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New Deck: Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

June 1, 2014

I’ve been wanting these for a long time.  To me they seem like an expansion of the Lenormand cards…or maybe a MUCH chattier version since there are over 200 cards in this deck.

Saturday around noon while waiting for my lunch date to arrive, I played around with them.  I asked what to expect from my lunch date. I drew:  Carriage, Bird–Perched and Staff.  Carriage (for journey) and Bird–Perched (waiting for news, package, letter) made sense because we were driving to lunch and he had a bag of stuff for me but the Staff (You will be taken care of in difficult times) didn’t.  Reading the associated book, the Staff is associated with a shepherd’s crook, a symbol of a guide and guardian.  I then drew another card hoping for clarification and got Tree (affairs with your family).  Yeah…I was still clueless.  When my friend arrived, I found out that he was so late because he had stopped at an accident.  He stopped because he was an ex-trauma nurse and ex-EMT.   We went to lunch then to a park to walk around and catch up on each other’s lives.

Been mulling about these latter two cards from time to time.  I was then reminded of my mental association of this deck with Lenormand cards and I just recently got a book on Lenormand that would be of help here.  Yeah…the Lenormand interpretations for the Staff card makes a lot more sense in this case.

The Staff or Whip in Lenormand can have several meanings but the meaning that applies really well here is sexual energy/tension.  This wasn’t just any friend but my ex-lover, my OSO.  So yeah plenty of passion there, tightly reined in.  So despite all the years and the time apart, we still have a “thing” for each other.

After reading that, the Tree card made more sense too.  We did discuss (among other things) what his family was doing, what my family was doing, etc…especially since we were talking while we were cuddling or holding hands.

But another secondary meaning could be seen in these cards too and I didn’t catch it until a little while ago…

A ride (Carriage which would relate to Ship in Lenormand both signify transport and vehicle), for which I’m waiting (Bird–perched) for a date (Birds –Lenormand) because he stopped at an accident scene (Staff/Whip — Lenormand) was taking care of (Staff) a medical issue (Tree–Lenormand).  Now some would say that I’m stretching things a bit, especially mixing two systems…but I think the timing of me remembering my association between the two systems a little odd not to take it seriously.  Not to mention the similarity between the card meanings to begin with…

Granted this is only my first use with the cards, but this preliminary usage has me impressed.

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