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Daily Practices: 5/25 – 5/31

June 1, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main shrines twice a day and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.


5/25:  Mom called me from her camping trip to wish me a “Happy Daughter’s Day”.  Never heard of the day but it was nice to get the call.  BBQ at some friends’ house.  Was there pretty much all day.  At some point, I talked with my friend about the various paths of Paganism.  She wanted to know about how to set up an altar or what to put on it.  I really wasn’t much help because the choices are so vast but I hope I gave her plenty to think about as she starts  down her path.  Something that I should have told her is to put on it whatever makes you think of the divine…things that represent your hopes, your wishes, your fears and what you are thankful for…

5/26:  Got up this morning with an intense desire to be home.  Had breakfast with my hosts from yesterday (who paid for my breakfast despite my protest!), packed up and drove home.  Boychild has been excessively bratty today.  Overly tired I think.  Driving up in elevation tires me out so I’ve been short tempered.  Heck I wasn’t overly tolerant of his antics before we even left.  Pretty sure FIL was irritated with my handling of the child before we left.  Stopped off at my parents’ to drop off some goodies.  Got home, unloaded the truck, hung the flag, grabbed a labelless beer with a cartoon dog on the cap and went to the local cemetery.  There is a veteran’s memorial there.  We poured libations at the various memorial plaques.  I was quite shocked to pour that beer and have it turn out to be red (and I mean RED).   Oddly appropriate but shocking none the less.  We read the plaques, walked the cemetery, reading stones here and there especially when there was a flag.  It was touching to see my son do a spur of the moment clumsy bow before one of the memorials.  Went grocery shopping.  Laundry started.  Wraps for dinner with smoked meat, various fruits and veggies, cheese and salsa for me.  Bedtime stories for the boy. Hubby home about 10:15.  The rug that we were gifted is too big  😦  Poor Hubby is really bummed out.  Apologized to me repeatedly about misestimating the size of our living room.  No idea what we will do with it now.

5/27:  So my weight has slowly been creeping up.  I’m lazy as a cat and I like my food just as much as any cook (the weekly trips to Denver are not helping either…too much temptation, not enough movement).  So my goal is to buckle down.  Exercise more and eat less.  I hate to do both.  2 miles/30+ minutes video.  Back of my legs are still sore from Saturday.  I’m so wimpy.  Laundry. Work where my sore legs were NOT a benefit.   8 month review…was good; all expected, above expected or outstanding.  Made dinner.  Found an oracle deck that someone was getting rid of on Facebook…hope shipping doesn’t knock it out of my price range. Read more stories to the boychild before bed.  Need to be ready to go at the same time as the boychild tomorrow.  Field trip.

5/28:  Got up early to get showered and dressed, then got lunches and snacks packed up for the mine tour field trip.  The mine tour was fine, not that interesting.  Did get to try my hand at gold panning which was kind of fun.  I did find a two tiny flakes of gold and helped a student find one of his own.  I bought a vial to keep them in, will give the student’s his tomorrow.  Was pretty tired by the time we got back to town.  Took my son home a little early so that I could relax before getting ready for work.  Hubby to take boychild to swim lesson test.  I feel guilty that I can’t do it which is silly as Hubby is a parent too but I do none the less. Work.  I got home and Hubby left for Denver.  He told me this should be the last weekend for a while.  I hope so.  Tired, finished a book.  Should have done more than mental stuff for Dark moon.  I hope to do that tomorrow.

5/29:  Tired.  Brain hamster wouldn’t shut down.  I made the mistake of contemplating the last month, things to keep, things to let go.  Did more dozing than actual sleeping.  Went to get out the gold flake for the student and found one missing.  When I confronted my son he lied about it, repeatedly…which made me very angry.  First he opened the vial when he had been told repeatedly not to do so.  Dumped the flakes out on a lego and didn’t get all three flakes put back in.  He lied and denied repeatedly until I pointed out that he was the last one to touch the vial.  I’m irritated about him loosing some of my hard (though fun), patient work to find the flake…but I am furious about his lying, denying and lying some more about it.  I was so angry that I didn’t want to touch him ’cause I really wanted to paddle his butt which was overboard for his action.  I think it was the loss of trust that made me so angry.  Baking snickerdoodles for the end of the year BBQ.  Walked the dog when we got back for about 25 minutes (but walking with a child probably means that doesn’t translate to very much but every step counts.)  Scrubbed the bathroom, cleaned the kitchen and swept the dining room with the boychild’s help.  Made son’s dinner choice, watched a movie, only to have the child lie to me AGAIN over brushing his teeth.  Seriously?!  His punishment, other than the lie lecture AGAIN, was not getting to watch the movie’s bloopers.  Which caused a melt down that was so tragic you would have thought I had done something drastic like cut off his foot. Dark moon/Ancestor tarot reading…only half of which I understood.

5/30:  Another draft review of an upcoming book from NA.  Lots yet to do before we can do another trip to Denver.  I have no enthusiasm for this trip down so I’m finding it hard to motivate.  Laundry put away.  Packed.  Noumenia.  Quick lunch, load and off to Denver. Hydroplaned down the hill while listening to a book on CD. Dinner with my parents.  Went with Hubby to get his dinner and was joined up by friends for drinks…who then managed to sneak the check!  Hubby’s SIL went to in for an appendectomy.  Out of town no greeting of altars just prayers.

5/31:  Rough night last night…mostly due to Hubby’s toddler nephew who stayed with the inlaws too because of his mother being in the hospital.  Slow moving this morning…  Lunch with OSO followed by a walk in a park.  Miss his companionship but held myself firmly in check (yes it difficult).  Picked up floss at Hobby Lobby.  Went to the Chalk Festival downtown with 3 other ladies.  Some of the things they can do with chalk are amazing…makes me wish (again) I could draw.  Been admiring Artemis’ bow in the sky the last two nights.  Lovely crescent moon.  Toddler here at the house.  Spent a lot of time with my hand over my ear or at least it felt like it.  Poor child.  There is no place like your own bed.


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