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Divine help

March 3, 2014

#3 How have the divinities helped you in times of adversity and violent upheaval?

I’m sure they have helped me many times but there are two times I know of for sure that stick in my mind.  The first I don’t like to talk about much (believe it or not, long time followers have heard me rant about it more than enough as it is a wound that has never truly healed) other than to say that becoming pregnant (after 11 years of no birth control) is probably the only thing that got me through those first couple of years…I felt my heart had be ripped out and trampled on, the only thing that kept me from doing something stupid was my love for my husband and the growing life inside of me.

The second time is much more recent.  My son had returned to school and I was feeling restive.  Nothing could hold my attention.  I was bored.  House full of books and craft projects that I wanted nothing to do with…as I was flipping through the local paper, I got the urge to look at the classifieds.  The only time I tend to look at the classifieds is when I feel like yard sale hopping.  I found myself looking at the small job wanted section and there, in black and white, was my dream job being advertised with the hours I needed while the child is so young and in school.  Normally I’d shrug it off…I haven’t been in the work  place since the mid-90s…I had no current references, no way to prove that I was a good choice as an employee.  Something, or someone(s), kept pushing me to go for it.  I went and picked up an application.  I can’t remember now if I filled it out there or brought it home…not that it is important.  The important thing is that I filled it out, returned it, interviewed and got the job.

Now what makes this so important is that not long after that, my husband’s employment opportunities (he’s in construction) started narrowing during that time…until my tiny paycheck was all that was consistently coming in.  With it, I kept us fed and most of the utilities paid.  Without this job, things would have been desperate enough to look for the local food bank and beg our parents for money.  This period of downtime has gone long enough that our pantry is practically empty and our freezer is only doing a little bit better.  We still are not caught up on our bills but I’m told relief is in sight.  We are currently waiting for two checks that are supposedly “in the mail”.  Hubby has two time- and-material jobs plus another that should be enough to get caught up…maybe even put money into savings.  It is my job that has helped us squeak through with a lot of lube and cutting off large chunks.  Without the prodding, the poking and such, I would never have looked at the classifieds or even applied for the job.

I do believe that the gods saw where things were headed long before I did and steered assistance and opportunities our way.  One really can’t ask for more than that.

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  1. tempewytch permalink
    March 4, 2014 3:27 AM

    It is wonderful that the Gods and Goddesses have helped you out this way (with me it would be NOT getting killed in the car accident and when they helped me find my OH who is sticking with me through thick and thicker!)


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