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July 29, 2014

I’ve said something like this before in various places and at various times but not as eloquently and succinctly as Ms. Dver. Thanks to her for putting my thoughts to paper…err blog!

A Forest Door

Recently I was having a “spirited” discussion with someone in the comments section of a blog post about, basically, how immersed one needed to be in an ancient culture to properly practice its religion (and how virulently one must eschew all other influences….clearly, if you are familiar with my path, my answer was “not very”). Now, it’s kind of ironic, in that I spent quite some time in my early days on the Hellenic lists arguing in favor of Reconstructionism as an approach, and now I find myself having to argue against it, at least to the degree that some people are taking it. Because, the thing is, I think Recon is a very good initial methodology when approaching the gods of an ancient religion. But when taken too far, it risks fetishizing the culture – in other words, humans – rather than focusing on how best to honor the gods…

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  1. July 29, 2014 1:38 PM

    I read Dver’s blog and had myself a good laugh. Yes I’ve encountered fanatics like that, the African Pagans are the worst.

    I also take the Reconstructionist approach but I do it for only the religious and spiritual aspects. I’m not a fanatic who thinks he has to dress like Shaka Zulu to worship Chango


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