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Daily Practices: 6/22 – 6/28

June 28, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main shrines twice a day when home and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.

6/22:  Shoulders feel a bit better today…less like my arms are going to fall off.  The unsteady weather patterns in Denver really did a number on them.  Loaded up the boychild and went to my parents’.  Spent the morning and early afternoon with them.  Went to see Winter Soldier which was pretty good.  Loaded up and took the boychild home.  Had dinner and watched the Lego movie which was beyond stupid and lame I thought but my son enjoyed it.  Mosquito bite at my waist.  Tried the hot spoon trick on it.  Seemed to do the trick as it hasn’t itched since I did that.  Tired.  After 11 when Hubby finally got home yet.  So tired of this.  Looks like next weekend will be spent fixing the camper truck…I hope.

6/23:  Lost part of my morning to cleaning up the floor to ceiling mess my son made when he dropped his full bowl of hot chocolate muesli.  What a mess.  Unfortunately, Hubby will have to scrub the ceiling and the upper cabinets as my shoulders are not up to it.  😦 The kitchen area rug will also probably need to be sprayed though I did try to get the chocolate out of it.  I’m more worried about sour milk smell.  Hanging on the fence outside…which means mama nature may do some washing too.  Right before we left so that I could go to work, he broke one of my large fairies because he wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing.  So frustrating.  He’s more destructive now than when he was a toddler.  Work.  Dinner.  Work.  Home to a tired and grumpy Hubby.  Good news though, they may have another house.  Boychild was not well behaved this afternoon.

6/24:  Slept late ’cause I didn’t fall asleep until after 3am.  Laundry started.  Work which was slow and boring…which means my feet hurt tonight from doing a lot of standing around trying to look busy. Dinner.  Watered flower/veggy beds.  Article on Cocomama and the coca leaf.

6/25:  Busy day.  Walked boychild to art class.  Came home cleaned up, planned  my steampunk outfit for work tonight.  Made a picnic lunch.  Walked to pick him up and then walked to the park.  Lunch.  Looked for shapes in the melting snow on the mountains:  t-rex head, packman, alligator, South America, paint splatter, bat ears, Italy…wonder if that says anything about me.  Summer reading program for the boychild which means I got in some reading time.  Walked home.  Got ready for work.  FYI reaching the bottom row of shelves in a corset is impossible.  Got Hubby to take my picture…thought I looked pretty good until I saw the pictures…to my eyes I looked like a fat mutton trying to pass itself off as lamb.  Granted Hubby sucks as a photographer (which is why I take the pictures and why there are so few pictures of me) but ugh.  Hubbys says I looked fine but then that man wouldn’t know how to hand out an actual compliment if it bit him so I’m not sure what fine means in man talk.  We did have a conversation latter about my issues with my body (it hates me and menopause is proof of it) and how he loves me for me not for my body.  On one hand that is reassuring, on the other it does nothing for my ego which was in the dust already any way.  Read more before bed.  Helped Hubby take a bunch of games that the boychild put onto his phone without permission.  One of them had a virus in it…

6/26:  very little sleep.  So tired of being tired…and unmotivated.  Read article on MZB and now am unsure of what to do with those books of hers that I have…can one separate the work from the author?  Should you?  Part of me wants to burn them.   Part of me flinches at the amount of money I spent upon them, just to turn them into firewood.  Lots of arguing with the boychild…I’m so sick of this.  Tried to do a writing exercise…did NOT go well.  I want a vacation.  Craft night.  NA BoD meeting.  Hubby still having problems with his phone…

6/27:  A bit more sleep.  Not enough but better than the previous night.  Found my son had gotten on to Hubby’s computer and got him started on a game on Facebook so he has lost electronic privileges for a week.  Reinstituted his chore chart earlier this week to hopefully keep him better on track.  Stitched while he worked on subtraction sheets.  Got the body of the apple finished and the stem stitched.  Leaf and outlining to go.  Let boychild choose lunch since he got the sheets done.  Afternoon with him didn’t go so well but he did get his writing done.  I told him that until he starts doing his writing in a reasonable amount of time that he will have more writing sessions because he can not  do this for/to his teachers.  Laundry put away.  Took some crochet gifts that I was given several years ago (that I’ve been hanging onto with no clue what to do with them since their original purposes were not feasible), made the soft one into a rug for my side of the bed and the other I made into a more useable shawl/cape which I hope will be useful in the evenings at my desk.  I made roast beef with homemade garlic-horseradish sauce, potatoes cooked in gravy and steamed artichokes for dinner.  Fire after dinner…burned various offerings and items that would have been burned is we had had a fire on Summer Solstice (like the Yule “log”, remnants of the Yule tree, the corn stalk fairy from my kitchen, etc.).  Also used the time to get rid of the mental gunk.  Dark moon tarot reading…which I made very little sense to me.  Will try something else tomorrow when I’m not so tired.  Goals:  more sleep, less yelling, more fun.

6/28:  had to wake Hubby up this morning…he forgot to set his alarm for work.  Discussion with boychild over how to do better, looking for ways for him to earn electronic time.  Coffee cake in a mug because my child has been nagging me all week for it.  Went for a walk to see the Community Market and check out a yard sale.  So tired.  Feel a bit more energetic after lunch.  Cleaned the mess from last night’s dinner, got rhubarb sauce a bubblin’ and vacuumed up the mountains of doghair.  One yellow lab = unbelievable amounts of hair.  By tomorrow, it will look like I haven’t vacuumed in a week.  Watched the last 3 episodes of Agents of Shield.  Was so hoping that Ward would do something right.  Had a heck of a time finding something to make for dinner.  Hubby home late.  Water the flower/veggie beds.  Been racking my brain for an original story to honor Zeus…was going to redo a myth but decided something more modern was needed…but I’m so tired I can’t think of anything.

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