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March 20, 2014

Below is the summation of my quick meditation on Isis today.  The lesson?  Grow where I’m planted…stop wishing for the things that are not or cannot.  Grow here, in the now, not at some point in the future, waiting for that perfect time or moment.  Not sure exactly how or why I’ve been holding back but obviously I must be for I can’t yet that phrase out of my head “grow where you are planted.”


Striding along a high path way
Walking towards the temple of Isis
In a long white flowing gown
Kicking the full skirts gently
Away from my feet
Feeling joyous and pretty and eager
First a giggling child knocks in to me
I straighten and laugh
But continue on my way
Then a young girl knocks me down
Closer to the edge
I laugh and shake her off
Determined to get to the temple
Finally a young man knocks me off
Off my feet, off the pathway
My dress billows out slowing my descent
Down, down into darkness
I land on dark earth which opens
Burying me to my knees
“Grow” I hear
“Grow where you are planted”
I start to grow much like Carroll’s Alice
I get larger and larger
Bursting out of the darkness
Turning to the light
Not the light of the sun
But the light of Isis, of the gods
I grow, I bloom, I wither and die
Only to find myself naked and secure
Wrapped in the dark, fertile warmth
Of my mother’s heart
which hums with joy

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