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Daily Practices: 5/18 – 5/24

May 24, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main altars twice a day and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.

5/18:  Took my dog for a 2 mile walk.  Made it back with my temper intact and my shoulders not hurting.  It was a good walk so glad to have the head halter for him.  Ran an errand, got the boychild’s haircut, loaded up and came home.  Unloaded, made dinner and watched a couple more episodes of Agent of Shield.  Ward is a bad boy…or is he?  That look that Ward and Colson gave each other as he was leaving with Hand…hmmmm.  Had a good evening with the child until he argued with me about putting his shoes away…of all the things for him to be silly about!  Sun has gone down and it is still over 50 degrees…NICE!  Worried that Hubby isn’t taking proper care of himself…first meal of the day for him didn’t happen until after 9pm.  I lost my temper yesterday…Hubby’s SIL showed me what she got for Mother’s Day and it was salt in the wound.  I told her it was nice and apologized for my lack of enthusiasm saying that Mother’s Day was a sore point with me right now, explaining why.  Someone else brought it up again and that filter between mouth and brain poofed.  I called my husband an asshole, which may be how I feel about him over the whole situation, along with unfeeling and unromantic but it was improper and rude.  I guess it shows how upset I still am, rightfully or not.  Part of me feels that my husband didn’t think I was worth acknowledging…which hurts and makes me overly sensitive and temperamental.  I did apologize to him when he got home…just as I was getting ready for bed.  Needless to say, I went to bed late as Hubby was chatty.  🙂

5/19:  Boychild to school.  Hubby surprised with a walk down to main street for breakfast.  Dead mouse in the coat closet, very smelly…damn cats bring them in and let them go to chase…sometimes they sort of escape.  Laundry started. Checkbook up-to-date.  Microwaves (was gifted a microwave…the other belongs in the camper) wiped out.  Work.  Feet hurt tonight after a very long boring day at work.  Tired.  Watched tv.

5/20:  Cleaning out coat closet to try to get the icky smell out…it actually smells like a gas leak but there is no gas in that part of the house…going to have to wash or hang outside everything that was in it I think. Reviewed a book for style fixes.  Gathered up some steampunk stuff for a display at the library.   Work.  Come home (with a few books because I don’t have enough of them around here…NOT!)  to find Hubby cleaning up the yard…raking up leaves and such.Laundry.  Put the closet back together.  DWTS…yay Maks and Meryl won!

5/21:  Ass a draggin’ today…so didn’t sleep well.  Tried to sleep in while Hubby took care of the boychild.  He came back to bed for snuggles which was nice as we haven’t had snuggle time lately.  Laundry. Walked to be volunteer aid for school.  Came home and helped Hubby struggle with the virus program we needed to uninstall.  The manufacturer said for us to contact our ISP.  Our ISP had no clue, so we struggled through and Hubby found the solution.  Planted green onions.  I’ve enjoyed the past several days with Hubby (though these days off were caused by an inconsiderate customer…he spent his time on me or doing things for us).  We didn’t do anything special but he was there 100% with a focus on me for a change or at least that is how it felt…I’ll be sorry to see him leave for Denver tonight but that’s how the bills are getting paid right now.  Work.  Came home to some pizza slices, a clean kitchen, macaroni (for salad this weekend( and a kiss good-bye.  House feels empty without him here.  Boychild was vastly unhappy about his going too.

5/22:  About as much sleep as last night…boychild to school.  Motivation lacking today.  Walk to volunteer as lunch aid at the school. Home.  Lunch. Read.  Went to pick up boychild and got talked into doing some sort of flash mob to commemorate the district’s last day of school…boychild still has a week to go.  Hand jive from Grease… Boychild went to after school club at the library (I read).  Took pictures of the steampunk display for the library (I have a few things in the display). Went home, put away laundry and got the boychild packed.  Got a text and was ordered to get our butts to the end of school party with the same people who did the hand jive.  Swung by craft night briefly on our way back .  Fed the boychild, got him cleaned up and put to bed. Finished my book.  Got the green beans I was given yesterday blanched, jarred and pickling.  Very tired. Yoga for better sleep.

5/23:  wasn’t great sleep but more than the previous two nights.  Lots to do today before leaving town.  Boychild took care of the cats’ food and litter box before going to school.  I got their water and the dishes.  Packed but I feel like I’m forgetting something important…  Lunch with MIL and nephew.  Music program with my son at Tabor Opera House. Drove to Denver.  Managed to forget to pack all my underthings:  socks, undies and bras.  Went to pick-up some socks and undies up at Walmart…no idea what size to get, you can’t try them on and you can’t take them back if you get the wrong size…so you cross your fingers and hope you are not wasting money.

5/24:  Did well shopping today (and was gifted a taco at lunch!  thanks Hermes!)…found some bras on clearance so was able to get some earrings and a shirt for less than I expected to spend on bras alone.  Helped a friend with some yard work until her mom had some health issues.  Spent the rest of the afternoon reading and twiddling my thumbs.  Gifted a rug from one of Hubby’s clients that they only used for a year…I hope it fits.  It’s gotta look better than the one that is in there.  Read another book.

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