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Dark Moon Ancestor reading

March 30, 2014

Every once in a while I do a reading on how I should celebrate/honor the dark moon.  Tonight I started out with my Lenormand deck which has extra cards in it.   One of the cards refers me to my ancestors.  So I went and got their deck off the shrine to see what they advise.  Using the As Above deck of the Book of Shadows Tarot.  Spread is the Spiritual Guidance Spread found in the Tarot Spreads tab above.

  1. Focus:  Omens (Lightning struck tree)- shaking the tree to see what falls out; reassessing; seeking new ideas
  2. Desire:  3 of Water (female honoring renewal) – to honor/celebrate this time of renewal because as every month ends another begins allowing for fresh possibilities
  3. Anxiety:  Transformation (angel at the transition point between day and night) – there is always some worry about what is next and for me with not doing things “right”
  4. Guidance:  9 of Fire (Pluto/Hades) – let go of that which no longer serves
  5. Best Course of Action:  2 of Air (fairies with a pendulum) – I keep hearing “keep it simple, stupid”
  6. Do this:  6 of  Fire (Saturn/ Kronos) – set goals
  7. Future Guidance:  Path (individual walking in moonlight) – walk your own path, trust your instincts, reach out to the Divine for guidance
  8. Outcome: Elements – good utilization of resources

Q = 53 = 8 = Strength – working in harmony with the Divine; inner strength   So really nothing different from before other than the emphasis on keeping it simple.

So things to let go of:  fear of missteps, laziness, belly aching over the snow, negativity when speaking about my life

Goals:  do what feels right, exercise 3 times per week, find spring daily, listen more than I talk

Also, this seems to be a good day to check in with my Ancestors.  A regular reading with them on the dark moon wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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