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Grow ruminations

March 23, 2014

Found myself mulling over the deity given phrase “Grow where you are planted.”  when I woke up this morning.  So when I say this about myself it would be “Grow where I am planted”.

Grow:  an increase in natural or normal development (as opposed to tumor growth).  This means to make the most or the best of any situation or experience.  A much more realistic requirement than be positive or optimistic.  It is a growth of me as a person or of my personality if you will and not an increase in girth (please no increase in girth!).

Where:  the place I am at now.  This means not living in the past…whether my past or the ancient past.

I:  little ol’ me, not only a child of my parents but a child of the Gods, specifically of Zeus and Isis (tangent:  Though more and more I find myself substituting various names for the same deity depending on the situation…here I kept wanting to say Gaia but that would mean as EB once explained to me “the Gaia in Isis” or Isis-Gaia which is quite a mouthful.) This is a reminder that I am important too…something that I have a hard to believing, more less accepting.  That isn’t to say I have allowed myself to be trampled on because I don’t…just that in the over all scheme of things I often feel like I’m less nothing…a mere dust mote in the universe.

Am:  the present singular form of be – to exist or live; to take place; happen; occur; to occupy a place or position; to belong; attend.  The key word here is in the PRESENT.  Learn about and understand the past but apply them only as appropriate or applicable for the now.  This also reminds me pay attention to what and how I feel in the now and not the strictures to what I should or should not do as defined by others.  Stressing about the shoulds and should nots only makes me not want to do anything.  Get rid of that, live in the now and do whatever comes natural, feels right, feels good (tangent:  not the exterior type of feel good but that which feels good within)

Planted:  the place or situation where I have been:  put, placed, introduced, established, deposited.  I am at where I need to be.  Ultimately only I can improve my situation.  Others (mortal or otherwise) may give a literal or figurative helping, but only I can act on that.


I grow where I am planted.

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