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Daily Practices: 6/15 – 6/21

June 22, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main shrines twice a day when home and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.


6/15:  Another really bad night, only a couple hours of sleep.  So freaking tired.  Breakfast with our guests who then headed for home.  Made the minion sign for Hubby.  Yard work out back, including planting cabbage, lettuce, kale and green onions.  I also harvested, sliced and froze rhubarb for our next batch of rhubarb butter (it takes less time to cook it if it is froze first as freezing breaks down the fibers I think).  Idiotic neighbor up the street caused a kerfuffle when he loosened lug nuts on a truck because it was in front of his house…unfortunately for him (fortunate for the driver), another neighbor saw him do it and the cops were called.  Worked on dinner, dessert and packaging meat.  Watered the flower beds and veggie bed. Tired.  Took something to help me sleep.

6/16:  Slept…a drugged sleep but it was sleep.  Nervous about work this week.  Nothing like being called to the carpet for doing as I was told.  Meeting about this isn’t until tomorrow.  Got ready, ran my son over to Hubby’s job site, work which was peaceful because of the people not there.  Got 2 packages in the mail:  first one was the belt for my dryer; the second was a package from my sister containing two galaxy t-shirts, one for me and one for my son.  Very nicely done!  Dryer works but is noisier than it ever has been before…Hubby says there are other parts that need replacing…but it didn’t make this noise before the belt broke…  Can’t help but wondering, as old as this thing is, if a newer, more energy efficient one would be better in the long run.  Not that we have the money…honestly I’m puzzled and worried about why things haven’t gotten better for us.  It isn’t like we are frivolous with our money.

6/17:  Slept beyond badly only to have my child at 7am yelling that he peed his bed.  <head/desk> That’s 2 hours of possible sleep up and gone.  Cranky, very cranky…great way to start the day.  Laundry.  Exercised a little as an attempt to improve my mood but I’m so tired that I’m afraid to do much as I need my energy for this afternoon.  Not enough  money to finish paying bills…Hubby said last night that he is waiting on invoices so that he can bill out.  Dropped boychild off at Hubby’s work site and went to work.  The two people complaining weren’t available for the meeting, figures eh?  99% of what I was doing was fine and a none issue with the person I was doing it for…the other 1% was a mere matter of opinion.  Boils down to someone just wants to make trouble for me.  With everything happening, I missed greeting the altars this morning.

6/18:  rough night but better than others recently.  On my own this morning, as my son went to work with his dad.  General contractor is going to pay my son to clean out the crawl space.  O_0  I’m eyeing a pansy wingback chair…Hubby will kill me if I get it but at the most it is $10 and would look great in our bedroom…problem is in order to get the chair that is in there out…it will have to go out the window because it won’t fit through the narrow doorway.  Evidently we got it in there before the door jam went up.  Laundry. Hubby described it as a very ugly chair, so I didn’t get it. Sigh.  Picked up our son who didn’t do much work, had lunch, went to story time and then back to the work site.  Work.  Nothing like a patron who won’t get off the computer until you get grumpy with them and then ask you if you are having a bad evening.  “No.  It is time to GO!”  Trying an experiment with a hot pin to get rid of some cherry red marks on my skin.  I hope it works as I’ve found an number of these “old age” marks lately.

6/19:  Very sad this morning.  Found out one of my long time, long distant stitching buddies died during the night.  Never physically met and didn’t even correspond regularly of late.  Not sure why this is hitting me so hard…  A long, blithering post of Facebook that I was tempted to delete rather than post but in its way it was cathartic and tiring.  I’m worn out.  Jr Rangers for my son, grocery shopping for me.  Got his report card in…all 3s and 4s except for finishes work in a timely fashion (which would be that writing assignment he refused to do. Laundry is done though.  Sat with my son as he worked on his math program.  Forgot all about craft night until it was too late to attend.  After dinner I finished the faery story I started reading him on Tuesday.  Posted blog  post on Chasca.

6/20:  Odd dreams during the night but that means I slept well so I’ll take them…but I really have no desire to move to my parents’ childhood town.  Just saying.  Temperamental or is it my son’s refusal/inability to listen?  Putting away laundry and packing.  I’m tired.  I’m blue.  I’m angry.  I don’t want to be around anyone.  I don’t know if this is about my friend or if I’ve just hit my limit between issues at work, money issues at home and a child behaving in a manner that is unacceptable.  I don’t want to go to Denver.  I don’t want to have to spend money on necessities in town when bills are not paid.  I don’t want to be a third wheel because of my inability to help thanks to fucked up shoulders.  I most certainly do not want to be around my child as I doubt my parenting ability on good days and this is far from a good day.  Felt a bit better after driving down the hill by myself.  Boychild road with Hubby in his work van.  Cashed in some aluminum cans.  In-laws prepping for concrete installation for their fence tomorrow.  No altar greeting this morning as I was feeling too negative.

6/21:  woken this morning by my son at 7:30 to tell me that the donuts were here…Dfest meeting.  Hung out at my inlaws.  Wimpy shoulders couldn’t help with the concrete pour there or the the paver setting at a friends.  Felt pretty useless, so I read (hid in) a short book.  Took me over an hour to convince the boychild that he had to nap.  Once I got it through his thick skull, he was out like a light.  Glad I insisted too though I also had to be the meany and tell him he couldn’t go swimming with his step-cousins ’cause then he’d be too tired for the long dinner.  The three of us had a good evening together at a Moroccan restaurant using a Groupon coupon.  A great way to celebrate the solstice together though I rather missed the spiritual component. My son thought it was all pretty weird but seemed to like at least some of the food.  He’s already asked when we can go back.

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