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Morning Meditation

July 29, 2014

So this morning, since the house was quiet, I thought I’d start my day off with a meditation.  Not sure how much was my imagination and how much was “other” but it started me off with a smile on my face…which is a mean feat since I’m NOT a morning person.

I was in a dark dry place.  A large chamber I think.  I couldn’t really see.  First thing I did was to stretch out my “wings” the color of tiger’s eye…unfurled them and stretch them out then let them curve gently as is their want over my head like a mini umbrella.  (I can’t explain it better than that and I realize it makes no sense unless they are very long but I felt no sensation of them dragging on the floor but that is their at rest position when unfurled…and they are definitely feathered wings).

I then felt the urge to move forward.  So I moved forward, hearing sand scrap the ground as I walked.  Eventually I realized I was in a larger corridor.  Ahead there appeared a rectangle of bright light.  A doorway.  As I walked, I tried to let my eyes adjust to the bright light before I got there.  I would slow down but again I felt like I was urged forward, this time at a quicker pace.  There was a slight worry about what would happen when I stepped out into the bright light without being able to see but trusted instinct and kept going.

I stepped out into the light, only to hear the scream of a hawk, no kite, as it dove out of the sky…seeing its claws just before it tore out my eyes.  I collapsed onto my butt, out of surprise.  Either before the pain registered or maybe there was no pain, I heard my self saying:  “Hail Isis!  Out of Amathea’s horn pour forth thy bounty.”

I found myself picked up from behind, much like one would scoop up a young child.  I was settled on a maternal lap and put to the breast to nurse.  I struggled with this a bit, much like any child does when surprised in such a fashion, but I became as a young child and nursed.  Slowly as I nursed my eyesight returned.  I looked up to find myself nursing off of Isis, with her cornrow braids and diadem, who was staring down at me with a tender smile on her face.  When my eyesight was fully returned.  I was set up on her cream colored soft linen covered lap, my back against her breasts.  About 10-20 feet away was a male with long curling black hair and beard that looked as soft as his hair, wearing something like a white or ivory sarong around his hips.  My child self immediately recognized him as “FATHER” and jumped off Isis’ lap, to her gentle amusement, ran and jumped into his arms, for a hug full of laughter and love.

I was set down and returned/realized my adult form.  Isis and Zeus stood there smiling down at me, arms around each other.  As I stood there looking up at them, their forms flickered between as previously described to something more modern…Isis had long black hair that framed her face in large curls or waves, dressed in a long ivory colored spaghetti strapped sheath dress of silk.  Zeus was sometimes with cropped hair and beard in a business suit, sometimes with his long hair and cropped beard and sarong, sometimes in an unbuttoned Hawaiian type shirt with baggy shorts.

The meditation ended there…pretty good way to start out the day, eh?

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