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Daily Practices: May 11th – 17th

May 17, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main altars twice a day and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.

5/11:  Nothing from Hubby or child, not even a card.  Got up showered, packed, partially loaded, went to my mother’s for brunch. Told Hubby that it was bad enough he was working the the least he could have done is encouraged our son to make a card for me.   My dad took my son out and bought flowers and a card for him to give to me.  My FATHER did this (probably at my mother’s prompting but still!).  Went back to my inlaws (another pleasant weekend with them!  so glad!), finished packing and was on the road by 12:50pm.  The highway got shut down.  I waited for almost 3.5 hours for them to open it up.  I talked to a reporter who said there was no time table to open it according to CDoT.  So I went back to my inlaws…only to find out that they opened the highway back up 15 minutes after I left.  !@#$%   Hubby ended up taking me out to our favorite Indian restaurant where the service was horrible and the food wasn’t as good as usual.  Rather disappointing.  Finished the book I started yesterday and went to bed.  (No altars to greet only bedtime prayers)

5/12:  Got up, ate breakfast and drove home.  Made son’s lunch and Hubby took him to school.  Ate lunch, greeted altars and went to work.  Picked up the child and came home for dinner.  Went back to work.  Tired.  Need to pay bills and unpack.

5/13:  plenty tired but didn’t sleep well or enough…too much coffee yesterday I think…Hubby bought me a small mocha yesterday at Starbucks…about twice as much as what I usually drink.  I hoped between driving and work, I’d work it of…guess not.  Bills and laundry started.  Hubby still hasn’t gotten up out of bed even with my poking and prodding.  When he finally got up I told him that if he wasn’t going to be going into work today, I could use some help around the house like grocery shopping, vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom.  He did the first two!  I figured I’d be lucky enough to get one done.  He started vacuuming while I was getting ready for work.  Very happy.  Came home, tried to help my son with his math work but he wasn’t listening very well.  Hubby’s spaghetti for dinner.  Yearbook loaded to the school’s page.  Finished the story I started last night.  With all my attempts to be a functional adult this morning, I forgot to greet the altars this morning.  Really it shouldn’t be hard to remember!

5/14:  Slept OK.  Greeted altars with my son.  Feeling pretty cheerful this morning…full moon so that may be why.  Turned graduation announcements into congratulations cards.  Testing some superglue as part of a survey.  Should exercise but its cold outside and I’d rather read…plus Hubby is home and…well he’s a distraction.  Laundry and read another romance book (my guilty pleasure).  Work.  Home to a child that won’t finish his dinner that had mixed veggies in it.  Fed him like he was an infant and had him get ready for bed.  Hubby hugged us both and left for Denver.  Isis prayer.  Full moon ritual to honor Isis.  During meditation, I told my lady about the previous moon month and the things I’ve been doing:  yearbook, work, crafting gifts, etc.  She asked me what I do for myself…and I had no answer for her beyond the little bit of reading I’ve been doing…  Omens:  Well-water sacrifice (I take this to mean that my daily water offerings are fine.) Flame – East/Spring (a Beginning) Tree – Purification Fire (I take this to mean that it is time to do some fire purification around the house to dispel stagnant/winter/negative energies.)

5/15:  Boychild to school.  Looking for motivation when I’d rather be lazy.  Read a book.  Finished laundry.  Scanned in some pictures from my earliest photo album. Picked up the boychild.  Housework, put away laundry, help him pack his bags.  I’m having a bit of sore throat (allergies I’m guessing) so we are not going to craft night though I did take him out for dinner so that I could get some green chili.  Home watched an episode of Agents of Shield.  Seeing all those pictures of a skinny me, meditation thoughts of “what are you doing for you”, some minor health and dental worries (and the associated money issues) have me a bit overwhelmed tonight.  Watched the semi-finals of DWTS as an escape.  School is ordering 25 yearbooks…I sure hope they sell…

5/16:  Woke up to beeping…found out when I took the boychild to school that they are working on the cell tower near our house.  The beeping was a crane.  Muse called time to sew.  First project napkin grocery bag.  Time out for a workout and something to eat.  Darts added to 2 pairs of shorts and one pair of pants.  Repair work on a shirt and a grocery bag.  That reduces my work pile to almost nothing.  Stained shirt colored with fabric markers to make the stains less noticeable.  Packed up.  Drove to Denver.  Picked up a few housewarming gifts before seeing friends at their new home.  Helping them move in tomorrow.  No greeting of altars until I return home.

5/17:  Did not sleep well and a majority of that is due to my husband whose antics before he layed down woke me up.  Who didn’t mute his phone as I asked…which then chimed every time he got an email…who, due to being SOOOO tired snored a LOT…add my hot flashes to this and it was a rough night.  I did dream at one point of smashing his  phone to bits.  Dragonfest staff meeting.  Helped friends move into their place.  Well not really…bad day for my shoulders.  Was probably more in the way than anything.  Hubby and inlaws were really helpful and the boychild was well behaved.  Really, really tired.

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