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Festival Happenings: 8/3 – 8/9

August 12, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main shrines twice a day when home and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.

This is a special edition of my weekly “Daily Happenings” in that I didn’t keep a journal while I was at Dragonfest, Colorado so I will just be listing the things I remember.  Had a wonderful time (probably the best year in the 19 I’ve been attending) despite the bipolar weather. (Rather hot or rather cool and rainy).  I will be listing what I remember but it is probably rather incomplete.  I did greet my mini altar twice a day on most days.  I’m not going to say much about my son, ’cause we spent a lot of time bumping heads.  He did not listen to his body and gave me/us a hard time when we interferred.  He ended up spending more time than I want to think about confined to camp or stuck with me or Hubby due to his poor decisions.  I’d feel really bad except he wasn’t the only child who had issues…I blame it on the moon and stars as I have no other good explanation.  I only wandered down to the main drum circle a time or two…for a change it was more fun in our camp.


8/3:  Another day of finishing setting up the camp site.  Enjoying the fellowship of those that asked to camp with us.  Fire cauldron and laughter in the evening.

8/4:  Some minor prep work for the festival.  More socializing.  Fire cauldron and laughter in the evening.

8/5:  Actual festival set-up begins.  Due to shoulder problems, I’m not allowed to help with this so I find things to keep me distracted.  Stitched on the wedding gift for camp mates.  An aborted staff meeting rescheduled for morning.  Fire cauldron and laughter in the evening where I got told “I didn’t know what an evil bitch you are!”  🙂  Set-up co-coordinator said she wasn’t going to get up for the staff meeting and anyone who came to get her up, she would injure severely.  So I told her I’d send the boy-child who she adores.  GRIN.  She was speechless with shock.  It was hilarious.

8/6:  Started day off with staff meeting.  Gates opened for attendees at 10.  Can’t remember how I spent the day other than shopping on Merchants Row.  Got some great necklaces, one of which was a birthday gift for a campmate.  Opening ritual was at 6:30.  They are finally trying to include more diversity in their community rituals.  This one had the modern Asatru practice of “Balder staves” (I hope I didn’t misspell that) in addition to the quarter calling.  I would have liked the Kindred Tree image invoked as well but I’m only one eclectic Hellenic in a sea of many other Pagan/Polytheistic paths.  Fire cauldron and laughter in the evening (are you seeing a theme yet?)

8/7:  Breakfast at the community center for the community meeting.  Workshop that I helped facilitate:  Wiccanate Privilege where we started the ball rolling to discuss the diversity that many are unaware or simply blind to in our little community.  Wasn’t heavily attended but had some great conversations.  After that workshop, I was gifted with a rainbow moonstone pendant and handmade chain.  I had made admired it while I was fixing the chain for her and she gave it to me explaining that it was the last connection she had with an old relationship, that she had been looking for a home for it for a while now.  I was embarrassed and pleased all at the same time.  Picked up the Mary-El tarot deck on Merchants Row…wasn’t wanting a new tarot deck but this one practically sang to me as I flipped through the sample deck.  I suspect Isis may claim that one. Wasn’t planning on attending anything during the 1-3 time but was requested that I join the discussion on comparisons between gods of differing pantheons facilitated by a member of the Asatru faith.  The next workshop I went to was Practical Spellwork.  It was about using what you have on hand based on your own personal associations.  Since I consider spellwork very similar to prayer, I liked the ideas it gave me.  At 6:30, I attended the Women’s Mysteries ritual…only a couple of things to say about that…”I am enough!” and skyclad rituals should not be done in the evening at a rainy festival in the Rocky Mountains.  Took a long time to warm up from that one…oh and I’ve had a chant from that ritual stuck in my head since then.  Ended up giving some advice to a highly empathic 13 year old during the evening chat around the fire cauldron.

8/8:  Breakfast at the community center for the community meeting.  My bestie and her hubby showed up to their very first Pagan festival.  YAY!  A rather full day for her though.  We started off at the Croning Workshop.  I’m not sure if this is the place for me but I’m hoping it will help me find the answers that I need to balance myself between the reality that while I am raising a child my body has moved on to crone physically.  After lunch we had the Croning Ritual.  Too soon to say whether this was of help to me or not.  Later that evening we went to the Drawing Down.  I saw a nameless mother goddess who reminded me that I am enough and that my son choose me to help him on his path.  This is important because of what happened later.  I had decided not to take my son to the Drawing Down because of his less that good behavior of late (including misbehavior during opening ritual…if he couldn’t behave then I certainly wasn’t going to risk a big one with him).  Later that evening, an attendant aspected instead of the intended vessel and he went on a walkabout, rounding up those that weren’t planning on going to the Drawing Down but had messages waiting for them.  My son was one of those people.  So once he got in, he saw Inanna who was extremely delighted to see him but had some serious things for him.  She talked with him for about 15-20 minutes I think which is a long time for this occasion…so much that I have trouble remembering it all.  It boils down to:  he is a wild child, an ancient soul, a warrior and protector of women (all of which Hubby and I suspected);  I need to help him stay connected to the wild, help him connect with nature spirits; he needs to get into martial arts for channeling and grounding; walker between worlds, needs to retain that knowledge will need it in the future; help connect others to the wild/wild ways…there was more, so much more but I had trouble taking it all in and the deer in the headlights and general panic and inadequacy feelings did not help.  Fire cauldron, conversation and laughter.

8/9:  Attended the Corp0rate meeting in the morning after breakfast.  Final trip down Merchants Row.  Lunch.  Decorated a cinnamon scented broom to hang above my desk as a reminder and filled with intention that I am enough and can do anything that comes my way.  Stone soup community meal where the soups were probable if not the best of all the years I’ve attended, then at least in the top 5:  a cold, spicy tomato soup (starts with a “g”, I keep wanting to call it gestapo soup.  O_o), a chicken tortilla and a vegetarian chile.  I tried 2 of the 3.  Afterwards they had raffle drawings for a bunch of items that Land Fund had accumulated over the years, including merchandise that didn’t sell.  Our besties won several times and gifted us with a couple of the 25 years of Dragonfest coffee mugs.  Evening was a little more melancholy as it was the last night of ‘fest, but filled with plenty of laughter and fellowship.  Oh and glowing bocce balls!

Miscellaneous memories:

  • I had a granola bar misheard as I had a girl on a bar.
  • awesome body painting on my child that made him look like a cross between a knight and the Tin Man.  He had hysterics every time we tried to wash it off.  By the time I convinced him that it had to go because it was bad for his skin, it had the chest plate on for two days and was starting to rash on his shoulders.  Part of the delay was timing, weather and not the energy to argue.
  • lots of kisses and hugs
  • My campmates became my Dfest family.  So hope to see plenty of them all away from ‘fest and that we all came together again next year as it worked really well.
  • fencing match between the head of security and “pretty” Miguel
  • Whiskey altar
  • Chocolate mead
  • the cadillac of showers
  • caffeine free apple cinnamon tea
  • having my fire cauldron so admired that I wondered if I needed to put an alarm system on it.  🙂
  • mauve skull scarf
  • “man who walks bike”
  • so much rain has generated so much greenery, bugs and birds
  • Rocky Mountain polar bears
  • old friends that I haven’t seen since before my son was born
  • and so much more…definitely the best Dragonfest in YEARS!
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