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Daily Happenings: 7/6 – 7/12

July 13, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main shrines twice a day when home and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.


7/6:  So missing my camper.  Between the cold air and the hard ground, I’m over the tenting experience.  Body not happy over something I ate.  Packed some.  Caught my son in a lie…over something completely stupid.  His punishment was spending the rest of time with us helping instead of playing with his friend. Completed some tasks around the site with Hubby.  Finished packing.  Loaded up and headed out.  Stopped for a late lunch…spent more time in the bathroom than at the table I think.  Desperation bathroom pit stop but my body was finally done.  Drove home.  Dangerously sleepy on the final leg home.  Came in laid down on the couch and took a short nap then helped Hubby unload and put away. Laundry started.

7/7:  Headache this morning.  Trying coconut oil in my coffee.  It actually tastes pretty good.  I did it this weekend when I used some coconut oil for sun block and didn’t want to dirty another spoon.  Liked the taste of it and saw some interesting health benefits from doing so… Went through the boychild’s pants drawer to turn holey pants into shorts since temperatures are finally getting warm up here.  Continuing putting away and cleaning up from the weekend.  Work. Food. Work.  Dinner.  Was sent a link to a free text file of Tarot meanings.  Started cleaning up the text file…over 100 pages to start with.  Got to get a movie watched…it was due today.  Bad librarian.  I, Frankenstein movie was OK but it does make me want to read the books.  Hubby started putting the transmission together tonight.

7/8:  Slept well. Laundry.  General clean-up.  Work. Laundry. Dinner.  Read 2 chapters of Harry Potter #4 to boychild.  Very tired tonight for some reason.  Mixed up some home made bathroom cleaner that I found on pinterest…should have read the comments first instead of following the blogger’s directions…lost half of it due to chemical reaction boil-over.  I’ll be really pissed if the stuff doesn’t work…though the comments were also high in praise.

7/9:  Story ideas beating my brain this morning…all of which have something to do with Zeus.  Lots of research  Laundry.  Another item for the Zeus Agon.  Boychild to reading program.  Tried to find something to massage my feet after work locally but no luck.  Work. Chapter 3 of Harry Potter #4.

7/10:  Spent a good chunk of the morning scanning in old pictures for Throwback Thursday.  Laundry.  Finished felt egg.  Took boychild to Jr. Rangers then went grocery shopping.  Marinating meat for tomorrow’s dinner.  Froze the rest of the meat.    Craft night where I got a gift made and finished stitching the apple ornament.  All I have left is the outline.  Chapter 4 of HP4.  Ordered things the dog and I need for our comfort.  I’ve gotten bad about the morning altar greeting again.  Not sure why…

7/11:  Spending the day with the boychild…books, dancing, Ice Age (which the child giggled through).  One of the library books was so…nifty that we bought a used copy for the house.  Did zig-zag the bottom of some of his cut-offs and tried to repurpose one of my shirts…major fail.  Boychild greeted the altars with me.  After dinner and his shower, I read him 3 chapters of HP4.  My mouth is quite dry now…  Hoping for some couple time with Hubby but after a second trip out of the house this evening to trouble shoot for a client, he’s tired, cranky and would rather spend the evening doing his Zoo World/Facebook so I’m going to go watch a movie by myself.  If it wasn’t for the fact that we share a bed and parenting duties, sometimes he could pass for a roommate.  He’s working tomorrow and Sunday will be working on the truck.  All I wanted was a little of his time tonight…  Red 2 was funny…too bad I had no one to share the laughs with… Argued a bit about it before bed…he says if he watched a movie with me he’d fall asleep (funny he stays awkey on the computer just fine) that if I wanted “couple time” I should have said so.  What else could we have done…any more he refuses to watch movies, to play games, read together…what else can we do together besides go to bed?  While this is an on going rant over the last several years, without this bonding time, the hard times are even harder…and last winter was horrible in that we were both so stressed we fought almost as often as we didn’t.

7/12:  Hubby to work.  Boychild and I went yard sale hopping.  Got a new area rug for the living room for $30.  Came home and spent HOURS scrubbing it up.  Hands hurt, shoulders are cranky and middle back is achey.  Still needs some work but I’ll spot clean it once we get it in place and my body isn’t so  pissed.  Walked down to pick up the gift but it needs some touch ups so I’ll get it later next week.  Tried to place furniture on top of the dry section of the area rug…yeah the furniture that needs 2 people to move easily and the dam rug keeps bubbling up.  !@#$%^  Rain and hail…and leaks in the bathroom.  Hubby home after 7…determined to cook dinner over the fire cauldron despite the gray skies and soggy ground.  Sigh, not really complaining as this is his offering to fix my complaint from last night.  Full Moon ritual…indoors unfortunately…the humming light across the alley is just not conducive for outdoor rituals.  Not too sure about the omens, too tired to think much about it.  Offered incense, prayers, song and strawberry.



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