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Daily Practices: 6/1 – 6/7

June 8, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main shrines twice a day and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.


6/1:  Another rough night due to an unhappy toddler at least his mom got to go home today!  Breakfast with a friend.  Took my son to spend his money that he’s been saving.  Went over to my parents’ where I was given some flowers and their old telescope.  Back to the Inlaws’ to pack up.  Drove home while finishing up the book on CD.  Very tired.  Unloaded the truck.  Made dinner.  Watched a show with the boychild who then had a melt down when I told him it was time to get ready for bed.  So much to do and so tired and unmotivated.  Did a little of this and a little of that.  So tired.  Not gonna be able to stay up until Hubby gets home.  😦

6/2:  Slept a bit better.  20+ minute workout.  My son’s lying is going to push me around the bend.  Today’s discovered lie:  before we left denver he claimed he didn’t know where a game piece was to one of his grandparents’ games…it was in his pocket the whole time and he knew it because he had just changed pants due to a broken zipper.  Laundry started.  Helped the boychild get his stuff together for the afternoon with his dad at the job site followed by swim lessons.  Work. Dinner and back to work.  Boychild to bed.  Sounds like he didn’t behave very well this afternoon.  BA meeting notes.  Wrote my long over due blog on Inti for PS.

6/3:  Still not sleeping well, yeah what else is new? Laundry. Greeted altars with my son.  Took a newer cardboard book and taped in a copy of the to-and-from out of the old one.  It is a cute book and the old one had been chewed on by the dog and ripped by a younger boychild.  Also did some taping on his very old books.  Work.  Dinner as a family…that hasn’t happened very often lately.  At dinner, my son told us a story he had heard about why the oceans are salty. There was a guy who needed to pick up salt for his village. He took his camel and really loaded him down. On the way back, they were walking near a stream that lead to the ocean. The camel stumbled causing all the salt to fall into the stream…which is why the ocean is salty. We hated to tell him that while it was a good story, that isn’t why the ocean is salty.  He hung his head and said “Oh, I thought it was true.”  Poor baby…reality sucks sometimes.  Felt the urge that I should be doing something.  Lenormand cards said to have a short conversation with the Ancestors.  So I did a reading with their tarot deck.  A lot of the same cards from the Dark Moon reading.  Similar in content to Noumenia omens.  I have a better understanding of what it is they are telling me I need to do.  It involves using mediation to seek guidance on a new path with and from Isis.  My logical side is scream how ridiculous this is.  My inner child however points to the same messages in three different readings, at three different times with two different methods/decks.  My brain gerbil giggles over the idea of me being able to quiet it down long enough to get anything accomplished.

6/4:  First night of good sleep in a while so of course the boychild had to wake me at 3:30am.  The life of a mother.  Took forever to get back to sleep so I slept in.  Had a dream about going to a dream library to check out a dream…tried to get one on Isis but the dream wouldn’t open.  I have a bunch to do and finding numerous ways to distract myself.  Laundry.  Paperwork.  I can actually see sections of my desktop now!  Still pretty sore from Monday so taking a rest day.   Got the boychild to write a thank you note and color something for an aunt and uncle that had sent him money over Christmas. Greeted the altars with my son.  Hand tacked a patch.  Walked to work.  Came home to find the guys eating dinner and they even left enough for me! Research for my next blog.

6/5:  I hate 4am…too early to get up, hard to go back to sleep.  Slept in.  Laundry put away.  More writing for the boychild.  Seamstress work. Lots of arguments over eating lunch.  Took him to the Jr. Rangers program.  Seems like the guy doing it this year has better control over the kids, which is good as last year was a disaster.  Came home to get a hug from Hubby who was off to Denver…AGAIN.  [head/desk and repeat].  It doesn’t help that I’ve got the blues, am frustrated by my son and feel like the worst mother ever.  I need some guilt-free, worry-free me time.  I need some reconnect time with my husband…money stresses, body changes stresses, child distractions plus stupid distractions (like Zoo World, Isohatethatfuckinggame), and miscommunications, etc. have made that hard.  Instead, I can stay home, mope and get no quality time with my husband or go to Denver, be a pain in my inlaws’ backside (and whoever else gets stuck dealing with me) and maybe get some quality time with Hubby.  So to Denver I will go, belly aching and whining the whole time until I’m on the road.  Housework.  Dinner.  Craft night.  Home in a better mood.  Yard work.  Finished housework.  Got the boychild to bed.  Changed sheets on the bed and cleaned the kitchen.  Meditation with the smell of cinnamon to calm and guide.  Nothing concrete to write about, only impressions…of being wrapped in her wings, of being cradled my back against her chest, of her reaffirming the name/title that Zeus gave me a long time ago, of being loved, valued, wanted and told that I need to accept my own value, of her being amused and exasperated with me and my stubbornness, less hearing her and more feeling the vibration of her words and feeling the meaning of them…

6/6:  the morning has been a struggle.  I didn’t fall asleep until 3ish.  My son is still up to his “tricks” so it hasn’t been pleasant.  Got mom’s bracelets made.  Packed up.  Lunch, load up and head down to Denver.  Forgot the toiletry bag…damn it.  In-laws wanted to take my son on a short trip up to Wyoming to deal with some family issues.  I would love to send him just to get some (mostly) guilt-free me time but his punishment for the string of lies he’s been tossing around this week is having to go wherever I go ’cause I can’t trust him to do or say what is right…so until he proves that he is trustworthy again, he is stuck doing things with mean ol’ mom.  It  may be as much of a punishment for me as it is for him.  Dragging him shopping or other things that I like to do and he doesn’t is NOT my idea of fun.

6/7:  Sleep come back to me!  Hubby has finally reached his breaking point.  He’s tired he’s cranky and doesn’t really want to leave in the morning.  Homemade banana bread with pecans made by my mother-in-law for breakfast.  Spent the morning going to yard sales with my son who did very well for himself.  Spent a little time with a friend then the rest reading.  Out to dinner with friends then back to their place to chat around their fire.

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