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Daily Practices: 3/16 – 3/22

March 22, 2014

3/16:  slept pretty well though would have liked to slept more…once I’m this far behind in sleep it takes forever to catch up.  Haircut.  Had lunch with my dad.  Errands and home.  Happy to be home but the drive really eats up my energy for some reason…was hoping to do something for the Full moon tonight but I can barely string together sentences.  We probably spent far too much money but was able to get something that we either can’t find up here or are cheaper in Denver…except for my cohosh.  Yikes.  I paid as almost as much for 60 tablets from Sprouts as I do for 120 tablets from Amazon.  Boychild was tired and gritchy so by the time we got home we were happy to send him to bed.  It was such a warm lovely day in Denver though…I hated to leave.  Blew kisses and brief prayers at the full moon.  So tired of being so tired.  Goodnights at the shrines.

3/17:  Was so tired last night, I forgot to spread out leprechaun sign…first thing the boychild looked for this morning.  I can thank his kindergarten teacher for that.  🙂  Not that I mind.  So will be hiding the pot o’ gold in a not so obvious place.  Told him that glitter is bad for the animals so they wouldn’t leave glitter.  Tired and unmotivated.  Did a short exercise stint.  Added 2 more prayers to my author blog.  Made up some homemade bathrooms spray (a must when the only bathroom is right off the kitchen) with jasmine oil.  Laundry.  Seriously what is it about this holiday that brings out the preachiness?  Enjoy the day however you want.  Sheesh.  Finished paying house-related bills.  Now trying to decide if I really want to wade through the rest…  Cooked up some kale chips and then some chorizo for lunch.  The day is flying by…slow down damn it.  Not ready to go to work!  Work.  In bed before 10.  Just exhausted.

3/18:  Not as tired as yesterday, which is good but not very motivated either which may be a good thing since the cat is holding me down.  Got a couple more prayers posted.  Exercised…yay me.  Laundry too. Posted 2 simple prayers.  Work.  Feet are sore and my whole body is tired.  Not sure why I’m so tired of late.  It just seems excessive.  Watched Dancing with Stars, should be an interesting season.

3/19:  I remember why I’m so tired now…lots of hot flashes during the night may be the problem I think.  They’ve ramped up recently.  I’m going to trying taking a double dose of cohosh at night and none in the morning and see if that changes anything.  The ones during the day I can deal with but at night really disrupts my sleep.  Laundry continued.  Wrapped a gift for the boychild’s friend whose party he couldn’t (reciprocally) attend.  Still really lacking in motivation.  Posted another prayer, for Hekate this time.  Volunteering at the school today, library duty. Grocery store…where they are sold out of the robin eggs, all they have is the minis.  Tried a different brand, not as good.  Worked.  Home to find Hubby made a dinner I couldn’t eat.  Feeling very pouty that the leftovers suck lately.  Yep whiney mama tonight…plus I miss my OSO tonight.  Lots and lots and lots and…want cuddles.  Pouting in a corner now…cause that’s where my desk sits.  To distract myself I’m researching Veles of the Slavic pantheon.

3/20:  not very motivated today.  Posted a prayer.  Meditation on Isis given the message to grow where I’m planted.  Wrote up the tale of my meditation…which took much longer to write than to happen.  Read.  Very irritated with the boychild…purposely poked thumb holes in a brand new shirt…however he has been behaving well at school which is all that is keeping me hanging on to my temper.  Craft night…I wasn’t into it tonight, I should have stayed home.  Colored a mandala then secured it around a beeswax candle holder so the candle would light it up for Isis’ altar.  A gift of time, color and sweet scent for the equinox…though I can’t help but wonder if she finds some of my offerings (if not all of them) in the same way I see the things that my son brings home from school…cute but pointless or ugly and how long before I can get rid of it without hurting her feelings or even what was she thinking?!  I struggle with offerings that do not disappear on their own, like water evaporating, or are consumed as part of the offering like candles or incense…which is why so many of the things are do are more scholarly and then shared.  At least that way they get some use…Scotch upbringing for sure…”waste not, want not”.  Read…which I shouldn’t do before bed as I always have a hard time going to sleep when I do that…too interesting of books I guess.

3/21:  Got to sleep in today ’cause the boychild has the day off.  We greeted the various shrines together then danced for 30 minutes for exercise.  After lunch we watched the next Thor movie.  Spoiler directly ahead! Glad Loki isn’t dead but…now we are worried about Odin and I want to know what happens next and how Loki survived the stabbing as it couldn’t have been one of his images because they fall apart once touched.  I like ornery Loki…I don’t like bad guy Loki.  Is it possible he would rule well?  Rant time…skip to the next day ’cause you don’t want to read this but I’ve got to get it out of my head.  Nothing tells me how far we’ve fallen financially than me trying to figure out something to cook with ground meat.  I hate ground meat.  I don’t care for burgers.  It is a mere filler for spaghetti sauce.  Sloppy joes are only a step above hamburgers.  But all we have left in our freezer is ground meat and some chicken quarters.  I find this more upsetting than not being able to pay our bills last month but here I am trying to put on a cheerful face at the idea of ground meat and stuffed baked potatoes. (yeah potatoes, I hate them too…)  It’s killing me…I want to cry, scream, cuss and generally be absolutely childish.  Realistically, we are luck to have meat at all. But, gods, how I hate ground meat….    Angry with my child.  Angry with my husband.  And now even angrier with my child.  Burying myself in a book until I will not say something I might regret.

3/22:  got up late.  After lunch, helped the boychild weed out a few of this books that are too young for him.  Then we both spent the afternoon reading… to ourselves.  Wheee! (Though my  neck disagrees with that assessment.  Spoil sport.) Decided last night to use the turkey carcass from the freezer to make turkey noodle soup.  Ended up being the perfect day for it, cold and snowy…ugh.  Throwing in the frozen and unused veggies from various meals such as kale stems and celery.  Threw in a couple of fresh sage stalks too.  Actually have more meat than we need for the soup due to 4 extra turkey legs we were gifted at Christmas so that the boychild and I can have turkey salad sandwiches next week for lunch.  The soup came out very well.  Tarot reading.

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