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Deck Interview: Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

June 10, 2014

Whenever I get a new deck, I like to “interview” it.  Below is the result.  Some of the meanings ended up being more intuitive than “traditional”.  Clarifiers are more of a tarot thing but it worked here…I had the urge to draw two and no more every time I wanted clarification.

7 card spread with clarifiers

7 card spread with clarifiers



7             2


4             6


  1. What is your most important characteristic?  Frying Pan – I can be used when you are troubled, baffled or upset.
  2. What can you do? Knot – pinpoint the issues
  3. What can’t you do? Dog–faraway – can’t discuss things unrelated to you or distant from you
  4. What is your curriculum? Older Woman – To teach you
    1. Clarifier 1:  Cobweb – how to protect yourself when events are beyond your control
    2. Clarifier 2:  Basket – how to maximize your efforts
  5. How should I use you? Fair Woman – for Current Events
    1. Clarifier 1:  Show opportunities
    2. Clarifier 2:  Point out journeys
  6. Final thoughts? Pin – we are beginning a new relationship
  7. Who wants to work through you? Finger – Warning
    1. Clarifier 1:  Tent – Temporary arrangement, more of a swinging door arrangement
    2. Clarifier 2:  Woman – currently a female

Hmmm…so used by whoever has a message for me.  Looks like I need to get in the habit of asking who is addressing me when I use these cards.  My inclination is this is another voice for my Ancestors but I couldn’t tell you why.  A deck to rely on when I’m tired because of its directness or when I’m too upset to try tarot.

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