journal while I was at Dragonfest, Colorado so I will just be listing the things I remember.  

8/10:  Last day of ‘fest.  Closing ritual, followed by the giving tree where I got some stylized ankh earrings for me and a skeleton hoodie for my son…only to find out that the hoodie needs the zipper replaced…unbelievable rude.  While others tore down the festival, I sat in camp feeling bad that I couldn’t help due to shoulders and, for some strange reason, really cranky hips.  I did some packing up of our own stuff but a lot of it I wasn’t sure whether to put it away or not.  Staff potluck in our camp for dinner.  Then I did a short ritual for Isis at the fire cauldron after almost everyone had left for the full moon.  Bed where I didn’t sleep very much, which beyond sucked because…

8/11:  I got up, loaded up my truck, ate breakfast and left for home by 9am while my son and husband stuck around to do the final site walk through and break down camp.  Hoped to get home with plenty of time to do some housework but due to road construction, I only made it home in time to eat and get ready for work.  Work.  Scrounged around for dinner as Hubby and boychild still not home.  Work.  Home.  Still no boychild and Hubby.  RV slid off the road, blocking it and they ended up needing a wrecker to get it out of there.  Vaccuumed house.  They finally got home about 9:30.  Helped unload the important things out of the camper.

8/12:  Got up jotted down my festival experiences, did housework to prepare for my mom, sister, niece and nephew to arrive (which they did about 11:30am) and got ready for work.  Mom took us out to lunch and I walked to work.  Started walking home and my boss gave me a ride home.  Chatted a bit before dinner which was followed by fire in the cauldron and popcorn.  Kids ended up in bed much later than intended…

8/13:  Everyone kindly let me sleep in this morning.  Chatted with Mom and Sis while the kids played.  Made them pecan grits for breakfast.  Eventually we wandered down into town and had a late lunch of pizza.  They all (including the boychild) left for Denver.  I got laundry started and posted some pics before heading to work where a coworker gave me a bunch of books for my son.  Home to find out the homeowner that Hubby is building for STILL hasn’t sent a check…the check that the GC should have had by the 10th…gotta love people who have so much money they don’t know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck. Stressing a wee bit as mortgage come out on Friday…  House full of people so I never got to greet the altars.  I’m supposed to be packing instead I’m getting blogs caught up…

8/14:  slept poorly.  Got up, packed and drove to Denver while listening to an audio book, Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels.  Pretty interesting.  From what I heard so far, Gnostics (usually translated as knowledge but insight would be more correct, as in personal insight) were more interesting and more inline with my  personal beliefs that Catholics (which means Universalists) ever were. Forgot to greet the altars before I left so I did  prayers as I drove.  Met the family at a store and socialized while we shopped.  Late lunch.  Fabric store with my nephew, which surprised me.  To my parents’ where we relaxed for awhile then dinner. Ended up making lunch plans on Saturday with a friend. Errand with my nephew. Sis and youngsters to bed by 8:30 as she was getting up at 3am to start the drive home.  Boychild starts school on Tuesday rather than Wednesday.  It will be nice to get him back in a routine but…that means no more sleeping in until 9, having to make lunches and snacks and that summer is unofficially over.  Wahhhhhhh!

8/15:  Boy that bed I slept on was meant for younger bodies than mine.  Lower back and hips are not happy.  Slept fitfully.  All of us were woke up by the phone ringing at 8:30.  Took the  boychild school clothes shopping and he was SO not well behaved.  Sorely disappointed in the behavior of my child of late.  He did find after shopping, even ate his dinner so we watched Pacific Rim with Grandpa.  Then my mother suggested that it may give him nightmares…which is all it took.  About midnight or so, he wakes me up saying that he has had bad dreams.  Sent him back to bed only to have him to it again.  So let him sleep with me…

8/16:  Which means I was woke up by him kicking me, when he forgot I was in bed with him and stretched out upon waking.  He got accidentally smacked for it too.  Relaxing morning.  Lunch with a friend with lots of great conversation.  Over to my inlaws’, errands and dinner with friends.  Would have liked to stay longer but tired and so was the child.  Watched my son defy me on the way back to his grandparents’ so he’ll not be riding a bike for awhile.  Back to my parents’ to put him to bed in his own bed with him complaining he didn’t feel good.  Child is tired and probably dehydrated because I can’t get him to drink enough or often enough.  I told him he must like feeling sick ’cause otherwise he would listen to me and drink more and more often.  Read before bed.

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