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Daily Practices: April 27 – May 3rd

May 4, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main altars twice a day and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.

4/27:  woke up late and didn’t motivate too well.  New snow on the ground with more on the way.  Yuck.  Tried a recipe for doughnut muffins.  Recipe needs some adjustment but not too bad.  My son has had his nose buried in a book for most of the morning.  I love it and yet it is so bizarre.  Wishing I had marked my personal library so that I positively know which books are acceptable for his age.  Put away laundry and started more.  Did some weeding out of items in the boychild’s room.  Watched Harry Potter #3 with the boychild, who ranted at the end how different the movie was from the book.  Join the crowd buddy.  New recipes:  fried catfish and cheesy grits.  Tried to do some reading but got interrupted by my husband’s all so important search for a perforated ladle that he needs for dove hunting that doesn’t happen until…September?

4/28:  Had a hard time sleeping last night.  Today is when I work both afternoon and evening.  I’ll take off at 3:30 to get my son, go home, eat and be back to work no later than 4:15, 4pm is preferred though.  It is essentially more than doubling the amount I work on Mondays.  My son isn’t happy about it.  I’m not sure I’m happy about it.  However this is the most that I can take on until my son can be by himself for a few hours…which legally is 5 years away.  Realistically I’m not working that much…but I’ve been a happy housewife and then SAHM that this transition is hard on both me and my son even though I like my job which is my dream job.  Laundry.  Made up a play date “invitation” for my son to give to his friends on the last day of school so that he has  playmates over the summer.  Work.  Phone call about my misbehaving boychild…I go give him what-for…return to work.  Dinner break, pick up boychild, lecture him on the way home, eat, return to work, come home put boychild to bed.  Long, emotional day after a lousy night of sleep.  Hopefully I can get to the bottom of this issue tomorrow with a clearer, calmer head.

4/29:  Yeah…that calmer head didn’t happen too well.  Didn’t fall asleep until after 2 am.  It took most of the morning before school before I figured out the boychild’s issue.  He’s frustrated and doesn’t know how to deal.  He’s used to things being easy.  Told him as he left that this is one of those growing up moments.  So…mama fail this morning.  Hopefully I set him on the right or at least a better track.  I also texted the teacher about his problems.  Checkbook entries…need to get better about that.  Laundry.  Work.  Home to an angry dad and a child who still hasn’t written a neat apology note.  Ended up having to stand over him to get it done.  Got him calm and going on the computer section that he was having trouble with…between the 2 things I pointed out and whatever his teacher did during the day, he breezed through that section and the evening went much better…like 180 degree turn better.  BABoD meeting.  Notes typed up and sent off.  Too tired to do anything formal for the Dark Moon though I have been contemplating it here and there.  Realistically my goals for the next month are not any different from last month’s:  act don’t react and exercise regularly.  The month went a little better for me once I started paying more attention to the small differences out side.  Birds carrying on is the biggest lift but the snow has been melting and whatever falls generally melts off if not the same day then over the next couple of days.  I need to get more regular with my altar greeting so that is another goal for the month.  After coffee but before 10am!  No longer functioning.  Going to bed.

4/30:  Trouble falling asleep but did finally after Hubby came to bed at midnight.  Got woke up around 5am and dozed until the alarm.  Headache.  Boychild pulled out another of his loose teeth this morning…he truly is looking toothless…4 teeth coming in.  Got a to do list going in hopes of being productive today.  Isis’ altar dusted, dark moon prayer and incense offered.  Ancestor tarot reading…and they had A LOT to say.  Started working on my son’s school yearbook…wasted half of my day because they were having site issues but didn’t tell me that until the 2nd time I called.  I though my virus program was the problem!  Plenty irritated!  Work.  Relax, unwind and hopefully get more sleep tonight.

5/1:  Trouble falling asleep but once I got there…I think I slept though I can’t say I woke feeling rested.  Spent the morning designing and making late birthday cards for my niece and nephew from bits and pieces of old cards and scrapbook paper.  I think they’ll like them (forgot to take a picture of them).  Noumenia. Left for work early to  deliver a May Day jeweled flower then went to the grocery store to get a sympathy card and a some May Day flowers for my coworkers.  I feel like they ought to get something since they listen to me whine more often than anyone else.  Got them some gorgeous roses…didn’t keep any for myself…though I thought about it…’cause no one gave me anything for May Day.  Sigh.  I do this because it is fun but some year I wish I’d get something too.  The extras I gave to some of the mothers that I used to hang out with when our children were younger.  Work (where they actually fired someone so I “got” to go help the Children’s Librarian.  It wasn’t bad, I’m just not as tolerant of misbehavior as he is.).  My throat was feeling scratchy so I got Hubby to take me out for green chili instead of going to craft night.  We did drop off popcorn though!  Finishing laundry ’cause we’re going to Denver tomorrow.  Looking forward to the warmer weather but stressed out about seeing my inlaws…especially since I haven’t heard anything from the MIL.  Trying my damnedest to keep my eyes open…afraid to go to bed to just listen to the damn brain gerbil screaming around in my head…some nights that wheel is turbo charged.

5/2:  I slept I can’t say it was good…damn gerbil.  Dancing around for exercise when I get a call from my son’s teacher.  Go down to the school to lecture my actor who was trying to avoid school work, handing out punishments and gently lecturing his teacher.  Now I’m frustrated, angry and even more stressed about the weekend than I was before yet managing to ignore by burying it under the inducement of warm weather and friends.  Putting away laundry and packing.  Middle of loading up the truck I get another call from his teacher to come get him.  Ended up standing over him at his desk in order to get him to finish doing his writing assignment.  Got him in the truck and lectured him off and on all the way to Denver.  Stopped to see my friend’s possible new house.  I’m impressed and a bit envious as my house doesn’t look nearly that nice (and I’ve pretty much lost hope that it EVER will…the whole “shoemaker’s shoeless children” syndrome).  Nor a single comment in reference to the email I sent my MIL…however things seem to be going well.  I did warn my MIL that her grandson was under a lot of restrictions due to his attitude at school.

5/3:  Got my son started on his writing homework.  Spent the day thrift store shopping with my friend.  Only got one shirt for work but had a great time.  Dinner with the inlaws.  Got a text from the same friend from earlier in the day to join her and her husband for drinks.  Yay she isn’t tired of me!  We ended up chatting for HOURS with them.  So looking forward to having friends in our life that actually want to spend time doing things with us!  This is very rare in our life.  Grandparents helped my son get his writing done while we were out.  It was great…until the $1 bribe was thrown out.  I wondered if I was just being silly but Hubby wasn’t thrilled with it either.  I told him he needed to tell his mother that it wasn’t acceptable to us.  However I’m thrilled that between us, he got the writing done with minimal fits.  Prayers but no altar greetings while out of town.

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