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Daily Practices: 4/6 – 4/12

April 12, 2014

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Unless otherwise stated, I greet my main altars twice a day and say prayers before bed.  FYI:  rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing my headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.


4/6:  Jinxed myself…I spoke too soon or maybe it was the tiredness and alcohol speaking last night.  My son was a disaster today.  He’s so tired that…it was ugly.  It started out bad and only worse before the day was done.  Over heard my FIL complaining about me didn’t help…sigh I can’t win.  Boychild did however finally loose that tooth that has been dangling from his mouth forever and a half.  Knocked it out on the trampoline at his uncle’s, I’m told.  Any way…got up, ate breakfast, ran errands (including purchasing some colorful kicks to help ward off snow blues) while Hubby helped his dad and brother.  Then loaded up, had lunch, went to Home Depot (bought plant and garden stuff!  Pretty forget-me-nots!) and headed for home.  Had dinner and put the boychild to bed at his proper bedtime though he probably should have gone to bed an hour earlier.  School tomorrow.  Part of me is glad, I’ll have the days to myself again…but that also means no more sleeping in…but that also means maybe I’ll be more productive.  So tired.  For some reason, coming up in elevation always knocks me off my feet.  Too tired to even help Hubby with packaging meat.  Bed after greeting the altars.

4/7:  I wrote quite a rant last night.  It felt good to get that out of my head.  I want them to have a great relationship with their grandson but I do not want that relationship to be based on letting him run rampant or effecting him negatively on the physical level which causes issues for all.  Maybe that is selfish, I don’t know.  My son has agreed to try using a sleep mask while there so that he hopefully sleeps later.  Getting him to sleep more is my #1 priority.  I can work around/with the rest of the issues I think.  The only other thing to do is avoid going down which causes other issues.  We just can’t win.  He didn’t pee the bed last night, though he did get up at 4am which woke me up and I never got back to sleep.  Just dozed.  Lots of digital stuff this morning.  Need to get laundry started and bags unpacked but not motivated.  Tired and full of “don’t wanna”.  Picked up the boychild, made him do the work that he told the teacher “you can’t make me do this” and went to work.  Came home to Hubby cutting up the meat we bought yesterday.  Took a pill to make me sleep.

4/8:  slept much better though still woke up about 4am but I think I fell back to sleep.  Boychild was up and moving before the alarm today.  Hubby is up and moving (he spent a good chunk of yesterday in bed due to a muscle caused headache).  Laundry started and workout done.  Made a bracelet.  Work.  Dinner with the family.  Have a very cranky shoulders and back tonight…a knot on top and one under my shoulder blade.  Owie!  Watched Dancing with the Stars.  Tried to find Mars…I see no orangish bright light in the sky…sigh.  Hubby came out and found it for me.  Since I had my eyes lasiked light sources end up with a halo especially when I’m tired…so it just looks like another bright light in the sky…and not orange.   Tried out my new waterpik tonight…boy did my gums bleed.  Need to do some research to make sure I’m aiming it correctly.  Read a graphic novel on the Odyssey, so not impressed.  Think of it as a cliff notes in graphic novel form.  However, at least Zeus had dark hair in it…it is the little things that please me sometimes.

4/9:  Didn’t sleep well.  I don’t know what keeps waking me around 4:10 but I want to hunt it down and end its interference in a permanent manner.  Researching, writing and posting on Leshy for my PS blog. Continuing with laundry.  Added a prayer to Oaken Scrolls. Went and re-enrolled my snot nose for another year at the charter school.  Teachers might regret this.  Today’s antics consisted of telling his teacher he didn’t understand something because he didn’t want to do it.  So he got to come home and do it…funny he understood it just fine here. Punishment:  a week with no TV and no computer except for school work.  Work.  Came home and blended up the new jar of natural peanut butter with a touch of honey.  Started reading and lost track of time…which means I went to bed late and had a hard time falling asleep.

4/10:  Woke up suddenly at 7:22 wondering why my son’s alarm hadn’t gone off.  I get up to see he isn’t in his room.  I go downstairs to find him in his dad’s office…surfing his dad’s Facebook which he has been warned against repeatedly.  Tv/Computer ban stretched an extra day and Hubby needs to start locking down his computer.  It is a good thing that I woke up ’cause I doubt he was paying attention to the time.  Spent the morning finishing my book.  The weight I put on this weekend hasn’t fallen off so it wasn’t water weight…I blame the food and drink on Saturday night.  It has nothing to do with my lack of exercise or strong sweet tooth.  Not at all.  Don’t look at me that way…  Almost finished with laundry.  Sandwich roast in the crockpot.  Heading to a friends to chat and look through hand-me-downs.  Ended up ranting way more than I should have today but I need to clear out the things still circling  inside and find a way to find a reasonable solution.  Took a walk outside as it finally has gotten warm enough for me to do so.  Went to craft night.  Head/desk and repeat.  Evidently my MIL found my rant.  I never figured she’d see it.  I ended up marking it private but really it is too late.  She’s upset and rightfully so.  Sigh. Rants are not fair or logical, which is why they are called rants.  I went too far and wrote things I shouldn’t have.  I consider this my space, a space for working through my issues but it is public space too and I shouldn’t have forgotten that.  Family members haven’t ever paid attention to my blog, I guess I figured they never would.

4/11:  Hubby woke me up accidentally when he came to bed and the ol’ brain gerbil started to run. Once Hubby started snoring amd wouldn’t stop, I got up and went down stairs to the couch. I couldn’t get back to sleep so at 3am I wrote my MIL an email and finally tried to go back to sleep about 4.  After my son went to school, I went and took a nap.  I hate doing that ’cause my bed tries to hold me hostage but I am functioning a wee bit better after the nap but lack the motivation to do anything other than stare at whatever is in front of me.  Shoulders have been bothering more than usual lately and today they are very painful.  I think I’ve figured out why…the fact that I eat 3 dinners a week by myself means that I often forget to take my vitamins.  The fish oil I take helps with the arthritis in my shoulders.  I don’t think I’ve had a vitamin since last weekend…it’s spring lots of ups and downs in barometric pressure even here on top of the world.  Really didn’t do much other than stare at the computer, stew in the pit of my own making and cat nap.  So very tired that dinner isn’t sitting well…  Probably best that I didn’t get the phone call I wanted today.

4/12:  Woke up late and with a headache…I wish I knew what I did to piss off my shoulders.  Got to power through though.  Hubby is working and the recycling has GOT to be taken in.  Still no phone call.  Bathroom cleaned and laundry put away.  The boychild was helpful with all three of my jobs today.  Very unusual…so I’m very pleased with him!  Gave him a couple of the toys that were in his “got to earn ’em back” stack.   I owe him a chapter or two of Harry Potter.  Was hoping to read to him tonight but dinner ran late and his misbehavior all evening made sleep a bigger priority. Piddled with a sharpie craft and sewed closed a large felt egg ornament.

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