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Lenormand to do list

July 16, 2014

So last night, utterly exhausted, I was wondering how to relax enough to encourage my body to work with the valerian I took and not against it.  I love to use Lenormande decks for such practical purposes.  Together with my homemade Witchy Lenormande and the Essential Lenormande book I managed to figure out its suggestion.

My homemade witchy lenormande deck

My homemade Witchy Lenormande deck

At first the reading made no sense even with the book.  I got that the Scythe and Lily card were suggesting that I stitch to relax.  So I started doing that.  While I stitched I remembered I had laundry in the washer (House).  So as soon as I finished the length of floss, I put laundry in the dryer.  I then brushed my teeth, closed the day with my altars, went upstairs (Stork).  As part of my pre-bed routine, I said my prayers (Cross).  Funny how that all worked out, eh?

As I was trying to choke off the running of my brain gerbil, I did an exercise that I found on Facebook…an exercise that could also be interpreted as the Cross.

Tonight as you lay in bed ready to sleep, think of the people in your life that you care about. One by one, whisper their names, picture them smiling and then offer them your blessings. It beats counting sheep, puts good energy out into the cosmos, and may very well have you drifting off with a smile on your face.
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