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Daily Practices: 4/13 – 4/19

April 19, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main altars twice a day and say prayers before bed.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.

4/13:  Decorated some wood eggs with the boychild this morning.   Boychild helped me greet the altars (he did yesterday too).  Started laundry.  Hubby and child are out in the dogs yard.  Elder is trying to clean and shift snow…younger is probably being a nuisance.  🙂  Suddenly very tired with no go juice.  No phone call either, starting to think I’m not going to get one either.  Waiting for it is dragging me down, so I try to do things that keep my brain occupied with anything else.  This probably means we won’t go to Denver next weekend which means upsetting my mother who wanted us there for Easter and missing a meeting for Dragonfest.  I can’t leave my dog here as there really isn’t anyone to take care of him (I hate asking my neighbors so only do it on rare occasions) and I can’t stay at my parents’ with the him ’cause my dad really isn’t a pet person.   It also means I can’t pick up my sewing machine which is at a service center down there.  Why is it I’m always wanting to sew when my machine isn’t available?  Yet when it is I”m all “eh”.  Restless yet can’t find anything I want to do.  Snowing.  Ended up going grocery shopping with the guys then made some garlic roasted chicken quarters for dinner.  Last night, after some discussion started by Hubby, we decided to move his bedtime back 30 minutes to see if that will help him sleep in a little more.  It also gives him time after dinner (which is generally late no matter how hard we try otherwise).  Read boychild a chapter and a half of Harry Potter #3.

4/14:  Boychild doesn’t have school today.  Didn’t sleep well last night so moving slow.  After lunch, we ran errands, worked on his spelling list, finished the chapter from last night and planned out the Easter cards we want to send.  Then I preceded with the designing and cutting of said cards.  Not sure how we went from a together craft to a mama craft but they will be cute I think.  Work.  Completely forgot to greet the altars this morning.  Really want that Zeus book…but shit $81 for a book…I don’t think I can do it…damn it.  Watched DTWS…Maks is so in love with Meryl…I can’t tell how she feels though.  As much as I don’t like Candace, I like Cody even less so glad to see him go.  Tired…want to see the eclipse…but…  I went to bed…only to have Hubby’s exuberance get me up.  Sat at the window in our room watching, ruminating on Isis and dozing while he was in and out of the house taking pictures…he rarely uses the camera so kept coming to me to talk about settings.  It is a good camera but not meant for night time shots so it took a lot of fiddling.  He got some ok shots.  While I was sitting there dozing, a thought came to mind that was odd enough in content that I think it was a message.  Dark moons are for me to work on my issues with/through Isis, while full moons all about Isis…honoring, praising, celebrating.

4/15:  So tired.  When I did sleep I dreamed about Maks…  I need to find the energy to workout more often…no idea where to find it though.  When I have the energy I do things around the house but it isn’t good enough and my weight shows it.   It hasn’t gone up much but that is still something I don’t want to see. Not to mention the eating after work is a really bad idea but when it is 4 hours or more since my last meal and not close to bedtime, I have a hard time refusing.  Worked on laundry and the Easter cards.  Work.  Soooooo tired.  Black & blue burgers for dinner.  Tried reading a little but can’t concentrate too well so it is more skimming than anything.  Crafts are out too.  Just going to go to bed early I think. Took something to help me sleep.  Last several days have been very cold but at least the snow is melting wherever the sun shines.  Hubby said the rhubarb and horseradish are coming up.  I admit I haven’t gone out to see it.  Mostly because the back area is a muddy mess.  The heavy snow year and lack of adequate plowing in our alley has  not been kind back there.  Phew.  A message from my MIL, lines of communication are still open.

4/16:  Last night was a bad night which is scary after not enough sleep over the past several days and after taking something to help me sleep.  I dozed and tossed and turned.  Finally fell asleep after 4.  Not going back to sleep…got to dig down deep to find motivation and will power.  Spent a lot of time formating the prayer picture for Demeter.  Happier with it than I was originally but wish that damn program would do as I please…I just want to shave some corners!  Finished the exterior of the Easter cards and an egg project.  Rather productive morning for being so tired.  I think I’ve got nervous energy I’m trying to burn off from due to several things going on in my life and recent events have made me nervous about expressing myself here.  Which is part of the reason I started a blog.  😦  I’ll slap a disclaimer above but beyond that I haven’t decided what to do…  Things have been going better at home lately…well other than the boychild telling me that he wished I didn’t work in the evenings.  Didn’t upset me, more surprised as he seemed pretty content with his time alone with his dad.  We did discuss that me working during the day would be a problem during the summer and that we couldn’t always rely upon his friends’ families to watch him.  Part of me wishes that I worked only when he was in school but that isn’t realistic and I hope me working even when I don’t want to do so teaches him something good.  Picked up the books for me to hand out on World Book Night.  Work.  The problem with being this tired is that I distract extremely easy.  No morning greeting of the altars.  Hermes prayer posted.  Stayed up to my normal bedtime.  Looking forward to sleep.

4/17:  Slept better.  Sounds like I was a pest last night for Hubby.  He told me I was a “cuddle bug” last night.  Sorry dear.  Posted “Mother of All” prayer.  Last load of laundry in the dryer.  Dinner in the crockpot.  Errands.  Boychild and his friend bent a school spoon until it broke.  Sheesh. He’ll be replacing the spoon with his own money. Got his report card, social interactions grade came up and are all at “meets standards”.  Several of his “meets” became exceeds too.  Nice.  Craft night.  Read the book I’m giving out for World Book Night.

4/18:  Had a hard time sleeping, I know what else is new?  Hubby didn’t help as he smacked me a couple of times in his sleep.  Late getting up this morning, luckily Hubby woke up only 15 minutes past the normal time.  I forgot to set the boychild’s alarm.  Mailed the Easter cards to family and friend.  Bummed about missing the wonderful weather in Denver this weekend.  I did get a little bit of exercise…and the little I did wiped me out.  Slowly putting away laundry.  Zeus chant posted.  Damn mail carrier didn’t pickup my mail, need to run it to the post office now.  Walked to pick up the boychild…forgot popcorn was being delivered today.  Luckily one of the mothers said she drop it by my house.  So we bought the spoon that he owes the school and then went home to sort and deliver popcorn.  Out to dinner, a rare occurrence.  Searching for a good Persephone picture and a little bit of research for the PS blog.

4/19:  Today’s joy (that is sarcasm btw):  my son’s friends repeatedly hammering at him about the Easter bunny, Santa Claus, etc. being not real.  I’ve always prepared for this by telling him that they were “spirits of giving without expectations of return”. The problem is these children come from seemingly super religious Christian families.  So in talking about this I tried to prepare my son for the eventual “you are going to hell” conversation because of our differing beliefs.  Yeah, that conversation didn’t go well especially since I refuse to let him go to Awanas with them.  I knew this was coming I just hoped it would be a little farther down the road.  I have no problems with him wanting to honor JC or even learn about that faith but I fear the whole “you are going to hell” portion that invariably seems to goes with it.  I’m not as prepared as I hoped to be when this came up and am at a bit of a loss on how to manage it.  He still greeted the altars with me.  After lunch we decorated raw eggs (’cause Hubby didn’t get his boiled before he left for work I don’t eat them and can never remember how to do it), one of which is for Hermes ’cause in my head he and the Bunny are connected.  I give him one every year.  We  then watched Wolverine.  After dinner, I was flipping through the local paper and came across a picture I took at the library for the library’s Facebook page.  I’m a bit tickled that it got put in the paper…uncredited but still nifty.  Uh oh…I lost count of eggs and stuff…luckily they are all plastic but the boychild might be finding them for a while.

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  1. April 20, 2014 12:48 AM

    YAY on hearing from MIL – I know that is a relief for you. YAY and thank you SO SO much for the Easter card!! this has been such a miserable couple of weeks and especially so this week with stress that it was a great surprise to see it in the mailbox. Silly, I know, but made me tear up just to have something nice today.
    Have you seen a doc for these issues with energy and sleep? I’m wondering if it may be an iron or vitamin D issue – considering how cold and gross the weather has been this winter, you haven’t been out much in the sunshine. Just a thought…
    Happy to know my buddy is beginning to learn to behave again. Also pretty impressed that he is so interested in your faith, and that he truly seems to want to learn more about it, not just going through the motions because “that’s what our family does”. Sadly for them, I’m afraid that is how his friends see theirs, and they simply aren’t aware of it. FYI – we are NEVER as prepared as we want to be for those watershed moments in our children’s lives!
    Love to all, hugs and kisses to my boys and an extra for you!


    • April 20, 2014 8:21 AM

      Yay! I was so afraid it wouldn’t get there in time! I’m glad you like it. I hadn’t heard from you all week or seen you post much. Wasn’t sure if I should rattle your cage or not. As for MIL, I haven’t heard anything since then…it has been well over a week…I’m starting to stress less and less about it every day. It almost feels like she doesn’t find it important so neither should I. Shrug.

      Last time I saw the doctor she prescribed sleeping pills but I hate to take them as I end up feeling groggy midafternoon of the next day. I take a large dose of Vitamin D every day but don’t know about the iron. I am over due for my physical but am waiting while we try to get the billing issues from his shoulder and our finances smoothed back out. My mom had a lot of problem sleeping during menopause too.

      Yeah he is doing better with the usual back slides from time to time. He’s been around my faith his whole life so it is natural to him. I don’t push him to participate because I want him to make his own decisions about his faith and not have it force fed like it sometimes felt to me when I was a child. One the major reasons I left Christianity is because of the way they treat women…kind of hard to explain that and the other negatives of that faith to a 7 year old. All he sees is his friends having a fun time.

      Love, smooches for you both. Call me when you need to destress…seriously that is what I’m good for…really I can listen. 🙂 Hugs!


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