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Divine Communication

March 5, 2014

4.  What are some of the ways that you communicate with the divinities?

I talk to my gods.  Sometimes aloud, sometimes silently.  Informally, as in a general chat as I go about my day.  Formally in prayers and rituals.  I greet and offer water to the shrines of Zeus, Isis and the Ancestors every morning and say good night to Zeus and Isis every evening.  There are prayers before meals and bedtime.

I used tarot cards and divination decks in various spreads (see the tarot spreads tab above for the various spreads I use) to get feed back.  Some decks are dedicated to certain deities or guides like:  Alchemical Tarot Renewed for Zeus, Steampunk Tarot for my Guide or Pearls of Wisdom for Isis.  Some decks do not have a specific dedication like my homemade Lenormand deck.  Most are commercially bought decks, though some are homemade like my ritual Omen deck (modeled after an ADF deck).  I have learned that if the answer doesn’t make sense, I’m probably not asking the right question.  I’ve tried various divination methods and tarot works the best for me.

I meditate.  Not often and not well but occasionally I get some very vivid experiences.  Those are the experiences that keep me going as far as meditation goes.  Not all of them make sense and I often wonder how much I’m making up on my own.  It is those experiences when I know that isn’t how I would have structured a scene or made someone look, etc. that underline the validity of what I experience.  Do I always understand?  No.  Very rarely do I immediately understand what I’ve experienced.  Occasionally I figure it out at a later date.  But I treasure each experience.

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  1. March 5, 2014 10:48 PM

    Interesting and insightful ideas. thanks for sharing


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