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Daily Practices: 6/8 – 6/14

June 15, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main shrines twice a day when home and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.


6/8:  Got up got read, finished a book and went to my mother’s.  She took us out for doughnuts and then did some shopping.  Got some sandals for work as an early birthday gift and some clothes for Hubby’s father’s day gift.   Lunch Went back to the inlaws’, loaded up in the rain and drove home.  Grocery store and home.  Chef salad for dinner.  Covered the plants I put in the ground on Thursday…’cause it is !@#$%^&* snowing.  Spent the evening getting caught up on email and such.  Hubby home 10:45.  He informed/reminded me that he has to fix the camper truck before we can go camping.  Shit.  We have a work weekend for Dfest July 4th weekend…

6/9:  One of the first things that happened this morning was my son sung our version of “you are my sunshine” to me.  🙂  Uncovered the plants.  25 minutes of dancing for exercise.  Hubby is home today and I have to go to work…poop!  Laundry started. Work.  Came home on my dinner break to my Hubby saying “your dryer’s belt broke”.  Grrrreat.  Back to work a bit frazzled.  Come home to Hubby having cleaned under my washer and dryer with Simple Green…which does the trick but stinks to high heaven (and the house stunk from their dinner too…yuck!).  He strung a rope across the garage so that I could hang the laundry (as opposed to freezing it outside tonight).  Ordered the replacement belt…I hope it gets here quickly.  Tired. Argued with Hubby last night.  I’m frazzled over all the things that need repaired/replaced and told him so when he asked.  He proceeded to yell at me.  I honestly feel like I can’t talk to him any more about finances…

6/10:  Up early than usual.  Another spat with Hubby.  He never keeps track of the date.  I asked him if he was aware it is the 10th and that I needed to start paying bills soon.  He yelled at me about needing to keep him in the loop.  Our bills have always started coming due shortly after the 10th!  Shortly after he left he sent my an apology text.  I know he’s been working too much and is stressed but taking it out on me will not fix anything.  We are a team not adversaries.  Made up a hockey minon for my son to color for his cousin.  A short yoga routine to stretch sore muscles from yesterday.  Took laundry off the line.  Hubby surprised us by coming to pick up the boychild (along with tools/materials) instead of me dropping him off.  This gives me 30 minutes to chill before finish getting ready for work.  I often find myself wondering…if today will be the day that work wises up and gives me the ol’ heave ho’.  I’ve never had a job I actually enjoyed doing so I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop…I was reminded of my Isis meditation where she pretty much told me that I needed to work on my self image.  Work.  Walked to a restaurant for dinner ’cause we couldn’t figure out what to cook. Read (ok skimmed) an article on Zeus, picked up a new-to-me epithet for him.  Deck interview.

6/11:  Walked my son down to his art class this morning, then was going to walk to  pick him up put the rain and hail was a deterrent.  He made me an octopus! Then wrote me instructions on how he did it so that I can make more.  No motivation.  Peanut butter stirred up.  Checkbook.  Grad cards sent. Yep that’s the sum of my accomplishments before work.  Work was stressful, it made me realize that part of my fear of being fired is the work environment.  It isn’t the patrons, it is the fear of upsetting a certain someone who has the ear of someone important.  One never knows what will set her off.  I must admit, the thought of quitting, of not getting that sick feeling of fear in my belly any more was really appealing.  Came home wanting to destress only t be faced with more bad choices by my son.  [head/desk]  I want something hot and chocolatey.  It’s late and I shouldn’t but I will any way.

6/12:  I’m not sure I’m cut out for this parenting stuff.  I decided that my son’s punishment for lying and stealing (other than returning the money, including the money he has left from yard sales last weekend and not attending a party Friday night)  was to write “The only thing worse than a thief is a liar.  I am better than that.” To fill up a wide rule page front and back.  It should have taken him no more than an hour.  It took him 9.5 hours…unbelievable.  Meanwhile I’ve pulled staples on the cedar chest and made up two father’s day cards with envelopes, read the paper and wondered how to keep from strangling or beating my child.  I gave up working around the house and read instead.  It kept me from strangling him.  Prepped beans.  No morning greeting of altars…by the time I remembered I was no where near the proper mindset.

6/13:  Unmotivated but got a bunch to do to get ready for guests and get the things done that should have been done yesterday.  Would rather finish my book. Started cooking beans with chili pepper, garlic and fresh bay leaf. Made a batch of ice tea:  raspberry leaf, rooibos, pomegranate green and mint tea.  Grocery shopping.  Came home to find that my father’s day cards weren’t picked up so I went to the postmaster and complained.  I’ve been patient for 6 months or so.  Patience all gone.  Prepping dinner for tomorrow night:  carnita buffet dinner.  House could stand some dusting and such which I may or may not get to but we’ll eat well!  Made a chorizo dip for tonight’s “going away” party for a friend who is moving away from Leadville.  Went and picked up the wild roses someone gave me.  I forgot to pick them up Wednesday so I hope they make it. Was told by someone tonight that it looks like I’ve lost weight.  Since I’ve actually gained a bit of weight back (muscles? maybe a little bit of poor eating/over eating in Denver hasn’t helped), I was rather pleased at the compliment. Came home to Hubby making the carnitas and rhubarb butter.  After we got that jarred, I did a full moon ritual to honor Isis.

6/14:  slept very badly only got a couple of hours.  Friends up for the weekend, yay!  Breakfast, wood run, lunch, sight in guns, carnita dinner and outdoor fire.  Tired but a good day.  Got a crocheted dishcloth.  Love those!  I did miss greeting the altars this morning.  I did get my book finished…yay and boo.

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