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March 8, 2014

5. If you could travel anywhere on pilgrimage where would it be and what would you do?

There are many places I want to go but there is only one place that I would that would be like a pilgrimage for me.  I want to go to Dodona.  I can’t even give you a good reason why other than what used to be there…Zeus’ oak, the Dodona Oracle.  I want to stand in the complex.  I want to tell the tree of my joys, my troubles and my love for Zeus.  I want to listen to the breeze through the leaves of the replanted oak.  I want to hang a bell in its branches.  I want to sit there and meditate.  I want to soak in so much of that environment so that when I am home I can exude it from my pores at need.

Of all that places where Zeus was worshipped, only Dodona calls to something inside of me.  The others I’d see out of curiosity but Dodona is where I need to go.  The hills of Scotland, the glens of Ireland, the green of New Zealand, the rolling of the Nile, the slap of the waves on a beach, none of it calls to me as much as Dodona.  Not even the Redwoods of California and though they are an echo of that need.  Dodona.  [sigh]  I want to go so badly that I fear I’m setting myself up for disappointment.  The pictures I’ve seen are not that impressive and they have the tree roped off so one can’t even get close…but still…I want to go.


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  1. ibgreenie3 permalink
    March 10, 2014 12:29 AM

    After Delphi, I wish I could also go on pilgrimage to Dodona also.
    Even if they have roped off the sacred tree at Dodona, Zeus’ voice would not be stilled..
    He would not be stopped by rope or wall. The leaves would carry the holy words to
    those waiting ears of those He wished to hear His voice.
    May your pilgrimage come to be, through Mighty Zeus, so mote it be!


    • March 10, 2014 7:33 AM

      Thanks! Delphi isn’t a place I’ve had the urge to visit but may you get your wish!


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