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Lost reading

March 22, 2014

Long story short, feel like I’ve been stumbling about, lost and confused on my spiritual path.  I’m an engineer by education.  I like guidelines and such with room to be creative but instead I feel like I’m stumbling in the dark.  So I used my Lost and Found spread (see tarot spread tab above) using the Pearls of Wisdom deck that is dedicated to Isis.  It is an unusual use for this spread.  Below are my results.  Feel free to skip.  🙂

1.  What is lost?  Page of Pentacles – Me, the messenger who is learning new things

2.  Know about #1:  Queen of Pentacles – she sees me as strong and creative; nothing has been wasted, not her time, patience or resources; I am where I need to be.

3 &4.  Begin here:  2 of Pentacles & Page of Wands – Do not struggle with balance but swing back and forth; go with the flow; follow your curiosity

5.  What will help:  6 of Pentacles – Trust, gratitude, joy, reciprocity and love

6 &7.  Consider this:  7 of Wands & 8 of Cups – Rely on your judgement; be patient, make whatever adjustments needed as needed

8 9 &10:  8 of swords, Tower and Empress you are unnecessarily restricting yourself, stop struggling and accept; release your resistance, liberate yourself; the break in continuity allows for growth in new directions; I am your mother and I love you!

Well…that was surprising.  Letting go of all restrictions, guidelines and such is frightening.  It is like swimming in the ocean, far from shore with no life jacket, no raft, no buddy, no nothing just you and the wide open sea…you sink or swim on your own abilities only.

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