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Divine inspiration

March 10, 2014

6. What does it feel like when one receives inspiration from the divinities?

For me, it is a thought that never goes away.  Like a lead weight or the proverbial ribbon tied to a finger that one can’t remove  until the task is done.  For me this seems to occur mostly where writing is concerned.  Occasionally it is the push to do some divination or to meditate.  Mostly though, it is an idea that needs to be written and then publicized so others can see it and hopefully share it so that it gets to where it needs to go.  This meme is one example…I do not answer these questions because I want to do so…I answer these questions because I NEED to do so.  There is something that someone wants me to get out there for someone else to see.  So as embarrassing and exposing as it feels, I try to put my thoughts, my practice into words to remove that weight.

For I do not write because I think I am good.  I write because that is my duty.  I write so that certain ideas, viewpoints and stories reach out to those that Zeus (or Hermes or Isis or whoever else that prods me) wants to hear.  Often posting my works is very uncomfortable for me but that is my purpose is to write for the Gods.  Some are prayers for those that cannot write their own.  Some are tributes.  Some are tales for the sake of teaching something more clearly to the modern mind.  Some are explanations.  Some are just to keep them in the forefronts of the mind.

What many cannot seem to comprehend is that religion is not a dead, static thing and neither are the gods.  They have not froze themselves as they were in antiquity.  I don’t know if the gods have changed and grown as time has gone on or if it is just as we mortals have grown and changed, our concept of them has changed (needs to change) and grown.  Sticking only to ancient methods is going backward in my opinion.  It should inform one’s practice but sticking to it denies mortal growth and that is our purpose, to grow and learn.

For the curious:  while many of my works can be found on this blog, new ones (and eventually all the old ones, it is a work in progress) are put on my Oaken Scrolls blog.

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