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Daily Practices: 3/23 – 3/29

March 29, 2014

3/23:  slept in then Hubby made us breakfast before he left to go work on his van.  Blog post. Laundry put away, stitched a little.  Way too much arguing with the boy child over getting things done.  By the time he got done with everything there wasn’t enough time to watch a movie as I had other things to do.  Also had to take parts to Charlie and then take him to get longer bolts.  Came home ate a small lunch and started cutting up the pork shoulder I had into pork bits.  Over 5 pounds plus fat for making sausage.  Then made dinner, still no Hubby. Boy child to bed…still no Hubby…he finally got home about 9.  Posted a couple more prayers.

3/24:  between insomnia, hot flashes and my brain’s gerbil, it was a very rough night.  Suddenly at 6:30am I remembered that I hadn’t fix the boychild’s snow pants where the seam was split from crotch to waist in the back.  So I got up at 7 and hand stitched them shut, puncturing my finger with the dull part of the needle in the process. Ouch.  Mornings are so much nicer when my son behaves well…even he admitted that.  Gonna have to dig deep for motivation today ’cause navel staring sounds like the  perfect exercise for the day.  You know when metallic pink children moccasins make me envious, there is trouble on the horizon…I want something fun and pretty to wear!  Went up to talk with Hubby who was napping (slow day for him I guess) and laid down and slept off and on for 90 minutes…despite the coffee I drank.  I know there was something I wanted to get done today but after sleeping I can’t remember what it was…  I did however get my long overdue blog up on Veles.  Laundry started.  Went to Alco, found bunny hot pot holders and a large bag of robin eggs.  Yummm! Worked.  Watched Hunger Games #2…It’s like a horrible train wreck that you just can’t look away from…the story/series I mean…nothing wrong with the movie.  At least the author showed what PTSD is… I’m anxious about trying to sleep tonight…I get like this after a really bad night.  If it goes on long enough I have this fear that I’ll never remember how to go to sleep again.  Not watching interesting movies before bed would help but then I’d never get anything watched.

3/25:  poor Hubby…seems like the only way I could sleep is if I was clinging to him so it was a rough night for both of us.  Ordered some cohosh from Amazon as it is extremely cheaper to get it there than any of the stores in Denver.  Hubby made me be practical and order 2 boxes instead of one and a book.  Party pooper.  Laundry.  Work.  Tired.  Made dinner while Hubby went to the grocery store.  Read a chapter of Harry Potter #3 to the boychild.  I think I’m gonna watch a bit of TV and go to bed…and SLEEP!

3/26:  wasted time arguing with some sour grapes in a Facebook group.  Slept a bit better but not enough to find my motivation.  Some days/weeks/months I despair of ever being “me” again.  I think I’d rather have a period for the rest of my life than deal with not sleeping regularly…  Last load of laundry is sitting in the washer and it isn’t even Saturday yet.  Went to the grocery store to stock up on some pantry goods at Hubby’s request.  Saved over $100 on pantry staples.  Work.  Home.  Drank some sleepy time tea, maybe I’ll get lucky.

3/27:  Best night of sleep all week, odd dreams though.  About 6″ of new snow on the ground and it is still falling.  Tired of WHITE! And grey and brown!  Moved to music for 25 minutes…now I’m tired and want to go back to bed.  Sorted tax receipts…yep we haven’t done our taxes yet.  Laundry finished.  Now I remember why I don’t like to take anything to make me sleep…I’m always groggy by late morning to afternoon. I so want a nap, reading a book that didn’t appeal made it worse but reading one that was interesting perked me right up.  I checked out Arcana Mundi:  Magic and the Occult in the Greek and Roman Worlds (1st edition…grabby hands for owning the second edition…wants badly) from the library while the boychild was at story time.  Very interesting…ended up tweeting quotes ’cause I didn’t have any paper with me.  Craft night.  More reading.  Got the night version of my cohosh into try…don’t plan on taking it every night as the stuff is expensive (and one box doesn’t even last a month!) but I’m gonna try it out tonight.  Took at my usual time…need to take it at 10 instead I think.

3/28:  Slept well…until 5 something when I woke up and just dozed until the boychild’s alarm went off.  No grogginess so far.  More snow…wish we were going to Denver this weekend… A little bit of reading, a whole lot of wishful thinking and wasting time on doing nothing remotely interesting or important.  I haven’t been able to settle on anything…reading, crafting, housework…nothing.  Going crazy!  Went out and shoveled the 6″ of heavy snow off the sidewalks…shoulders seem to be ok but my back is saying some rather nasty things…that’s how desperate I am to be out side…I was shoveling the fucking snow!  Was so thankful to go get the boychild…ended up watching some Agents of Shield with him and then we were bad peeps and went out to dinner.  I’m back to wanting someone to entertain me…how sad am I?

3/29:  slept fine until about 3:30…took me over an hour to fall back to sleep during that time I had at least 3 hot flashes.  So. much. fun.  NOT.  I did try to mentally construct a pretty and unusual waterlily for Isis…never finished it.  Not sure if I finally fell asleep or if the brain gerbil moved on to something else.  Got up at 8:30.  Made oatmeal “muffins” as a test food for my husband’s fall hunting trips…so bizarre that Mr. Lastminute is planning this far in advance.  Muffins tasted like a bowl of oatmeal and not like a granola bar which is what I was hoping.  They were fine but not something I’d ask for…  Helped Hubby more with organizing his paperwork for taxes.  Worked on packaging up meat into meal portions.  Missed my morning devotions…get outside of my routine and I forget to do it in the morning.  I did offer both Zeus and Isis incense midafternoon though.  Boychild scraped the crap out of his thumb as he was getting out of the shower…he kept saying he had no idea how it did it.  I figured it out and chewed his ass for lying to me.  The silly child was doing something with my razor…yeah…the one with 5 blades meant for beards…  Overall it was a rough day with him…not a good start to his spring break.  I ended my night with an oatmeal and apple dessert in a mug, cross-stitching and Monday’s Dancing with the Stars.

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  1. March 30, 2014 2:40 PM

    spring will be coming soon, friend, winter cannot stay forever. I won’t be in town next week – going to see the grandgirl! But we need to make plans the next time you come to Denver so we can have a girly day. Love and miss you!


    • March 30, 2014 3:22 PM

      [pout] now I don’t want to go down at all… Have fun! [says the adult while the inner child is throwing a hell of a tantrum…] 🙂


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