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Daily Practices: 3/30 – 4/5

April 6, 2014

3/30:  Up late.  Straightened the house here and there.  Played a game with the family after lunch which is a big deal ’cause Hubby really doesn’t like to play games.  Then started putting together a paper R2D2 model that was gifted to my son for his birthday.  Fuck.  This thing is a pain in the ass.  Roughly 60 steps, it took me over an hour to do 2!  I don’t even have the “head” finished…there is still 5 more steps.  Forgot to do the morning devotional again, damn it.  Step 3 is done and I put it away for today because the thought of smashing it and lighting it on fire is getting to be overwhelming. Made dinner with the family.  Tarot reading about the dark moon activities.  Helped Hubby with paperwork/Quickbooks.  Bed very, very late.

3/31:  slept in, Noumenia ritual with my son.  Did some chores, started laundry, shoveled snow.  Watched Gravity with the boychild and now fielding a bunch of specific questions above the movie, about space, etc.  Some of them I can even answer.  Spring things today…birds twittering and 2″ of snow melted off the grill in the back with no trace left.  Work.  Prayer for Nephthys posted.

4/1:  Ha.  The joke is on me.  Went to bed early ’cause I was getting really pissy.  I’ll spare you the details but it was not a good night of sleep and the boychild had another bathroom dream.  Throw in a muscular tension headache.  So yeah the  pissy attitude continues.  Trying to not glare at the falling snow too.  So instead of doing something fun and enjoyable this morning, I’ve been washing bedding and trying to get rid of my headache and piss poor attitude before work.  Boychild is spending an afternoon at a friend’s.  Got off of work, picked up the child, went to the grocery store, helped make dinner, sitting here decompressing…and I only now remember that I didn’t greet the altars…  I feel…like a convenience to most of the people in my life.  I’m going to bed, tomorrow has got to be a better day.  Spring things:  snow that melts the same day as it falls.

4/2:  Slept better though still woke with a headache.  I think I need to replace my pillow.  Ought to do more housework and finish laundry but am rather uninterested.  Haven’t exercised at all this week (beyond the housework and I’m not sure that counts as it doesn’t get the ol’ heart a pumping) but with a headache, I’m not enthused with the idea of moving around a lot…yet I need to do something as my hips are getting cranky.  More housework.  Last load of laundry in the dryer.  Watched Frozen with my son.  Work.  Came home to be told that yes we are going to Denver, yes we are going to the Zoo…with my MIL and another grandchild.  That wasn’t really what I had in mind and I feel like a bitch for thinking so…so I didn’t say anything to the hubby.  I’m tempted to wish for lousy weather but I don’t want that really…just family time.  Truthfully after my MIL’s antic’s last September and then the repeat performance in February, I have lost some respect for her, which is extremely unfortunate ’cause I used to really enjoy her company.  The tug o war over my son and the dislike she has for my methods is the problem (the baffling part is her telling me what a good mother I am and how well behaved he is…) In other more cheery news, paid bills!  Spring things:  chirping birds that I can’t find and melting snow…there is alot of it to melt!

4/3:  Awoke to a misbehaving, snotty child this morning…oh joy.  Putting away laundry and packing.  After the way the child has acted this morning, I’m rather surprised Hubby is taking him skiing…probably only because the resort closes after this weekend (hard to believe with a 78″ base!).  Work.  Denver.  Met with some dear friends before dinner.  Ended up sharing my dinner with the child, cause he was a bottomless pit tonight.  Thankfully though ’cause there was no way I was going to be able to finish it on my own, so it all worked out.  Since I’m out of town there is no greeting of altars but still prayers before bed.

4/4:  Up earlier than I wanted to be after waking frequently during the night.  Went to the zoo with the boychild and his cousin.  A little on the cold side, but I think I got some great pictures, even found a few FLOWERS!  Feet and hips are whining though.  I did leave a quarter at the Ganesha shrine in the elephant section of the zoo.  I was going to leave candy at the ancestor shrine but had the sudden thought that the squirrels would get into it.  The day at the zoo went better than I expected.  After dinner, I went looking for stuff for my son’s bunny basket.  Having a hell of a time finding small nifty non-candy stuff.  Stopped by a book store…and felt really, really wrong when I walked out without buying anything.  I have so many things at home to read, I work at a library and share a nook account with like 8 people.  I’m not short of reading material just time and brain capabilities due to insomnia.  Still I felt…wrong…bad…odd…though was sorely tempted by the fancy/decorated classics that B&N carries.

4/5:  Full day today.  Got up, grabbed a burrito on the fly and watched Hubby and boychild bowl with a friend.  Boychild was beyond dismayed to see how badly he was doing but at the same time wouldn’t take instruction.  Testosterone poisoning.  From there we went to see my parents and spent part of the time cleaning up their laptop.  After that, we went out to a dinner at Bubba Gumps (unimpressed, food was bland) for an early birthday party for an old childhood friend of Hubby’s.  He’s going into surgery to remove a node off his aorta.  He’s had cancer previously and isn’t feeling to hopefully so hopefully we sent him off to the surgery on a good note.  The other women were very cliquish and so I was rather bored most of the night.  Hubby was in his own little world and never even noticed.  I told him once that I wanted to go home about 11 but that got ignored too.  Sigh.  I’m gonna need to sit down with him and rattle his cage because I’m slowly getting angry with him over his lack of attention to some of the more important relationship details.  Need to get us back on the same page…but I need to do it when I’m in a state of mind where I’m not hurt or angry or tired so that the discussion can be productive.  Weekend has gone better than usual with my inlaws…maybe I’ve finally convinced them that I’m doing what the child needs, not trying to put their noses out of joint.

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