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Daily Practice: 3/2 – 3/8

March 8, 2014

3/2:  woke up feeling like crap, less than 4 hours of sleep…damn gerbil in my brain wouldn’t shut up…Hubby scrambling for the phone at 8 woke me up.  Sore to scratchy throat, no energy but no fever either.  Put laundry away.  Making green chili.  Haven’t greeted the shrines, cause I’m sick and honestly I was raised one way and the polytheistic community says another…so until I can nail down the proper thing to do, I’m erroring on the side of caution.  Oh and chile pepper oil under a finger nail sucks.  Feeling a bit better as the day goes on…but still…ugh.  Did some coloring with the boychild and then helped him with his spelling words.  Took a benadryl after putting the boychild to bed and was in bed by 9.

3/3:  probably asleep by 10, got up at 3:30 to find out why Hubby wasn’t in bed, only to find him sleeping on the couch so that the didn’t disturb me.  Woke up again at 7:30 wondering why no one got me up, to find myself ordered back to bed by Hubby and son.  Finally pulled myself out of bed at 10:30, greeted the shrines and drinking coffee to deal with the Benadryl hangover.  Ended up picking the boychild up from school.  Has the teacher convinced he is ill.  He has a nasty cough but isn’t ill enough to need to come home (even a friend of his thought he was faking).  When Hubby stopped in to check him the first time the teacher called us, the child all but admitted he wanted to come home to play.  He was told that if he came home, he’d be in bed or doing homework only, so he didn’t need to come home on hearing that.  The second time, I agreed to bring him home as the teacher has better things to do than deal with him.  He’s in bed with the lights out until I decide he needs to work on homework and then will go back to bed afterwards, again no toys or books….tried to work on homework with him, ended up having to walk away ’cause he made me so angry.  He isn’t sick and he is highly amused that he convinced the adults to bring him home.  He says he doesn’t like school ’cause he’s bullied.  He has one former friend that picks on him and I, who was bullied by more than one child, have no idea how to help him.  Telling him that the child is jealous of him doesn’t help.  Telling him to walk away doesn’t help.  I’m friends with the mother of this child so I know this isn’t acceptable to her either and I’m so at a loss…  To top the disastrous afternoon off, the child was dosing himself with cough syrup after I left for work.  Luckily it was a homeopathic honey syrup and there was only 1/3-1/4 of the bottle left.  I’m shocked, horrified and …relieved that it wasn’t a normal syrup.  I have no idea what he was thinking since he knows better but he was in bed before I got home.  Hubby, the more even tempered of the two of us, got to deal with it.  I hope he learned that faking illness isn’t going to work with his parents as he didn’t get to play while dad was home either.  Homework or bed only.

3/4:  well the boychild successfully wished himself ill.  Running a 101.4 degree temperature this morning though he got progressively better as the day went on.  Hubby came home to watch him while I went to work.  He tried testing his father and found out that Dad is every bit as tired of his crap as I am.  Since he’s had no fever since this morning, he’ll probably be going to school because it will have been 24 hours since his last fever.  I’ll check him in the morning to be sure…but if he doesn’t go tomorrow there will be no skiing on Friday which will upset 3 people that he doesn’t want to upset.  Worked.  Very tired as I slept very little last night.  Couldn’t get that damn gerbil in my brain to stop singing the new song from Katy Perry.  I really need a way to kill ear worms ’cause nothing I tried worked.  Hot water, cinnamon and honey, with a half of a benadryl chaser…I really need to sleep!

3/5:  Slept but a drugged sleep really isn’t good enough and even with a half of a benadryl, I’m still groggy plus dealing with sinus pressure.  Sudafed here I come.  Boychild to school and I’m trying to research the next divinity on my list and not finding much.  Continuing with laundry.  One of the much awaited checks finally came in…more than a week later than expected.  Stitched.  Worked.  Revised a chart I’m stitching.  I think it looks better and will be a faster stitch.

3/6:  Got up around 4 am for some sudafed and ibuprofen.  Tired this morning.  Stitched a little.  Posted a new blog.  I’m needed at the boychild’s school today so from there I’ll go straight to work.  Ate some dinner, went to craft night.  Stopped at the grocery store so that Hubby could bake cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow.  I think I have an ovarian cyst that is swelling…owie.  Baked brownies for the neice’s birthday.

3/7:  lousy night of sleep.  Too much coughing so had to sleep with my head/upper body elevated which is hard on my neck and not comfortable.  Remembered at about 5 am that I have musinex in the medicine cabinet.  Guess what I will be taking tonight?  Family arrived an hour earlier than we were expecting, we were still in bed.  No shrine greeting at all today, I feel that run down.  Ovarian cyst must have burst during the night as no more pain, yay.  Not really looking forward to heading to the ski resort…I don’t ski and the lodge isn’t kept very warm…a boring day ahead…so I’m taking my stitching, my camera and a book…couldn’t stitch as I forgot the black floss at home.  Didn’t read either, too tired to concentrate in the noisy room.  At this  point, honestly, I’m just waiting to go to bed…though I felt a bit more like me after eating dinner.  Started the latest in the “A Foreigner” series by CJ Cherryh…I’m so tired and yet afraid to try to sleep…

3/8:  Slept better than I have been, between musinex and some pillow yoga.  Hubby is working today and the boychild and I are having a tug o’war.  He wants to do and say whatever he wants, whenever he wants and I find that unacceptable.  We had a long talk about it this morning and then he went right back to doing what he told me was the wrong thing to do.  So he had to suffer the consequences.  Overall a not very enjoyable day.  Some housework done in preparation for a houseguest tonight.  Laundry put away.  Nothing fun done though…and I had plans for something fun.  Some days being a mother just…sucks.  Got some book reading, made dinner and did some more reading.

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  1. March 8, 2014 11:48 PM

    hugs and love to you, friend. Yes, being a mother sucks sometimes. Sadly, I am not sure that goes away, even when they are “grown” . Goad you tried the yoga, let me know if it works over the next few nights. Have you tried melatonin?


    • March 9, 2014 9:13 AM

      and to you who puts up to me…hugs, love and whiskey (which didn’t get drank last night btw)…I have been trying the pillow yoga…I do the 2nd one which helps some with my neck and shoulders but makes the muscles in my midsection sore for some odd reason. Still trying to find the perfect pillow for it though. I have done melatonin…the problem with it and all meditations is the hangover. Melatonin is the least bad. I get up fine but my afternoon, I am dragging and loose completely all motivation. I do take it from time to time.


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