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Aunty J’s bathroom cleaning solutions

July 13, 2014

Tried some new homemade cleaning solutions today.  Didn’t take any pictures so you will just have to take my word for it.  And my word is that I’m pleased and impressed.  I hate cleaning the bathroom…with a passion.  We live in an area with hard water.  I have two males in the house who are not exactly neat and tidy.  I’ve tried many different methods of cleaning the bathroom and so far the two solutions below have been the best…though they still don’t take away the scrubbing component.  They do however maximize your elbow grease.

The first is an “All in One Magic Bathroom Cleaner” from Rifles and Ruffles.  I am  purposely NOT linking to that site because…well their directions for making the cleaner causes a chemical reaction that causes you to loose half of the batch before you even get to use it.  Knowing this they do not warn or edit their “recipe”.  Only by reading the comments after the problem occurred did I find out about it.  So while I want to give credit, I do NOT want you to do it that way.  Listen to Aunty J…don’t do it.  Also don’t use this on marble or natural stone as it will either react or cause pitting I suspect.  (I haven’t assembled the cleaner in this fashion yet as I’m still using up the remaining half of the above mentioned mistake, but it should work without the eruption that I dealt with…)

  1. Get an industrial sized, professional spray bottle at a hardware store.
  2. Either in the bottle or in a bowl, add 2 teaspoons of baking soda.  Slowly, SLOWLY pour in 8 ounces of vinegar.  (If you do this in the bottle, it will have ounces marked on the side, no need for a measuring cup.).  Do NOT go any farther until the violent reaction has abated and all the vinegar has been added.  If you didn’t do this in the bottle, add it to the bottle now using a funnel.
  3. Now add the remaining ingredients:  4 ounces of lemon juice, 2 ounces of liquid dish soap (I use Palmolive) and 10 ounces of water.  Shake until well combined.
  4. Use this on everything in the bathroom, even mirrors (though window cleaner is easier to wipe off).  I sprayed the tub and fixtures then cleaned the mirrors.  Went back to the tub, hard water marks wiped off with minimal scrubbing.  The perpetual faint dirt mark around the tub wiped away (not even Scrubbing Bubbles removed that…I suspect it was again from the hard water).  Did well on the ring in the toilet too.  Overall I’m very pleased with this cleaning solution.

The next thing I tested is a grout cleaning  paste for the mold.  Even in my Rocky Mountain dry environment, I get mold despite my best attempts to prevent it.  This “recipe” came from Eat Drink Eat.  The solution is a 3:1 of baking soda to hydrogen peroxide.  Using a tooth brush, scrub the paste into the grout.  Let it sit for really nasty mold or if you like to scrub, rinse it off and apply more as needed.  This took care of (or really reduced it, my shoulders got too tired to finish scrubbing the corners of the soap cubby) all of the mold issues I had.

The best thing about these solutions is that the are not hard (or as hard) on the environment or your skin as commercial chemical cleaners are.  Hope they work as well for you!

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  1. Ginny permalink
    June 18, 2015 11:01 AM

    I made up a spray bottle of this cleaner not sure what to expect. I have used some darn good homemade bathroom cleaners and I most, if not all, include essential oils. So when I noticed this recipe doesn’t even list essential oils as an optional ingredient, I was skeptical. But I liked the list of ingredients. Definitely inexpensive and convenient because I always have them on hand. Well, I tried this cleaner not long ago and WOWSA!! It wasn’t only better than the homemade cleanser I had deemed my favorite but this MAGNIFICENT cleanser knocked my socks off! My bathroom tub, shower tile, sink, faucets, and toilet have NEVER sparkled brighter.

    What I absolutely LOVE about this cleaner is its a very concentrated spray that contains baking soda but I don’t have to make a paste. Just spray, scrub, and rinse well. Speaking of scrubbing, not much is required. This magical cleaner loosens up soap scum and grime like nobody’s business. And it leaves a natural fresh scent to boot. I give this cleaner a million stars.


    • June 18, 2015 12:18 PM

      Glad it worked for you. Next time I made it, I’m going to use less dish soap as it seemed to leave a bit of residue on the shower tile.


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