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Daily Practices: 3/9 – 3/ 15

March 16, 2014

3/9:  Much better day with the boychild.  He’s also joined me for the greeting of altars the past 2 days.  Up at 5am, took forever to fall back to sleep so up late, especially with the dreaded time change.  Made a gift.  Read.  Took the child around to sell popcorn.  Finished my book while he did homework then played a game together.  Before bed he read another book to me.  A little stitching, a little paperwork and a blessing posted.  Cough started up again…damn it.

3/10:  rough night and startled awake as I was so deep asleep I never heard my son’s alarm go off.  Have I mentioned how much I HATE time changes?!  Very tired and afraid to exercise as it may start off another coughing jag.  Two prayers for Hermes  posted and a blog for the polytheist meme.  Laundry started.  Groceries and boychild picked up.  Work.  Watched Ender’s Game…never read the book but I predicted the final “game”.  Not sure I want to read the book as it just seems…tragic.

3/11:  rough night…coughing and damn movie playing through my head made getting to sleep difficult and then wide awake at 5am…I should have just gotten up but finally fell asleep sometime after 6 to get up at 7:20.  Woke with another headache.  Got back on the fish oil so hopefully that will will help with that but this one is edging into migraine territory.  Hopefully I got drugs inside before it got too advanced…I feel like wallowing in my tiredness and pain but must keep sloggin’ along.  Must.  Snow today.  So sick of snow.  Work was ok…as long as I didn’t cough.  Coughing made my head hurt.  Made enchiladas for dinner and finished the ornament I owed a friend.  So tired.  Bed at 9.

3/12:  Didn’t sleep too badly though I didn’t sleep straight through.  I don’t know what it is like to sleep without waking 4 times or more a night any more but I did sleep which is good.  Spent the morning designing a chart for me to stitch.  A gift owed to an author friend who sent me the PDF to her book when I couldn’t afford to buy it.  Reworked an older prayer…still not happy with it but posted it any way.  My mind boggles over the people who have chosen to follow me on twitter…utterly bizarre…easy to notice ’cause there is so few.  Work.  Hubby STILL hasn’t gotten paid the check that will cover our bills.  Home owner is nit-picking the invoices…meanwhile we still have bills from last month we haven’t paid.  I try not to think about it ’cause the stress is probably what helped me get sick for the first time this winter…

3/13:  My prayers last night bore wondrous fruit…check went into the bank this morning as Hubby left for Denver.  Relief has made me giddy and hard to pin down.  Trying to finish laundry.  Another prayer posted.  Met with the mother of the child that my son has been complaining about.  It is as I suspected.  Her child is saying the same thing about my child that he says about hers.  We talked about each child’s issues and then plan to force them to work together on a project over the summer so that they have to learn to get along.  Not asking for friendship just make them find away to peacefully co-exist.  Read for a while, took my son out to dinner (bad, bad move financially but we couldn’t agree on what was quick and easy at home…haven’t been out to eat in months I think) then took him to craft night at his request.  We both had a good evening.  It is nice to have the child I know and love back from wherever he was hiding over the last several months.  I hope it stays this way. Didn’t get as much as I expected but was able to get some bills paid. Not enough but on track to catch up any way.  Get paid tomorrow and will then be able to figure out what else I can pay…Hubby says more money coming in next week.  Shouldn’t be going to Denver.  A ridiculous expense but Hubby is insisting…

3/14:  The worst night  EVER!  So bloody tired, less than 2 hours of sleep.  My darling son made me a whole pot of coffee this morning as a surprise…I only drink one cup. 🙂  Laundry put away.  Packing in between doing other things like balancing my check book, sending Patty’s day fortune postcard (I’d say Fey Day but no one but me would know what I meant).  Yes I love to travel but hate to pack.  Finished reading Divergent…not sure why this apocalyptic stories (or zombies) are so popular…it is an ok book but {shrug}.  Loaded up by shortly after 2, picked boychild up at 3:15, inlaws by 5:30, heading to the bar for dancing by 7:45, pie at 11:30 and bed by 12:30.  Beyond tired.  (Not at home so no end of day greeting at the shrines.)

3/15:  Up by 8:30 as we had a meeting for Dragonfest at 10.  No altars to greet.  Meeting (where I was very gratified at the number of people who said they were pleased to see us…we hadn ‘t been able to make the first two meetings.) then Lunch.  Errands.  Irritating text from my mother.  Can’t find anything nifty for the boychild’s Easter basket.  Invited by a friend to girls night game night complete with yummy St. Patty Day themed dinner.  Wish I had had something to contribute other than the unopened bottle of wine!  Was indifferent about the first game (Jackass?) but enjoyed the second one (Catch Phrase?) even though I ended up with painful knot in my shoulder during the middle of the game.  I did gift the friend with a Fortune themed paper craft.  I’ll post a picture at some point.


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  1. March 17, 2014 6:27 PM

    Loved having you for our girls’ night, and you are certainly welcome again, friend. I love my gift, it meant a lot to me. As you know, the holiday has a personal meaning for me, so this was a more touching gesture than you could imagine.
    So glad that the boy has returned and mini-monster has gone away (for a bit, any way). Sadly, money makes the world go around and I am happy to hear that the train is heading to your station.
    Love to you friend!


    • March 17, 2014 7:31 PM

      Thank you for inviting me! I’m so glad you liked the gift. I had no idea it was a special day for you until I saw the post today.

      As for mini-monster…well you didn’t hear about Sunday. I’ll spare you the details. Hubby and I were both pissed by the time he went to bed and he didn’t do much better this morning. He’s overly tired and I can’t see how I could have prevented it.

      Majority of the bills have been paid…now to see how much we need to pay off the extras and then get a microwave…hopefully your train/ship/what-have-you beats mine to the station!



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